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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 183 – Establishing Might

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 183 – Establishing Might
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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When the blood finally started glowing in a faint golden light, Ye Zifeng smiled.

This meant that the contract was successful.


Ye Zifeng hastily retrieved the blood contract and turned towards the Blazing Eagle.

Just a while ago, when he was watching Rong Fan getting beat up by the Blazing Eagle, he had seen through all of the Blazing Eagle’s movements already.

The Blazing Eagle looked big and menacing but it lacked a killing move. This was the reason why Rong Fan was able to survive until now.

If it wants a war of attrition, then Ye Zifeng wasn’t afraid at all.

The blood colored veins on his arms lit up as death qi appeared from his palms and condensed into a qi monster.

“This…..This is….” Rong Fan was stunned by the appearance of the qi monster. He couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

This was the first time that the Blazing Eagle had seen such a strange attack. It quickly halted and stood there with a clear expression of fear on its face.

Ye Zifeng was not the type of person who would let such an opportunity go by him. He quickly retrieved his dagger and threw it towards the Blazing Eagle. Afterwards, he tugged on the thread connected to the dagger and flew towards the Eagle like a shooting star.

“Liu Yige, Xiao Mu, let’s go!”

“Got it.” Liu Yige nodded.

“Okay…..” Xiao Mu paused for a bit before finally answer. He then let out a sigh and followed behind Liu Yige.

As expected, when the Blazing Eagle saw that Ye Zifeng was coming with malicious intentions, it started to flee. However, it didn’t expect Liu Yige and Xiao Mu to be behind itself, blocking its escape route.

As per Ye Zifeng’s instructions, the two of them moved behind the Blazing Eagle and cut off its escape route.

Afterall, Ye Zifeng had seen through all of the Blazing Eagle’s habits. He had informed Liu Yige and Xiao Mu about everything already.

As for Ye Zifeng himself, he reached the Blazing Eagle in the blink of an eye. The gloomy, tyrannical, and desolate qi monster felt the energy of the Blazing Eagle and looked as if it had found breakfast. It opened up its mouth wider and wider as Ye Zifeng moved closer and closer to the Blazing Eagle.

It was three against one. Liu Yige and Xiao Mu trapped and blocked the Blazing Eagle while Ye Zifeng attacked.

At this moment, the Blazing Eagle immediately used its talons to fight against the qi monster.

“Hey bro. You forgot something. My dagger is still stuck on your head.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

While saying that, Ye Zifeng harshly pulled on the thread and sent himself up towards the Blazing Eagle’s head.

As long as the Blazing Eagle doesn’t start flying immediately, it was impossible for its talons to reach its head.

“Here’s your chance. Go!” Ye Zifeng let out a cold laugh and yelled.
The Qi Monster immediately flew out from his palm and like a wolf within a band of sheep, it started to eat the Blazing Eagle.

The sound of chewing resounded through the nest.

The rate at which the Qi Monster was absorbing the Blazing Eagle’s energy was visible to the naked eye. The Qi Monster’s body grew bigger and bigger as the Blazing Eagle suffered an immense amount of pain. It wanted to shake this Qi Monster off of itself.

However, the Qi Monster was formless. It attached itself onto the Blazing Eagle like a maggot, not letting go at all. The Blazing Eagle tried to burn off the Qi Monster with its flames but it failed.

If it wasn’t for the Qi Monster, Ye Zifeng would have never tried to fight the Blazing Eagle. The Blazing Eagle was not like the giant python at all. It was very hard to handle and could not be taken lightly.

Normally, in order to kill the Blazing Eagle, an entire team would have to slowly grind it down until it died.

All those who had met the Blazing Eagle in the previously missions have done this. However, the Blazing Eagle had intelligence. Every time it was about to die, it would run away immediately.

Sadly, it met Ye Zifeng this time. There was no way that Ye Zifeng would let it escape.

After absorbing enough energy from the Blazing Eagle, the Qi monster slowly dissipated.

