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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 185 – Jumping to conclusion.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 185 – Jumping to conclusion.
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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Elder Shen didn’t beat around the bush and immediately went straight to point.

“Your sister…. I don’t know what happened to her. After they beat the fierce beast, she went to explore a new area in the valley. The connection between us was cut off and I can’t get to her no matter what.

“What?” Ye Zifeng’s expression became twisted. He started to lose his cool.

Ye Zifeng tried to stay calm his voice started to shake, “H-H-How did this happen? Do you not know how to track your own soul spirit with your divine sense? Try to sense it and see what happened.”

Ye Zifeng wasn’t omnipotent. There were some things that he can’t predict. Once he heard that his sister was in trouble, he became very worried.

On the other end, Elder Shen was startled. How can a mere qi refining stage youngster like Ye Zifeng know about how divine sense and soul spirit work? Ye Zifeng doesn’t even have a martial spirit yet. How does he know all of these high level soul techniques?

Where did he learn about this? It’s ridiculous to think that he was able to learn about this from reading books.

Elder Shen sighed, “I’ve tried but, it was useless. The connection was cut off at the Fallen Rain Swamp. That’s not in your team’s designated area. There are usually many large beasts roaming around as well. I’ll tell you the way. Go check it out yourself.”

“Fallen Rain Swamp? Why didn’t they wait for me to come back? What are they doing there?”

Even if Xueyi wants to go explore a new area, she should have told Elder Shen first. Why did she move by herself?

Elder Shen shook his head, “This….I don’t know either…..It seems like she cut off our connection after she reached the Fallen Rain Swamp.”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows.

“Alright. I can’t waste any more time. I’ll go over right now!”

Elder Shen was startled, “Hold on. I didn’t tell you the way yet. Hey. Hey. I’m not done talking yet…..”

Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and cut off his connection with Elder Shen. A worried look appeared in his eyes.

“Did Xueyi run into people from the Wang clan? Maybe she got lost?” Ye Zifeng couldn’t tell what was going on.

He got up very quickly and ran back to where the Rong clan members were resting.

Everyone was confused when they saw the look on Ye Zifeng’s face.

When they were fighting the Blazing Eagle before, Ye Zifeng didn’t panic at all.

However, right now, Ye Zifeng looked desperate……

“Young master Ye, what happened? The one hour of time shouldn’t be up yet…..” Housekeeper Qin had an apologetic smile on his face and immediately spoke up.

Rong Fan was smiling in the same way, “That’s right. Young master Ye. Did we do something wrong?”

“Everyone listen up. I don’t care how you’re feeling right now. I’ll give everyone three seconds to assemble in front of me.” Ye Zifeng commanded.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. What was Ye Zifeng saying?

Liu Yige and Xiao Mu came over as well, “What happened?”

“It’s urgent. No time to explain.”

While saying that, Ye Zifeng started to count down, “Three.”

“Quick. Young master Ye gave his command already.” When the people in the Rong clan saw the murderous intent in Ye Zifeng’s eyes, the immediately started moving.

Rong Fan felt useless as he watched everything happen. Even as the young master of the Rong clan, he was not able to command his clansmen like this.

But right now, Ye Zifeng had complete control of his clansmen.


“Quick. Quick! Don’t make young master Ye angry or we’ll face the consequences!”

“Right. To be able to hunt down the Blazing Eagle with his cultivation level, the sky is his limit! If we anger him now, we won’t be able to survive in Leizhou City in the future!”

Some people even lined up without their shirt on. They didn’t want to waste any time.


Ye Zifeng’s eyes swept across the group. All twenty of them were lined up neatly.

“Good. Let’s move. We’re going to the Fallen Rain Swamp!”

Right behind Ye Zifeng was Liu Yige and Xiao Mu who acted as commanders to the general.

The Rong clan members marched behind them in two straight lines.

“Housekeeper Qin. Do you know how Young master Ye know the location of the Fallen Rain Swamp? That shouldn’t be his designated area.” One of the clansmen couldn’t help but ask.

“Young master Ye is very mysterious. Maybe he was some special technique to help him find his way around. Don’t think about it too much and shut your mouth. If you say something wrong and he gets mad, don’t blame me.”

Housekeeper Qin sighed and continued to walk.

Housekeeper Qin didn’t know what Ye Zifeng was trying to do but since Rong Fan had signed a contract with Ye Zifeng already, all they can do now is follow his orders.

After walking for a long time, most of the Rong clan members were feeling very tired. They were on the verge of exhaustion.

“We’re here!”

“What? This is the Fallen Rain Swamp?”


Liu Yige looked up and around. The air was filled with a foul mustard smell. There were rotting trees everywhere. It really did look like a swamp.

How did Ye Zifeng know how to get here from the Blazing Eagle’s nest? How was he so sure that this was the Fallen Rain Swamp and not just some other swamp?

This piqued Liu Yige’s curiosity towards Ye Zifeng even more.

“Why is this place empty? Did Elder Shen make a mistake?”

Ye Zifeng calmed down and then looked around. Suddenly, he saw some movements in the bushes and immediately threw his dagger towards it.

“Aiya…. It hurts!”

From the bush, someone came tumbling out. It was Shi Chen!

“Shi Chen? Why are you by yourself? Where are the others? Where’s Xueyi?!” Ye Zifeng immediately ran towards Shi Chen.

“Ye Zifeng. Where the hell did you go? If you were here, we wouldn’t have…….”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and grabbed Shi Chen by the collars, “What are you saying? Answer my question!”

When Shi Chen saw that Ye Zifeng was getting angry, he immediately started to fret.

“It’s not just me. All the guys are here…..Look!” Shi Chen pointed towards where he tumbled out from.

And sure enough, Han Xiuming, the Qin brothers, Kong Zhou and the other guys were all sitting there. They were all surprised when they saw Ye Zifeng.

“Boss Ye, where did you go this morning?”

Ye Zifeng didn’t pay them any attention and turned back to Shi Chen, “Shit. What are you guys doing here? Shi Chen. Tell me. Where are Xueyi and the girls?”

If something happened to Ye Xueyi, Ye Zifeng would not let these bystanders go.

*Cough**Cough* Shi Chen didn’t know why Ye Zifeng was so angry and patted his shoulder.

“The girls, including your sister, are in the lake…..”

“Good!” Ye Zifeng tossed him aside and without waiting for anyone else to say anything, he ran towards the lake.

Shi Chen scratched his head in confusion and then looked at everyone else. He didn’t know why Ye Zifeng was in such a hurry.

“Say….why is Ye Zifeng being like this? After finishing our mission this morning, the girls are taking a bath in the lake. There’s no reason for him to run there now…..”

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    • zamer01 says:

      no it seems that his sister decided to temporarily sever the connection to take a bath and Elder Shen got scared he potentially lost a portion of his spirit assumed the worst.

  1. kouk2002 says:

    I feel I lived my life in vein for not being able to see that ending coming. Wonder what sort of mess he’ll get himself into once he rushes into the lake.

  2. night0lw says:

    Wow that ending was not what I was expecting
    Now what I want to k ow is how long it took him to get there that when he shows up they’re still in the bath

  3. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    I dunno what to feel…his sister cut the connection off or it was forcibly cut off… they’re vulnerable when taking a bath so it is also possible that something happened. it’s also possible that he ends up peeking instead.

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