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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 175 – Reading the opponent like a book.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 175 – Reading the opponent like a book.
Translated by: Andy
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Splitting up was the best decision that they can make.

There was already some tension between the two teams and if things kept going the way it was, their alliance was going to fall apart sooner or later.

“What do you guys think?”

Xiao Ying turned around and asked everyone else.

“It makes sense. Aren’t we just looking for the right path? It’s faster if we split up.”

“Yeah. This place is too damn hot. I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s just go with the fastest method.”

“Young master Liu is right. Let’s split up.”

Some people didn’t say anything but they were fanning themselves with their hands. Their face was bright red and beads of sweat rolled down their faces.

It wasn’t surprising that there were tension between the two groups. The heat here made them very uncomfortable and pissed them off.

“Alright then. We’ll follow young master Liu’s suggestion. We’ll split up and look for the path. Young master Rong, how do you feel about it?”

“Hmph. Now you’re asking me? Do you even put us in your eyes? You’re trying to ask for my input after basically finish up your discussions. We don’t need you to tell us anything. We’ll move by ourselves…..” Rong Fan cursed in an unhappy tone.

Xiao Ying coldly snorted. He was in the 9th stage of qi refining. He can be considered one of the most outstanding characters of the younger generation. People like Rong Fan were an eyesore.

He wanted to talk nicely with Rong Fan but Rong Fan actually yelled back at him. He was feeling pissed.

“Then do as you wish. We’ll all split up and find the path. Then we can all leave.”

It was way too hot and everyone was covered in sweat.

Thus, when Liu Yige suggested that they all split up, no one disagreed.

A while later, the two groups split up to search for the right path out.

The groups continued to split up. People who were originally fine with each other suddenly disliked the other due to small problems.

And the one who was behind all of this was Ye Zifeng.

Just like that, the two groups split up into smaller groups of two or three people. The strength of each group became weaker and weaker.

Liu Yige watched as everyone dispersed and gasped. When he saw that no one was looking at him, he slipped away and reached into his robe for a spirit paper.


“I knew it. There was something weird going on!” A familiar voice called out behind Liu Yige.

Liu Yige was shook as he jerked his hand out of his robe and turned around.

It was Xiao Mu!

“Are you surprised?”

Xiao Mu chuckled and then stared at Liu Yige, “Actually, I felt that something was wrong in the beginning. You’re a nobody in the Liu clan. How could you have learned some Illusion Breaking Technique? Also, after bringing us here, you want us to split up. You’re trying to split us up aren’t you. I’m not as stupid as that Rong Fan. If you want to hide things from me, then at least be on that Ye Zifeng’s level!”

“I am surprised. I’m surprised that that person guessed your actions correctly.”

Liu Yige bitterly laughed and had a pitying look in his eyes.

“What did you say?” Xiao Mu was confused.

“It seems like he was right. With your personality, you won’t expose me in front of everyone. You’ll only come find me after everything.”

Liu Yige sighed, “I didn’t believe him at first. But now that you’re here looking for me, I really…..am impressed.”

“Him? Who are you talking about? Who’s that person?” Xiao Mu’s expression changed and didn’t understand what was going on.

With Xiao Mu’s cultivation level, he was not scared of Liu Yige at all. However, it sounds like there was someone else behind him pulling the strings.

Knowing this, he didn’t dare to make a move against Liu Yige. His confidence immediately disappeared. Right now, he even felt as if he had to run away.

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to be so tense. You aren’t his target.”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Mu’s eyes widened and then turned around. There was nobody behind him……. He was alone with Liu Yige right now.

Xiao Mu immediately turned around and tried to run away. However, an invisible wall blocked his path and he could not move at all. He tried to yell out but there was no response.

Everything happened so suddenly. Xiao Mu was at a loss for words. He stood there like a wooden doll.

“How is this happening? It was all good just a few moments ago.” Xiao Mu’s heart sank.

“It’s no use. You can get out. With you strength, you can’t break out of his formation.”

Xiao Mu’s entire body felt limp, “When did…….”

“Since the beginning. You’ve already entered his formation the moment you stepped foot in here…..” Liu Yige chuckled.


Ye Zifeng went tot the Blazing Eagle’s nest last night and scout around. He found that it was impossible to lay down a formation without the Blazing Eagle noticing so he had to change his plans.

Thus, he casted an illusion and hid the entrance of the nest from others and set up a formation somewhere else. He used Liu Yige to lure everyone here.

They were inside the formation the moment that they stepped in.

They followed Liu Yige around and walked deeper into the formation. Now, they were dancing in the palms of Ye Zifeng’s hands.

When everyone scattered, Ye Zifeng was finally able to utilize the full strength of the formation.

“Well…. Let me tell you everything.”

Liu Yige explained everything to Xiao Mu and caused him to tremble in fear.

“No way. Ye Zifeng knows how to set up formation? He’s only twenty years old!”

\To set up formations, one must understand the aura of the heavens and the earth. Thus, formation masters tend to be very old. It was rare for someone to become on before the age of thirty, let alone at the age of twenty!

“I don’t know about that either. All I know is that if I follow him, I will prosper.”

“Surnamed Liu! Are you not afraid of offending both the Xiao and Rong clan!?” Xiao Mu cursed and wanted to apply some mental pressure.

Liu Yige sighed and threw a piece of spirit paper towards Xiao Mu.

“Look at it for yourself.”

Xiao Mu was startled. When he read the contents of the paper, his expression changed immediately.

All his thoughts and moves were read by Ye Zifeng. Even his threats were clearly written on the Spirit Paper.

To offend the Xiao clan or offend Ye Zifeng?

The answer to that question was very clear.

“No….Impossible. It’s not possible! I don’t believe it!” Xiao Mu gathered his qi and continuously attacked the invisible wall.

“Stop it. Don’t waste your strength. Even if you get out, you won’t be able to do anything….” Liu Yige sighed.

“What do you mean? Explain it to me!”

At this moment, he understood what was happening. He understood why a nobody like Liu Yige was able to do something like this. It was as if he was a different person. So Ye Zifeng was the mastermind behind everything.

Suddenly, he felt regret…. After splitting up, they had divided their strength which gave Ye Zifeng a chance to attack…..

What he couldn’t hear was the sound of his friends begging for help. It was all blocked off by the invisible wall.

Xiao Mu couldn’t hear it, but he could imagine it.

Suddenly, he seem to remembered something and felt a lot better.

“I do admit that this Ye Zifeng was able to divide our strength. However, he can’t really beat us. He’s too weak to beat us! My big bro is in the 9th stage of qi refining. Ye Zifeng definitely can’t beat him!”

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  1. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    here comes another spirit paper fully detailed with what this xiao’s brother would do and had done.

  2. memerou says:

    [“I do admit that this Ye Zifeng was able to divide our strength. However, he can’t really beat us. He’s too weak to beat us! My big bro is in the 9th stage of qi refining. Ye Zifeng definitely can’t beat him!”]

    Flag, anyone?

      • novel-addict says:

        Its a pity that xiao mu still thinking that, he should realize if ye zifeng meticulously planned everything like that, of course zifeng can do something about even to someone at 9th qi refining, he really is stupid, that xiao mu.

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