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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 186 – Lotus flower breaks the surface.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 186 – Lotus flower breaks the surface.
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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The sky grew dim as mist covered the mountains.

The Fallen Rain Swamp really did deserve its name. Even when it is not really raining, one would feel as if it was raining while traversing the swamp.

Ye Zifeng expression turned pale. He ran towards the lake like a madman.

Ye Xueyi was the person closest to him after he crossed over to this world. He didn’t want anything to happen to this sister of his.

At the lake behind the mountain.

Steam filled the air as two girls laughed about in the water.

The two girls were Ye Xueyi and Feng Di.

They had just experienced a life or death battle together against a fierce beast and have started to bond with each other. Ye Xueyi had forgotten about all the bad things that Feng Di had done before.

“Sister Xueyi, I didn’t expect that you would be hiding so much with that pure appearance of your’s.” Feng Di giggled and looked at Ye Xueyi’s body.

Ye Xueyi blushed and pouted, “What you mean hiding so much. I’m nothing compared to sister Feng Di.”

Feng Di let out a small laugh. In the steamy lake, Feng Di’s well endowed body gave off a mature charm.

Ye Xueyi was still young right now. If she was given a few years, she would definitely catch up to Feng Di.

Feng Di smiled, “Ah. Let’s not talk about that anymore. Let’s talk about something else….. Our team was basically set up to fail….But under your brother’s command, we were actually able to work as a team.

“Of course! My big brother Zifeng is incredible! He is far stronger than you could ever imagine!” Ye Xueyi had a proud look on her face as she complimented her brother.

“Oh? Really?” Feng Di smiled and nodded, “Your brother is very strong! But…. Does he have someone that he likes?”

When Xueyi heard those words, she almost choked.

“Uhhh……I wouldn’t know that! How would I know if he liked anyone?”

Ye Xueyi turned bright red. In her mind, the image of Liu Bingqian appeared. However, she wasn’t sure.

She came back to her senses after a few seconds and then glared at Feng Di, “Why are you asking that? Are you trying to hit on my brother Zifeng?”

Feng Di was just a regular friend to her. However, if Feng Di wants to use their friendship to get closer to Ye Zifeng, then Ye Xueyi will definitely cut her off.

Feng Di could guess that Ye Xueyi was thinking. She smiled and shook her head.

“No. No. No. Sister Xueyi, you made a mistake. I just have a feeling that you see him as someone more than a brother….”

“What are you saying…..Brother Zifeng and I are siblings! How can I see him as someone more than a brother? Stop making things up! If others hear this, my Ye clan will lose face!”

Feng Di laughed, “What are you scared of? We’re the only ones here. Unless….. Someone is peeking at us….”

Ye Xueyi laughed, “Right. Shi Chen and the others don’t dare to do something like this. If my brother Zifeng finds out, he’ll definitely kill them.

“Every time you open your mouth, the words brother Zifeng comes out of it. You’re still trying to deny everything?” Feng Di smiled and shook her head.

“I’ll say this one more time. We’re siblings.” Xueyi glared at her.

“Alright. I won’t talk about this anymore. We’ve been bathing for a while now. We should get out.”

The two girls slowly got out of the water.

“Ai. I wonder what brother Zifeng is doing right now.” Ye Xueyi looked up into the sky.

Right when they reached ashore, something startled them.

Along with a loud voice, a familiar figure appeared in front of them.

“Xueyi! Xueyi! What happened? Are you alright?”

Ye Zifeng had a very anxious look on his face. He had sped all the way here without stopping at all.

He was finally able to see Ye Xueyi and Feng Di when he got out of the forest.

“Xueyi. You……”

Ye Zifeng was startled. However, when he saw that his sister was perfectly fine, he finally calmed down.

However, he noticed that something was wrong.

When he looked at them again, he finally noticed that the two girls had just finished bathing!

The two girls were standing there in disbelief. Ye Zifeng couldn’t help it but be startled by the sight of the body of the two beauties.

“Brother Zifeng. Are you done looking at us?” Ye Xueyi looked as if she was about to cry. She quickly covered herself with her hands and turned around.

Feng Di didn’t expect something like this to happen either. However, she was a lot more mature than Ye Xueyi. She only blushed a little after being seen.

“You pervert. Why haven’t you turned around yet!”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth twitched and immediately turned around. If he was even a half a second slower, then he would have definitely gotten a beating.

“Xueyi. What happened? I heard that the two of you were in danger so I hurried over. I didn’t think that…..”

“Didn’t think what? I think that you did this on purpose!” Feng Di took a really big loss this time so she won’t let this matter go so easily.

“It really was an accident.”

While saying that, he slowly turned around again. When he saw Ye Xueyi’s back, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

“Xueyi, turn to the right a little. What is that on your back…..”

Feng Di thought that she herself was a brazen person but it seems like Ye Zifeng was even more shameless. She immediately stepped forward to block Ye Zifeng from looking at his sister.

“That’s enough. We gave you an inch and you still want a foot? What more do you want to see. This is your sister!”

Ye Zifeng didn’t care about what Feng Di was saying and started to walk towards the girls.

“Hey! What are you doing! Do you know what you are doing? Stop! Stop!”

Feng Di is a bold person. She had seen many perverts in her life but they were all spineless perverts. As for someone like Ye Zifeng who dared to come watch them shower and approach them afterward….. She has never seen someone like this in her life. Even she was startled by this development and took a few steps back.

“Brother Zifeng, you…..” Ye Xueyi’s face was completely red now.

When he was about one step away from Feng Di, he leaned forward and stared at the sword-shaped marking on his sister’s back.

“Xueyi. What’s this sword-shaped marking on your back?” Ye Zifeng sounded very serious. If anyone else heard them talking, they would think that they were discussing serious matters.

“This…I think that I’ve always had it.” Ye Xueyi thought about it and replied.

“Brother Zifeng. Why are you still looking? If you keep it up, I won’t be able to marry anymore.”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and muttered, “This marking…..I’ve seen it somewhere before…..”

How can something from his past life appear on Ye Xueyi’s body? Could it be that his sister has something to the with the world that he came from?”

While he was pondering about this matter, Feng Di was getting angrier and angrier.

How can someone be so shameless? It’s whatever if he accidentally saw everything. But now, he was trying to get a front row view! What the hell is he thinking?

However, Ye Zifeng didn’t have too much time to think.

This was because an entire group of people was getting closer and closer to where they were.

“Not good!” When Ye Zifeng heard the crowd, he immediately came back to his sense.

He was so worried about Xueyi’s safety that he forgot about the twenty something people that followed him!

Liu Yige, Xiao Mu and the people from the Rong clan were all coming!

“What’s not good?” Ye Xueyi and Feng Di both looked at each other.

Feng Di saw the expression on Ye Zifeng’s face and frowned, “Hold on. Stop right there. It’s fine if you see your sister since you’re related….But what about me! You’ve seen everything and want to run away without taking responsibility? Who do you think you are?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at her, “Miss Feng. Would you rather be seen by me or a group of people. Which one would you choose?

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