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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 189 – One step ahead.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 189 – One step ahead.
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy


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A while later, the people of the Wang clan also arrived at the entrance of the Crystal Valley.

“Congratulations big brother Wang. We’re the first ones to arrive at the Crystal Valley. After we finish this last mission, we can go out and celebrate!”

“Right. It’s too bad that brother Lin and brother Ruoxing aren’t here. They’re missing out on all the good stuff. How can they miss out on being in the limelight?”

“Hahahaha…..You’re right!”

The battle haven’t even started and yet everyone was smiling and laughing as if they won already.

This confidence was given to them by their leader Wang Tianzhi. As long as nothing happens to their leader, morale will be sky high and they will achieve victory.

“Everyone listen up! Don’t celebrate too early! The fight against the stone crystal beast will be hard so I don’t want anyone distracted right now!”

Wang Tianzhi frowned. He then turned to survey the area.

He didn’t know why but he had a strange feel in his heart. It felt as if someone was watching him. It was very uncomfortable

“Alright. Alright. Let’s listen to big brother Tianzhi.” Everyone immediately nodded and became serious again.

Wang Tianzhi nodded in approval. He looked around again and his gaze landed on the strand of spirit grass. When he looked closely at it, his started to frown.

Wang Tianzhi turned towards Wang Mengxi, “Mengxi, use that Refreshing Jade Pot that you won from the Heavenly clan competition and check this spirit grass out. See if anyone left their qi here.

He wasn’t as experienced as Ye Zifeng so he had to use a treasure to make sure.

Wang Mengxi nodded and retrieved the Refreshing Jade Pot from her interspatial ring.

Actually, she had also noticed that there was something wrong with the spirit grass and wanted to check it out herself.

The Refreshing Jade Pot emitted traces of cold qi. The misty white cold qi latched itself onto the spirit grass and created a transparent tube connecting the pot and the grass. Drops of dew appeared from the pot and landed on the strand of spirit grass. A brilliant ray of light appeared from the dew.

Wang Mengxi was shocked, “Not good. Big brother, someone really did enter the valley before us.”

“What did you say?” Not only was Wang Tianzhi surprised, everyone else in the group stared at Wang Mengxi with a look of disbelief.

They had been working nonstop to complete the first two missions and yet someone else had entered the Crystal Valley before them!

“Are you able to tell who’s qi it was?” Wang Tianzhi came back to his senses and immediately asked.

Wang Mengxi nodded and further probed the strand of spirit grass.

Wang Mengxi was smart and had examined all the participant’s qi with her Refreshing Jade Pot before the competition even started so she was able to find out who it was.

“No way. This. I think it’s someone from the Xiao clan…..” Wang Mengxi’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what she was saying herself.

“What? The Xiao clan?” Wang Tianzhi was dumbstruck. If she told him that it was the Ye clan, he wouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, the Ye clan had the unpredictable Ye Zifeng leading them.

However, the Xiao clan? How can the Xiao clan be faster than his Wang clan?

“Mengxi. Are you sure it’s someone from the Xiao clan?”

Wang Mengxi nodded, “I’m positive. If I’m not wrong, this qi should be from Xiao Mu.”

Wang Tianzhi frowned. This wasn’t the first time that his sister had used the Refreshing Jade Pot’s ability. He had no choice but to believe her.

However, if he believes her, then he would be doubting his own abilities. Was he really weaker than Xiao Ying?

Even though they were both in the 9th stage of qi refining, there was a huge gap between their strength. Even if there were three Xiao Yings, Wang Tianzhi was confident that he could take care of them.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Xiao clan. The relationship between our clans can be considered to be okay. If you guys run into them, be polite with them. Remember this, we all have a common enemy. And that’s Ye Zifeng!”

“Yes Boss!” Everyone answered in unison.

“Alright then what are we waiting for? Let’s enter the valley! Let’s hunt that stone crystal beast!” Wang Tianzhi yelled and stirred up everyone’s morale.

“They’re here.” Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and revealed a smile.

“What’s here? The Wang clan’s here?”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “That’s right. The Wang clan is already at the entrance of the valley. They should be moving towards that stone crystal beast already.”

“No way. Brother Zifeng, how do you know….” Ye Xueyi was shocked. Ye Zifeng was sitting there this entire time. How did he know what was going on at the entrance of the valley?”

“Xueyi, do you still not know what’s going on? Did you forget about what happened when you guys battled without me?”

Ye Xueyi suddenly remembered.

“You mean. Elder Shen is helping?”

“That’s right.”

“Since he’s here now, we can start moving too.”

Ye Zifeng walked up to Xiao Mu and looked him in the eyes seriously, “Xiao Mu, this is your time to shine.”

Xiao Mu scratched his head and pointed at himself with a confused look on his face.

“Wait. Me? My cultivation isn’t that high. I’m at best a little stronger than that Shi Chen. Can I really be of use?”

“What the hell are you saying? What do you mean at best stronger than that Shi Chen? Are you trying to undermine me?” Shi Chen was infuriated when he heard this.

“Young master Ye, don’t hold me back. I need to beat this guy up!”

Ye Zifeng helplessly smiled and told Shi Chen to go to the side for a bit. However, when he saw that Shi Chen wasn’t listening, he shot a cold glare at him.

This caused Shi Chen to shudder. All he could do was growl at Xiao Mu and then walk back towards Qin Lang and the others.

“Alright. Don’t mind Shi Chen. Xiao Mu, listen up. I want you to do something very simple…..”

Ye Zifeng whispered something into his ears while smiling.

The stone crystal beast that gained intelligence is called the Crystal Rock Elephant.

Unlike the Violet Lightning Flying Tiger who specialized in long range attack and the Blazing Eagle who used its dominance to suppress others, the Crystal Rock Elephant has its own special traits.

The crystals on its body created a very strong and thick coating. It was basically as if it was wearing an armor made of diamond. Attacks would be nullified when it lands on the armor. Also, the Crystal Rock Elephant as the ability to counter attack. If the attacker was not careful, they could be sent flying back by the Elephant’s counter attacks.

Even Wang Tianzhi would have a headache when going up against it.

It’s not like he can’t beat the Crystal Rock Elephant. But due to its high defense, Wang Tianzhi would have to take his time and grind it down bit by bit until it finally falls.

Time is of the essence. This wasn’t the mission for one team, but for all the teams.

If he’s too slow, then the Liu clan and the other clans will catch up very quickly.

Thus, they have to beat it in the shortest time possible. They can’t have the other team stealing the monster core of the Crystal Rock Elephant from them.

“Big brother Wang, what should we do? Even though this Crystal Rock Elephant’s attack isn’t too strong, it’s defense is way too high. A few of our brothers are so tired that they can’t even get up anymore.”

“Right. From what I can see, we probably need four more hours before we can take it down!”

“How about we rest for a bit and then start fighting again?”

After an hour of fighting, the people in the Wang clan started to complain. Some even voice their complaints straight to Wang Tianzhi.

Wang Tianzhi was annoyed at this too, “I don’t need you guys to tell me. Don’t stop. I’ll think of something while we fight. At worst, we’ll rest for a bit and then think of a plan before fighting again.”

“Big brother Wang. Please think of something quickly. We can’t hold out any longer. Damn this stupid Crystal Rock Elephant. We’re basically trying to use our bare hands to drill a hole through a piece of diamond.” Someone worriedly called out. His face was deathly pale with signs of fatigue.

Wang Tianzhi was carefully thinking of a plan when someone appeared behind him.

“Who!” Wang Tianzhi turned around and called out immediately. He was shocked to see who it was.

That person. It was Xiao Mu!

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