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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 180 – They have my protection!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 180 – They have my protection!
Translated by: Andy
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“Go Go Go. Let’s catch up to them!” Rong Fan called out.

Under Rong Fan’s command, everyone on the Rong clan’s team immediately moved towards the entrance.

“Hold on. Don’t act blindly without thinking….” Xiao Mu started to warn them.

Rong Fan looked over at him with disdain in his eyes, “Xiao Mu, don’t think that you can hold me back just because your brother left you here!

Rong Fan waved his hands and yelled out, “Let’s go!”

“Hmph….They’re beyond redemption…..” Xiao Mu angrily snorted.

It’s true that he dislike Ye Zifeng but right now, he’d rather watch this arrogant and despotic bunch of second generations burn and suffer in the hands of Ye Zifeng.

Everything was now set in place. Since Rong Fan was a dumb to begin with, he was easily tricked by Ye Zifeng.

Even if Rong Fan does suspect something, he wouldn’t believe that Ye Zifeng came to fight both the Rong clan team and the Xiao clan team with his one man army. Thus, he put two and two together and thought that it was the Xiao clan who was behind everything.

“Those retards. They’re just looking to die. Who cares about their life anyways.” Xiao Mu watched as Rong Fan and his group charged into the entrance.

Liu Yige smiled, “Aren’t you the same? You don’t have any abilities and yet you’re trying to go against Ye Zifeng. Aren’t you the retard that’s looking to die?”

When he said that, he thought about himself and the mistakes that he made in the past.

Xiao Mu froze and looked at Liu Yige, “I……”

“Alright. It’s up to you on how you want to live your life. Think about it carefully. I’m gonna go up and see what the situation’s like.” Liu Yige turned around and followed the Rong clan in.

Originally, Liu Yige only helped Ye Zifeng because they had an agreement. But now, it seems like his feeling towards Ye Zifeng had changed.

To Liu Yige, following Ye Zifeng around was pretty fun.

In the dwelling of the Blazing Eagle.

Clouds of fire burned as fog covered the entire region.

“Young master, this place is so hot. We’re gonna be burnt crisp!”

“Yeah. It’s way too hot. I don’t want to stay in this dumb place.”

They noticed the temperature change the second they entered the nest. In the beginning, it was still bearable. But now, it was getting a little too hot.

Rong Fan was drenched with sweat as well. As a noble young master, his body had never been tempered in any way. There was no way that he can survive something like this. He wanted to pull out as well.

Rong Fan turned around and looked at one of the people following him, “Housekeeper Qin, in the younger generation, you have the highest cultivation at the 8th stage of qi refining. Why don’t you decide on what we’ll do? Should we continue or should we retreat?”

Housekeeper Qin’s full name is Qin Zhen. He became Rong Fan’s servant when he was younger. He also entered the sect with Rong Fan. If Rong Fan had any questions, he would go to Qin Zhen first.

“This…..” Qin Zhen looked around and frowned, “Young master, we haven’t even been in here for a long time. If we leave now, won’t you feel a little unsatisfied? Besides, if anything happens, we can always use the lifesaving medallion.”

“Life saving medallion?” Rong Fan’s eyes lit up. He had become muddlehead.

“That’s right! I completely forgot about that little thing!”

“It might be hot right now but we have to endure it! When we kill that Blazing Eagle, it’ll go back to normal! Let’s get ourselves together. We can’t let the Xiao clan beat us!”’ After being reminded of the medallion, Rong Fan became much more confident. He didn’t have anything to fear anymore. Right now, he wants to act as fast as possible and beat the Xiao clan.

But little does he know, other than Xiao Mu, everyone in the Xiao clan had used their life saving medallion already.

The Rong clan is basically looking to die by charging into the Blazing Eagle’s nest.

When the Rong clan team got closer to the Blazing Eagle, a loud screeching sound resounded throughout the entire nest.

“It’s here!” Rong Fan laughed loudly.

However, in a moment, he would quickly change his mind.

Under the bright moon and starry sky, the Blazing Eagle’s blazing talon descended towards the group with an insurmountable amount of power.

“Holy shit. This Blazing Eagle is too damn strong!” Rong Fan started to fret as his jaws dropped.

Qin Zhen was shocked as well and immediately yelled out, “Everyone be careful. Young master, get away from there!”

“Okay. okay!” Rong Fan gulped and immediately nodded. Feeling the pressure from the power, Rong Fan immediately dropped to the ground. In order to escape he had to tumble his way out.

Fortunately, the talon moved very slowly which gave Rong Fan enough time to escape.

When the talon struck the ground, it caused a loud rumbling sound. A huge crevice appeared on the ground.

The ferocity struck fear into Rong Fan’s heart. If he had been a little slower, he would have turned into meat paste!

“Shit. Where the hell did everyone in the Xiao clan go?” Rong Fan looked around and cursed.

Before getting here, Rong Fan was worried about being able to find and take down the Blazing Eagle before the Xiao clan.

But now, the strength of the beast far surpassed his imaginations and instilled fear into his heart. He needed the Xiao clan’s help1

“What. Oh now you remember about us? You only have yourselves to blame.” Xiao Mu was standing next to Liu Yige in an area far away. He watched and laughed at the shaking Rong Fan.

“Xiao Mu, you!”

However, before Rong Fan could finish talking, the Blazing Eagle raised its talon again.

Rong Fan immediately shut his mouth as he the immense pressure of the Blazing Eagle caused the dirt on the ground to go into his mouth.

Rong Fan clenched his fists and spat out a mouthful of dirt.

“Xiao Mu! If your Xiao clan has any ability, then stop hiding. Come out and help us!”

Xiao Mu’s stared at him coldly without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Rong Fan was being swept around like a dust ball by the Blazing Eagle without being able to gasp for breath.

“Xiao Mu! Quick! Come on! Where is your brother Xiao Ying? If this goes on, we might even die here!” Rong Fan continuously called out.

“Rong clan’s second young master. What did you say about our Xiao clan before? Do you think that I’m deaf?” Xiao Mu snorted. He was a type of person to hold a grudge. Rong Fan had disrespected the Xiao clan before and he held it at heart.

“I……” Rong Fan wanted to curse at him but thought about their situation and stopped himself.

Qin Zhen started to beg as well, “Young master Xiao, we were wrong! Please give the elders of our clan some face and ask your brother Xiao Ying to come out and help us.”

Housekeeper Qin was a little older than Rong Fan and knew how to sweet talk.

If Xiao Ying really was hiding, with his personality, he would have come out to help already.

However, Xiao Mu is the sole survivor the Xiao clan.

It’s not like he doesn’t want to help. He can’t. If it weren’t for the fact that no one was able to help them, then why would Ye Zifeng let the Rong clan come in here freely?


Xiao sighed and didn’t say anything.

This was a bad sign for the people in the Rong clan.

The time that it takes a stick of incense to burn passed.

“Young master, I can’t hold on any longer!” Qin Zhen bitterly laughed and sighed.

Rong Fan closed his eyes. He was feeling pain all over as well. Countless wounds all over his body.

Rong Fan then turned to look at Liu Yige and Xiao Mu, “You two…. Are you really going to sit there and watch? If we were to use the lifesaving medallion, then what are you two going to do?”
“I’ll be protecting them. Don’t worry about it.” A calm voice called out. Even though it wasn’t very loud, everyone heard this voice very clearly.

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