On the Blazing Eagle, the place where the Qi Monster had bitten started to wither and dry up.

The Blazing Eagle tried to flap its wings. However, it felt as if his energy had disappeared. Its body felt limp.

“No way. This Blazing Eagle was actually hurt by Ye Zifeng’s solo attacks?”

“Right? That’s way too strong! We were all so miserable when we were being chase by the Blazing Eagle but right now, with the strength of three people, Ye Zifeng can actually deal with it!”

Everyone in the Rong clan was filled with shock, especially housekeeper Qin. He knew how strong the Blazing Eagle was. As a cultivator in the 8th stage of qi refining, he couldn’t do anything to it at all!

While Ye Zifeng and the Blazing Eagle was in a deadlock, Ye Zifeng retrieved a few Qi Nurturing Pills from his interspatial ring.

“Hmmm. If I take one Qi Nurturing Pill, I can summon the Qi monster once. I think I’m going to need to summon it eight more times….”

He discovered the usage of the Qi Nurturing Pill during the battle with the giant python. This was the perfect time to test this out.

When he was digesting the pill, a voice came from behind Rong Fan, “Guys, come over here. Block the path of retreat! Don’t let it run away!”

Rong Fan showed an awkward smile. He looked at the Blazing Eagle and started to tremble.

“Young master Ye, you are very wise and strong. I don’t think you need our help right?”

Ye Zifeng immediately shot a cold glance at Rong Fan, “So….. you’re trying to go back on your words? Should I remind you about the punishment for breaking the blood contract?”

“I…..” Rong Fan trembled when he heard those words. Just before, when he asked for Ye Zifeng’s help, he didn’t care about anything else but his life. He had given his entire team to Ye Zifeng.

With Ye Zifeng staring at him like an asura, he couldn’t help but gulp.

Thus, he immediately turned around and commanded the Rong clan, “Did you hear that? Young master Ye wants us to fight too! Get yourselves together! Don’t make Young master Ye lose face!”

“This…..” The people of the Rong clan looked at each other.

Ye Zifeng shot everyone a cold glare as well, “Stop dawdling! If you don’t come and help, then I’ll send the Blazing Eagle over to you! “

“Ugh. Whatever. Let’s go. Young master Ye is strong so there won’t be a problem if we follow him.”

“Yeah. I think that’s the best idea. We’ll follow young master Ye to the top.”

To the people of the Rong clan, following Ye Zifeng was way better than being chased by the Blazing Eagle.

Ye Zifeng had shown his might. He had established his dominance over everyone.

The Blazing Eagle had no chance of winning at all.

Now with an additional twenty people, the pressure on the Blazing Eagle further increased.

A solemn expression appeared on Liu Yige’s face, “Everyone listen to me. Use your qi to pressure the Blazing Eagle. Do not let it escape!”

With twenty people using their qi to pressure the it, the Blazing Eagle could not move at all.

“Eh? It’s actually working. Why didn’t we do this in the first place?”

“Right. We were too busy running away. Why didn’t anyone think of doing this at all? It seems like Young master Ye is the smart one here.”
In terms of ability, the Rong clan team should have been able to overpower the Blazing Eagle. However, they didn’t have a capable leader to lead them at all. Rong Fan is kind of stupid so the team always lacked cohesion.

The Blazing Eagle frantically looked around as a bad feeling rose in its heart. It wants to run away but with twenty people exerting pressure on itself, it could not do anything at all.

When it saw Ye Zifeng’s expression, it trembled in fear. Even tho it was not THAT smart, it could tell that Ye Zifeng was the most dangerous person that it had ever faced.

On the other hand, Ye Zifeng had finished digesting the Qi Nurturing Pill. He didn’t have that many on him so if he can save some, then he will. That’s why he had the twenty people from the Rong clan pressure the Blazing Eagle with their qi.

“Alrighty now. Let’s see how long you can last….”

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