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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 195 – You are late!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 195 – You are late!
Translated by: Last

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Wang Tianzhi’s furious voice resounded in everyone’s hearts.
“Not good, I didn’t expect that Wang Tianzhi is coming.” (not Ye Zifeng speaking)
In the end, the other party was Lei Zhou City’s number one qi refining expert, not someone that they would be able to face. Apart from this, Wang Mengxi’s strength was hard to look down upon. The two of them together represents the Wang Clan’s true power.

So, everyone raised their heads to look at the Crystal Rock Elephant and became nervous inside.
The Crystal Rock Elephant did not have long left to live but what they lacked was time!
If the time extended to one more incense stick, they would be able to easily escape, unfortunately it was not that simple.
Now, they felt unsatisfied if they just gave the intelligent fierce beast, that they had taken a long time to defeat, to Wang Tianzhi.
“If only I knew it was like this, we should have exerted ourselves more a while ago.”
Just like this, they instantly regretted not putting Ye Zifeng’s words to heart. Time seemed to be plenty but suddenly the random variable named Wang Tianzhi made everything urgent.
“Young Master Ye, what should we do now. Once Wang Tianzhi arrive, I’m afraid that we aren’t even his opponent.” Kong Zhuo was still injured so he truly did not dare make a move on the other party.
Qin Lang’s lifted his face: “What are we afraid of? We have ten people. If ten people attack one person, how could we even be defeated?”
“If you’re so great, then you go fight!” Kong Zhuo ridiculed him as the corner of his mouth let out a cold smile.
“I said everyone should attack together. Who ever said that you could beat him with one person. Did you even understand what I said?”
“You……” Kong Zhuo seemed to still want to say something.
Ye Zifeng coldly swept them a glance, his eyes were as cold and sharp as daggers.
“Enough! Now is not the time for you to fight each other!”
The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth leaked out a bit of blood. This was normal since he had received the counterattack of the Crystal Rock Elephant during their fight.
“Okay, then I will not speak anymore. I will listen to Young Master Ye.” Qin Lang shut his mouth to show where he stood.
Kong Zhuo snorted: “Fine. I will also listen to Young Master Ye.” He had been saved by Ye Zifeng before. No matter what his personality was, he was still slightly grateful to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng stared at them for a while and said: “I have already said this before. When Wang Tianzhi breaks the three-layered formation, he will quickly come here. Now that he is coming, it’s not really that big of a surprise. What’s there to panic about?”
“No need to panic?” Shi Chen was slightly startled, trying to comprehend the meaning in Ye Zifeng’s words: “Do you mean that you already have a way to deal with Wang Tianzhi?”
When Ye Zifeng heard this, he calmly smiled: “The previous strategy seemed to take a long amount of time. But actually, this Crystal Rock Elephant’s monster core had already been secretly dug out by me. Right now, it’s only relying on its last breath to keep himself alive.”
“What? This fierce beast isn’t dead yet and you already dug out its monster core?” When everybody heard this, they couldn’t help but suck in cold air.
They had previously retreated a bit so they didn’t see it.
However, in their eyes, Ye Zifeng’s methods were too ruthless. How painful was it for the Crystal Rock Elephant to have its monster core pulled out while alive?
“Nevertheless, digging out the monster core was not an easy task. How did you do it?” Feng Di couldn’t help but curiously ask this.
In order to reach the objective, a person needs to use all methods available no matter how foul it was. There was no need to care whether the fierce beast was in pain or not. This was Feng Di’s personal principle, so she did not feel any kind of reluctance for Ye Zifeng’s methods, instead she was slightly admiring it.
“A while ago, Xueyi had broken its defenses for me and assisted me in attacking a single place on the fierce beast. This place was where the fierce beast’s monster core was located……” The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth let out an indescribable smile.
“So it was like that.” Everyone came to a sudden understanding.
Since a while ago until now, Ye Zifeng’s attack seemed to be random, but actually, he never lost his head and every time he attacked using the qi monster, he was going straight for the monster core.
Every time they attacked the side, the monster core’s qi was being absorbed by the qi monster. After accumulating the damage for a while, even the strongest steal was destroyable by Ye Zifeng! What more could the fierce beast made of flesh do?
The intelligent fierce beast probably didn’t understand, that Ye Zifeng’s every attack was done after careful calculation, until its monster core was taken.
“Haha, since the fierce beast is already defeated, Miss Xueyi should be free to deal with Wang Tianzhi. There really isn’t any need to fear him!”
After Shi Chen said this, he deeply attracted everyone’s approval, letting everyone relax.
A while ago, Ye Xueyi’s heroic display was burned into their eyes. Having taken the Spirit Increasing Pill, her ability should be very close to Wang Tianzhi.
