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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 187 – A Valorous Team?

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 187 – A Valorous Team?
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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Feng Di looked down and blushed, “…..Then of course I’d choose to only let you look….”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Oh? Well if you’re willing, there’s no problem here.”

“No. That’s not what I meant!” Feng Di realized that she was tricked by Ye Zifeng and yelled out in anger.

While she was busy cursing at Ye Zifeng under her breath, Ye Zifeng had walked far away already.

Ye Zifeng was not good with women but that only applied to the women that he truly cared about.

He could care less about a someone like Feng Di. He would leave Feng Di out in the open without batting an eye.

However, Feng Di might have gotten the wrong idea from the way that Ye Zifeng had acted….

Ye Zifeng sped towards the crowd. On his way, he looked around to make sure that no one had gone past him.

If he reacted even a little slower, then it would have been really bad.

“Young master Ye! I’ve finally found you!”

“Are there fierce beasts up ahead? Young master Ye, just give your orders. We will definitely follow through!”

“That’s right. What happened inside the Fallen Rain Swamp?”

Everyone had a serious expression and ready to battle look on their face. They were truly ready to follow Ye Zifeng’s orders.

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “False alarm. Everyone must be tired after all this. Let’s rest for a while and then talk about our plans later.”

“That’s it?” Rong Fan’s jaws dropped. Why did he and his entire team run all the way here without rest for nothing?

“As long as everything is fine…….” Housekeeper Qin laughed. He was a smart man. He knew that there were things that he shouldn’t be asking about.

Shi Chen and the others finally caught up and stood there with a shocked expression.

“Huh? Are you guys all going to peep……”

Before Shi Chen could even finish his sentence, Ye Zifeng immediately yanked him over to the side.

“Shut up right now.”

After Shi Chen was yanked aside, a smile appeared on his face, “Oh….I get it. So after Young Master Ye gets the good stuff, he’s not going to share……”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned extremely cold which gave Shi Chen a fright.

“Young master Ye. I was wrong. I was wrong!”

After a while, Ye Xueyi and Feng Di finally returned to the group. They were still brooding about the event that occurred and felt bitterness every time they looked at Ye Zifeng.

The two of them had talked it over and decided that they won’t talk to Ye Zifeng for the entire day.

However, when Ye Xueyi saw Liu Yige and the Rong clan members surround Ye Zifeng, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Where did all these people come from? The Fallen Rain Swamp should be the Xiao clan’s territory.” Feng Di furrowed her brows.

Ye Xueyi knew all about the conflicts between her brother and Liu Yige because she was also there when Liu Yige came with Liu Ningzi to cancel the wedding engagement. She knew that they were up to no good at all. They must be trying to harm her brother!

She didn’t care about what happened a while ago and walked in front of Ye Zifeng.

Why are you guys all surrounding my brother Zifeng?!” Ye Xueyi gave off a menacing aura as she stared everyone down.


Rong Fan and his lackeys all looked at each other, not knowing how to answer. The reason why they surrounded Ye Zifeng was because they were waiting for his orders.

“I’m warning all of you right now. If you want to lay a finger on my brother Zifeng, you’ll have to go through me first! And I reckon that none of you try that. None of you are a match for me.”

Ye Xueyi was right. After reaching the 9th stage of qi refining, she was stronger than everyone else here.

“You’ve made a mistake.” Rong Fan smiled, “You’re young master Ye’s little sister right? Your brother is very wise and valiant. He has a very bright future ahead of him. Our Rong clan would not dare do anything against him. Until we leave the valley, the members of the Rong clan team have agreed to follow all of young master Ye’s orders!”

As for the matters about the blood contract, Rong Fan intentionally left it out. After all, it would be embarrassing for the Rong clan if people knew about it.

What? Do you know what you’re saying? You guys are going to follow my brother Zifeng’s orders?” Ye Xueyi was shocked at the development

“So….. Your Rong clan won’t be doing your own missions then…..”

Rong Fan embarrassingly smiled, “Well…yes…..But, if we get to follow young master Ye, we can obtain an abundance of experience for the future. It’s worth it even if we have to give up the rewards for the mission.”

While saying that, Rong Fan shot a glance at the others.

The other Rong clan members hurriedly answered, “Right. Being able to follow young master Ye is a great stroke of luck for us!”

“You guys……. are kidding right?” Ye Xueyi’s eyes widened. She could not comprehend what was happening…..

This Rong Fan hated her brother Zifeng. He was even maliciously glaring at Ye Zifeng before they entered the Scarlet Blood Valley

And now? Why would he be willing to follow Ye Zifeng?

Ye Xueyi was not the only one who was surprised. Feng Di, Qin Lang, and everyone was in shock as well.
Even though the Rong clan is not one of the three great clans, they still hold a large amount of power in Leizhou City. How did Ye Zifeng do it? How did Ye Zifeng get all of them to follow him?

In addition, Liu Yige and Xiao Mu both looked like they were Ye Zifeng’s followers as well….

Ye Xueyi suddenly recalled the events from the night before and gasped.

“Brother Zifeng, last night….when you said that you were going to greet some friends, were you referring to them?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Who else could there be?”

“It….really…..?” A smile appeared on Ye Xueyi’s face.

If he was going to bring them over, then he shouldn’t have been so secretive. Why not just tell everyone!

Ye Xueyi gave her brother a look of admiration.

Charisma can turn a stranger into your friend. For one to turn an enemy into a friend, that takes skills. However, Ye Zifeng went above and beyond that! He made an entire group of enemies into his followers…..Now that’s amazing. It was simply unimaginable.

“Alright.” Ye Zifeng laughed, “With the Rong clan, Liu Yige, and Xiao Mu, we basically have a small army in the valley. We have more than thirty people on the team. Are you guys more confident in clearing missions now?”

“Definitely!” Everyone replied in unison.

Qin Lang was amazed by Ye Zifeng had done, “Young master Ye, you’re amazing! Originally I thought that our small ten man team that lacked an expert in the 9th stage of qi refining would fail and be forced to use our life saving medallions immediately. But now, within two days, you’ve brought so much change to the team! I admire you!”

Even Han Xiuming, someone who didn’t talk much, expressed his excitement.

“Right. Young master Ye, as someone in the 8th stage of qi refining, I’m usually very arrogant and do not like to associate with others because I thought that they would weigh me down. But with you here, I was finally able to understand the meaning of teamwork!”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and smiled, “Alright guys. Don’t let your guard down. Even though we have quantity, we don’t have the quality. Let’s not talk about the Liu clan right now, with our current strength, we’re still lacking compared to the Wang clan!”

“Then…. What should we do?” Feng Di couldn’t help but ask. But then she got angry at herself for breaking her own promise of not talking to Ye Zifeng for the day.

Ye Zifeng looked at her for a second and then continued to speak, “So, we should hide our cards right now. We don’t let them know that we’ve merged. The Ye clan will still operate as if we have only ten people.”

Ye Xueyi had some doubts in this plan, but before she could say anything, Ye Zifeng had started to talk again.

“This is because for the next mission, all the teams have to hunt down the same target.The winner of that will not be the strongest team, but the team with the most hidden cards and tricks. If we can survive until then, we will have the last laugh!”

Ye Zifeng then retrieved a map that he made from his robe. He spent time putting together this new map by using the both Xiao and Rong clan team’s map. The map was almost complete, with only a few blank spaces here and there.

He pointed to one of the blank spaces on the map and smiled, “The Crystal Valley. A valley within the Scarlet Blood Valley. The next mission will probably be here!”

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