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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 178 – Defeated with ease.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 178 – Skillfully and Easily.
Translated by: Andy
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Finally done with classes :/
Last 2 weeks been hectic with research and presentations. Had to research and present an implementation analysis to a Fortune 500 company and devoted all my time to that. 🙁

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Beams of white light appeared from the sky.

A few elders joked around as they pointed towards the white light.

“One, two, three, so many people actually used their life saving medallion!…… It seems the the people from the Ye clan came across a demonic beast!” One of the white robe elders sighed.

“Right. But it makes sense. They don’t have anyone in the 9th stage of qi refining and their team lack manpower. It’s already not bad that they were able to survive until now.”

However, when the light finally disappeared, the faces of all the elders turned stiff. Elder Lin and the others stared at the people in front of them. They were in shock!

“What? Xiao….Xiao clan……How come it’s you guys?!”

With two powerhouses in the fray, they might take each other out and a third party might come out on top. Some elders believed that if the Liu clan and Wang clan took each other out, then the Xiao clan would definitely come out on top.

But right now, seventeen members of the Xiao clan all used their life saving medallion at the same time!

“You. What happened? You guys have Xiao Ying. What happened in there?”

“We…..” Most of the Xiao clan members were confused as well. They were told by Xiao Ying to leave so they don’t know what was going on.

“We don’t know what’s going on either. The young master ordered us to use the life saving medallion. We don’t know what’s going on either.

“Useless! How can you guys leave without knowing what’s going on? The Xiao clan have wasted wasted effort in nurturing you bunch!”

The Xiao clan’s clan master cursed loudly. He had placed the utmost importance on this sect mission and personally came to watch.

Thus, when such an embarrassing scene occurred, he became extremely angry.
“Clan master please calm down. Young master Xiao Ying and second young master Xiao Mu are still in there. Our Xiao clan still has hope.” One of the Xiao clan housekeeper consoled the clan master Xiao Mo.
“This…..Right.” Xiao Mo thought about it and calmed down again. Xiao Ying was still in there, they still have hope.

Inside the valley.

“Alright Ye Zifeng. I’ve already done what you asked for and ordered those trash to leave. Now give me the monster core.”

Xiao Ying stared at Ye Zifeng with eyes filled with urgency.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Don’t worry. I’m not the type to go back on my words. Plus, I’ve already signed a blood contract. I will definitely fulfill my end of the bargain.”

Slowly, Ye Zifeng retrieved the crimson monster core from his robes. He looked at it before slowly extend his hand towards Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying started to laugh loudly. As long as he has the monster core, then even if he doesn’t complete the other missions, he will still get three times the reward that he would have gotten!

Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped and worrisome expression appeared on his face as if he was afraid of something.

Xiao Ying’s expressions changed immediately, “Ye Zifeng! What kind of tricks are you trying to play? Give me the monster core!”

Ye Zifeng awkwardly laughed, “Wait…. The only reason why I’m not being attacked right now is because of the formation in between us. If I go over, then won’t my life be in danger?”

“Then what do you want to do?” Even though Ye Zifeng’s words made sense, he had to give the monster core to Xiao Ying. If he doesn’t then he will be disobeying the words of the blood contract.

“It’s actually not much. I just want you to move back a few steps and use your qi to receive the monster core. How about that?” Ye Zifeng looked as calm as ever as he explained his proposal.

“Use my qi to receive the monster core? Heh….. You really are cautious aren’t you. Do you think that I’m the type to sneak attack you?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s better to be safe.”

“Whatever. I’m wasting time talking with you. Let’s do as you say.” Xiao ying nodded and agreed.

Not long after, a tiny portion of Xiao Ying’s qi floated out of the formation and stopped in front of Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng tossed the monster core at the qi.


When Xiao Ying received the monster core, his heart jumped in joy. He then carefully moved it back towards himself.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng started to laugh out loud while watching Xiao Ying.

“What are you laughing at?” Xiao Ying frowned.

Seeing that Ye Zifeng didn’t intend to respond, Xiao ying continued to bring the monster core to himself.

“Ye Zifeng! You’re too naive! Now that I have the monster core, I’m not afraid of you anymore! Just sit and wait for your death! Anyone who tries to mess with the Xiao clan will end up the same way! Dead!”

Right when he was about to make his move…..

A white light appeared on top of his head. A small black hole appeared and started to suck him in.

“What…… What is going on?” He had motionlessly stood there..

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Look under at the monster core. There’s something stuck onto it.”

Xiao Ying’s heart skipped a beat. He looked down and was shocked at what he saw.

“What?! This….. This is a life saving medallion!”

The lifesaving medallion…. It will activate when one’s qi touches it….

This was the reason why Ye Zifeng suggested this way of exchange. He wanted Xiao Ying to use his qi to touch the life saving medallion!

“Ye Zifeng! You scoundrel!” Xiao Ying cursed! He wanted to get the monster core and then continue on with his missions. However, who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would stick the life saving medallion under the monster core!

When he gets back, then how would he explain the reason as to why he used the life saving medallion?

If he tells the truth, then he will become the laughing stock of the entire Leizhou City.

“Checkmate.” Ye Zifeng smiled at him.

Xiao Ying knew that it was too late for him to do anything now, “Ye Zifeng. You used your life saving medallion on me…. But what are you going to do when you really run into trouble?!”

Ye Zifeng laughed and took out a few more lifesaving medallions from his interspatial ring.

“This….you don’t have to worry about it. I have nine more…..”

“You……” Xiao Ying wouldn’t have believed Ye Zifeng if he didn’t see the nine medallions on the floor. Xiao Ying felt powerless.

Ye Zifeng was able to beat Xiao Ying skillfully and easily while the latter couldn’t do anything at all.

“Ye Zifeng, why don’t you fight me without using these tricks! I guarantee that I’ll knock a few teeths out!” Xiao Ying saw that the light was about to teleport him away so he starting to yell and curse as much as he can.

“You can’t even get close to me and you’re trying to fight me? Also, I’m trying to to save my energy. I have another battle to fight later on. Even though your cultivation is higher than mine, the difference between us is extremely vast!” Ye Zifeng retorted.

“Preposterous! Prepare to die!” Xiao Ying’s entire body as if it was going out of control as it started to distort.

Filled with rage, Xiao Ying used the last of his strength to try and land an attack on Ye Zifeng. The amount of qi that he exert had gone over his limits and had caused his temples to ache. However, in order to kill Ye Zifeng, he was willing to do anything!

This attack was so powerful that it actually created a hole in the formation. With quick speed, Xiao Ying quickly extended his hand towards Ye Zifeng’s neck. Midway through, his arm stopped in midair.


Starting from his fingers, his arm, his limbs, and then his entire body disappeared into the air.
“Young….Young master Xiao?
“Xiao Ying? No way.”

When Xiao Ying appeared outside at the entrance of the valley, no one could believe their eyes

He was someone in the 9th stage of qi refining! He had the ability to fight a demonic beast by himself and even if he couldn’t, he had the ability to run away. He definitely won’t need to use the life saving medallion!

Xiao Ying was in shock. He couldn’t help but look up at the sky and scream.

“Ye Zifeng! Just you wait!”

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