“She cannot. The side effects of taking the Spirit Increasing Pill is very grave. Xueyi already cannot fight. Do not count on her to deal with Wang Tianzhi.” Ye Zifeng’s expression was slightly solemn.
When everyone heard this, they were startled and raised their eyes to look at Ye Xueyi.
“This, it can’t be……”
They could only see that she was drenched in sweat and gasping heavily after that huge battle. Let alone fight with someone else, standing already seemed to be quite straining for her.
If they could not count on Ye Xueyi, then how could they stand and fight with Wang Tianzhi with just Han Xiuming, who was only at the 8th stage qi refining?
Everyone’s heart sunk like a block of lead.
What should they do?
While everyone was considering all these, Ye Zifeng slowly walked besides his little sister and softly whispered something to her.
“Xueyi, didn’t you always want to enter the Profound Sect? Then this time, your wish is more or less fulfilled. Take out your hand.”
Ye Xueyi delicately gasped. Her beautiful eyes twinkled with puzzlement. However, she listened to Ye Zifeng’s words and extended her hand.
Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and placed the Crystal Rock Elephant’s monster core in her hands. Moreover, there was also a life saving medallion under it.
“Brother Zifeng, you……” Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes widened.
The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a strange smile: “With a huge bargaining chip in your hands, the sect’s elders could only shut up and make an exception to choose you.”
At the same time, Wang Tianzhi’s foul mouth got closer. His uniquely tall figure was gradually appearing in everyone’s eyes.
“Ye Zifeng, you bastard. You dare trap me like that, so you should prepare yourself for a beating!”
However, when he looked at Ye Zifeng, he couldn’t help but see the dying Crystal Rock Elephant as well as the heavily gasping Ye Xueyi.
“This is…… what’s going on?”
He believed that his speed in breaking through the three-layered formation was already very fast. But, he never imagined the Ye Zifeng’s speed was also fast. If he was slightly slower, he would probably see the Crystal Rock Elephant’s corpse.
“Absolutely disgraceful! This Crystal Rock Elephant was clearly attacked by us! You also dared to steal my prey!”
While staring with an electrifying gaze, he roared and raised his qi. He condensed the surging qi into a sharp awl and launched an attack towards Ye Xueyi’s direction.
Spiritual energy filled the air, the ground shook and the sky was filled with golden twinkling lights. His attack contained all his strength, an attack that held all his fury.
“Big brother, don’t be too relentless. If you do this, you would kill them!”
Wang Mengxi alarmingly spoke. Although this sect mission did not prohibit fighting between disciples, when there is a life at stake, it was no small matter. Let alone not entering the Profound Sect, Ye Chongtian, who was a martial spirit realm expert, would most likely murder members of the Wang Clan! Taking revenge for his beloved daughter!
“So what if I kill them. You should just shut up. Whatever you say right now is useless!” Wang Tianzhi heavily snorted. Without decreasing the power in his hands, his eyes were already filled with a deep desire for revenge.
Ye Zifeng deeply frowned and looked at his little sister: “What are you staring around for, quickly go!”
“Okay! Then brother Zifeng should also quickly come!” Ye Xueyi gritted her teeth and nodded. She pressed her qi on the life saving medallion, soon after, only a bright light could be seen.
When he was the bright light lit up, he relaxed and nodded his head.
In the next moment, a huge palm rocketed downwards from midair, directly landing on Ye Xueyi’s previous location.
Immediately, smoke filled the air and dust rolled up.
“Ye Zifeng, since you dared to play tricks on me, do you see the price of what you have done!” Wang Tianzhi thought that he had succeeded so he let out a cruel smile.
“Price? What price?”
Ye Zifeng chuckled and pointed at the place, where Ye Xueyi sat, indicating that he should look carefully.
Upon seeing this, Wang Tianzhi was startled. As he stared at the place, he could not even see a single drop of blood. He quickly understood that his attack was useless.
At the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley, a light pillar shone and a beautiful figure gradually appeared in front of everyone.
“Ye Xueyi? Its someone from the Ye Clan! Haha, the people from the Ye Clan finally could not handle it!” Elder Lin couldn’t suppress his excitement and accidentally let out his thoughts. This immediately attracted everyone’s attention. He coughed once as his old face reddened.
“Something is wrong.” Elder Shen’s gaze was sharp and shivered at what he saw: “Everyone quickly look at what she is holding!”
When everyone heard this, they all looked over. However, when they saw the monster core in her hands, they felt as if they were struck by lightning and couldn’t move. They were stunned on the spot.
This was the Crystal Rock Elephant’s monster core. The third mission in this competition and the most important objective! Now, it was in Ye Xueyi’s hands!
Elder Lin’s complexion became sluggish as the corner of his mouth twitched: “Is it possible that you are here to hand over the objective?”

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