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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 191 – Wipe Out! [updated]

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 191 – Wipe Out!
Translated by: Last

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When Wang Tianzhi finally broke through one layer of the formation, he let out a long sigh. When he was about to walk out, he suddenly froze on the spot.
This was because he felt another invisible wall blocking in front of him.
“What the hell is this, why is there another formation!”
At this time, his heart shivered. He suddenly had a bad premonition because he realized that an intelligent fierce beast wouldn’t use this kind of formation.
He concluded that this formation was definitely man made.
As for Xiao Mu, he was clearly the bait to attract Wang Tianzhi!
After Wang Tianzhi clearly understood the reason for the extra layer, he couldn’t help but curse towards the sky: “Xiao Mu, you have guts! Don’t ever let me see you!”
At this point, he still did not know that the origin of this evil plan was Ye Zifeng, or else he would have desperately charge out and collect the debt from him.
Since it was like this, he still remained angry. His eyes were bloodshot as he ruthlessly raised his head. His two palms emitted a white light and ferociously blasted towards the second spirit formation……
“Young Master Ye, your plans are too awesome. By separating them we can beat them up one by one! Beating them up 10 against 1 feels so good!”
“Exactly! A while ago, I recognized that bastard at 7th stage qi refining. He normally relied on his relationship with the Wang Clan to be arrogant and despotic. This time, Young Master Ye took the lead to teach them a lesson to the point that they were scared shitless.” Qin Lang candidly laughed. His face was brimming with delight.
“Haha, Young Master Ye, your method of directly forcing them to use their life saving medallion is too magnificent. I’m afraid that those elders back at the sect are already crying right now. Those disciples were not forced out by the fierce beasts but by Young Master Ye alone.”
The number of disciples that had been persuaded by Ye Zifeng to drop out were simply too many to count. As for the elites of the Wang Clan, none of them could handle the effects of being beaten down by 10 people. Without even a minute, they would just use their life saving medallions.
As for those elders who saw the members of the Wang Clan come out one after the other, their faces became ashen.
At the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley.
A bright pillar of light lit up and every elder there were startled. With a ‘badum’, a bloody nose and swollen faced person with torn clothes appeared.
The most important thing was that this person was chosen by the elders to participate as an exchange disciple.
After a while, another light pillar appeared! This tormented the elders’ minds.
Now that they had been forced out by Ye Zifeng, the sect elders were going to have problems announcing that they were going to be the exchange students due to their extraordinary performance.
As a result, Ye Zifeng not only gave the Wang Clan a slap in the face, he also gave the sect elders a ruthless slap in the face! Slapping two faces at once!
“Heavens…… Who had actually forced you out?” Elder Lin couldn’t help asking
However, the lips of the two Wang Clan members in front were extremely swollen to the point that no one could understand the words they said.
Elder Lin’s face was incomparably ugly as it appeared to have been stepped on by somebody.
“In my opinion, this is definitely done by the brat named Ye Zifeng. Before, he had sent each and every person from the Xiao Clan out. Now, he had even treated the Wang Clan the same way. He is simply disrupting the order of things!” Elder Lin coldly snorted. It was very clear that he was extremely angry.
However, when Elder Shen heard it, he immediately laughed: “Disrupting the order? How accurate. Let me ask you, other than Ye Zifeng, who else could have done this?”
“This……” Elder Lin was speechless.
Elder Shen continued: “With only ten people, being able to reach this stage is already not bad. Moreover, from the very start, we only warned the disciples that they cannot kill each other. However, we never told them not to force others to use their life saving medallion. So, Ye Zifeng’s methods are still within the rules and not a violation!”
“But……” Elder Lin wanted to say something but hesitated.
“Enough.” Behind the two of them, there was an old man wearing a white robe with a blue belt. His silver hair fluttered with the wind, giving off a saintly feeling.
When they heard this person spoke, Elder Shen and Elder Lin looked at each other and shut up.
This was because the white robed old man was a famous person in Tiandao City’s Profound Sect.
Elder Lin switched to a flattering smile and looked at the elder: “Elder Suo, it’s like this. About the matter of the exchange disciple, is it possible to be a bit more flexible. With your announcement, can we add one or two more slots?”
When Elder Suo opened his dark green eyes and looked at him, Elder Lin could not help but feel an indescribable chill, as if he was being glared at by a snake.
“Are you joking? You want me to add more slots?”
Elder Suo sneered: “Let me ask you back. What kind of rubbish are the sect raising. That one named Ye Zifeng is only at the 6th stage of qi refining, yet he was able to force so many people to use their life saving medallion. If I let these people enter my Profound Sect, then wouldn’t I be the one losing face!”
Actually, Ye Zifeng was already at the 7th stage of qi refining, but normal people would naturally not know this.
When Elder Lin heard this, he was startled but soon changed his expression: “Elder Suo, please calm down. Let’s not discuss about the Xiao Clan for now, by all means, please guarantee the two slots of the Wang Clan’s Wang Tianzhi and Wang Mengxi. These two people have been especially raised by the sect. Moreover, Elder Suo must have already heard about the Wang Clan and my Ashen Spirit Sect’s relationship.”
The Wang Clan members in front of him are too disappointing. He was already unable to use logic to speak to Elder Suo and could only rely on the ‘human emotion’ card.
“Oh…… for this matter, OK. I will promise you, if no more Wang Clan members are sent out, then I will turn a blind eye and follow the original plan.”
Elder Suo slightly wrinkled his brows and planned to give the Ashen Spirit Sect a bit of face. In the end, Tiandao City’s Profound Sect and Leizhou City’s Ashen Spirit Sect still had a kind of trade in cultivation resources.
However, before his words finished, another light pillar appeared.
“If it is just three people, I could still keep my promise.” Elder Suo’s eye brows twitched.

“Flash flash flash.” In a single moment, three light pillars attracted everyone’s attention. After the light dissipated, people appeared.
At the same time, those Xiao Clan members that had already been sent out couldn’t help but sneer. As long as the Wang Clan suffers the calamity with them, then their Xiao Clan would not become the target of public criticism. Their image would be slightly better. Right now, they were rejoicing in other people’s misfortune. They were looking forward to Ye Zifeng sending more people out.
Elder Suo rubbed his forehead. He felt his vision darken: “This…… it seems that the amount of people increased, but it is still within my range of acceptance.”
In a wink, ten more light pillars appeared! They dissipated like a mist. At this point, let alone Elder Suo, even Elder Lin, who had been supporting the Wang Clan, was angry to the point that he couldn’t say anything.
“This is too preposterous!”
Elder Suo was finally unable to hold back the anger in his heart. He wanted to forcefully give the Ashen Spirit Sect some face and help the Wang Clan once. But what about the Wang Clan? Their current action was simple too disappointing!
“What is exactly happening here? You had guaranteed the Wang Clan’s strength. Why is it that they can’t beat a person at the 6th stage of qi refining and 10 team members?!”

“I……” Elder Lin’s mind seemed as if it was pricked by a needle, his entire body was slightly numb.
Elder Suo paused for a while and exclaimed: “It seems that I have to consider things once again. Maybe letting this Ye Zifeng enter my Profound Sect is a good option. Last time, I heard the other disciples say that his alchemy skills are magnificent.”
“This, this is absolutely unacceptable!” Elder Lin was secretly depressed for a moment. When he heard Elder Suo’s astonishing words, he was almost frightened to death.
If the Wang Clan knew that Ye Zifeng and hi group became the exchange disciples, then wouldn’t they blame Elder Lin for this.
“What is unacceptable? My Profound Sect values the strong. If you want to open the backdoor, that is fine and I can give you a few slots. But, that does not mean that you could control who my Profound Sect recruits.” Elder Suo coldly snorted. The chill in his eyes contained the arrogance of the strong looking down on the weak.
Elder Lin bitterly smiled. This matter could not be explained within a few words. He could not straightforwardly tell Elder Suo the relationship between the Wang Clan and Ye Zifeng.
“That’s all. I will still observe things first. I wonder how high the accomplishments of that Ye Zifeng would actually reach.” Elder Suo deeply looked far away. He closed his eyes and used his soul spirit mixed with cold air to expand over the entire Scarlet Blood Valley and spread towards the crystal valley.
On the other side, Ye Zifeng started from the weakest to the strongest in sending out the members of the Wang Clan. After a long time, it was already Wang Mengxi’s turn.
She was also the last person from the Wang Clan other than Wang Tianzhi.
“Miss Mengxi, it has been a long time since we have seen each other.”
Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled. He walked from the crowd to the front of Wang Mengxi. At this moment, even if he used a gentle intonation, it still gave others a certain feeling of reverence.
Wang Mengxi’s eyes flashed with amazement: “It’s you, Ye Zifeng? How is that possible?”
She thought that the Ye Clan did not have a person at the 9th stage of qi refining and only had ten members. How did they actually finish the first two missions and force the Wang Clan to this stage?
“Young Master Ye, tell us what to do with this woman. Should all 10 people attack together?” Xiao Mu walked out from the back and mischievously smiled. He sized up the delicate curves of Wang Mengxi’s body. His face leaked out a playful smile.

Last: Yorokobe Shounen (Shoujo), kimi no negai wa yoyaku kanau.

P.S. you cannot actually trust me because I usually go on long breaks for no reason at all. LOL.

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