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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 171 – Battle on two fronts

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 171 – Battle on two fronts
Translated by: Andy
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“To be exact, just two people. Not ten.”

“Two people? Are you kidding…..” When Liu Yige heard this, his face paled and his mouth started to twitch.

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “RIght. Of course I was kidding. Did you actually believe me?”

“Shit. You scared the heck out of me. I knew that it was impossible. But…. You’re always able to do things out of people’s expectations…..If your combat strength is also like that, then what are other qi refining stage disciples compared to you?”

“Alright, let’s not waste time here. You should leave. If the circumstances change, you can contact me through the spirit papers.”

Liu Yige chuckled and then nodded, “I got it.”

Saying that, Liu Yige hesitated and then stuck his hand out, “By the way, I’m kind of running low on spirit papers. Since you’re so rich, how about you give me a few more sheets?”

“I gave you twenty three sheets already and you still have the nerve to say that you’re running low? What did you use them on?”

Liu Yige was startled. Ye Zifeng spent money like dirt and yet he was so calculative.

“Oh… Right. I just remembered. You’re right. I do have quite a bit left. I left the rest of it in my new interspatial ring. How forgetful of me.”

Liu Yige forced a smile.

“Alright. I’m leaving now. I’ll contact you if anything changes.”

He didn’t have any face to stay anymore and left immediately.

Ye Zifeng started to walk back to his team as well. On the way, he thought about the plans for tomorrow.

Under the starry skies, a lone man walked slowly.
When he returned, he found that all his team members had set up tents by the lake and were asleep only.

Only Ye Xueyi sat outside her tent waiting.

When she saw Ye Zifeng return, a joyous expression appeared on her face.

“Brother Zi…..”

She was about to call out to him before she stopped herself. The joyous expression on her face disappeared as she turned around and crawled into her tent.

Ye Zifeng softly laughed and walked towards his sister’s tent. He then opened it up.

“Brother Zifeng! You…. What are you doing? To suddenly walk into a young maiden’s tent!”

Ye Xueyi’s expression changed drastically. Her heartbeat increased as she stared at her brother.

To be under the same tent as a man in the middle of the wilderness…..it made Ye Xueyi feel a special type of way….especially when the man she was with is the brother Zifeng that she has had some feelings for.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “What maiden…. You’re my sister. Aren’t you the one that would always barge into my room whenever I would get injured back in the days?”

Hearing Ye Zifeng call her his sister woke her up from her fantasy. He was right. They were siblings.

“Me barging into your room and you coming in here is a completely different story….”

Ye Xueyi wanted to explain how it was different but her mind was a mess right now. She didn’t know what to do so she became angry.

“Alright. Xueyi. Don’t be angry. I came to talk about some things with you….”

“What do you want to talk about? Why don’t we talk tomorrow. I’m feel kind of sleepy.”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth twitched a bit. What do you mean sleepy? You look as wide awake as one can be! She was basically trying to kick him out!

Ye Zifeng didn’t try to beat around the bush either, “It’s like this. I’m probably not going to participate in the mission tomorrow.”
Ye Xueyi wanted to kick her brother out and calm down a bit but when she heard this, she became shocked!

“What? No way. We both broke through today and was going to show off together tomorrow. Why aren’t you coming?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Since you’re in the 9th stage of qi refining already, as long as you do your best, the mission tomorrow won’t be much of a problem. I have something else that I have to do.”

“But….I don’t have any experience. If I don’t have your instructions, I definitely won’t be able to do it….” Ye Xueyi saw that her brother’s serious expression and started to fret.

“Be more confident. Xueyi, did not forget that you were the one who always protect me? Now, you can be the same as before. Protect everyone else.”

“But, I…..” Ye Xueyi was startled.

“Here. I’ll give you some spirit papers. If you need anything, write it on the paper and burn it. I’ll get the message immediately.”

Ye Zifeng retrieved a small stack of spirit paper from his interspatial ring and gave it to Ye Xueyi.


Ye Xueyi casually grabbed a piece of spirit paper and looked at it. She was shocked. Why did Ye Zifeng have so many of these things?

“Brother Zifeng, what are you going to do? Why can’t we do the mission together tomorrow?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I’m going to say hi to some old friends tomorrow.”

Hearing these words, Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but become suspicious.

However, her brother had changed so much in the past month and have done many weird dones. She was already used to it and didn’t ask him about it.

“Well…. Since brother Zifeng says so….then….okay….”

Ye Xueyi mumbled to herself and then looked up at him, “But….Using the spirit paper to communicate is too slow. If I really do start fighting, how would I have time to write things on this spirit paper?”
“Then you can scout the area and check out what the beast is like. Tell me about it and I’ll come up with a plan for you guys….” Ye Zifeng replied.

“This….It’s too complicated. I’ll feel better if you’re there.” Ye Xueyi found that Ye Zifeng made a lot of sense but still tried to convince him to stay.

Ye Zifeng helplessly smiled and shook his head. As the leader and the core of the team, he should be there to bring up the morale of the team.

Right now, Xueyi isn’t mentally prepared for the task.

If he force her to lead the team, then something might really go wrong. Ye Zifeng doesn’t want that to happen.

“Fine….I’ll give you an insurance. I can guarantee that your lives. If there are any problems, it’ll be taken care of immediately. It won’t trouble you at all.”

While saying that, Ye Zifeng revealed a sly smile.

“Oh? What’s this insurance?” Ye Xueyi’s expression was filled with anticipation.

“If you want to know, then close your eye and put your palms out onto my palms.”

Thoughts ran through Ye Xueyi’s head again, “No way. Brother Zifeng. What are you trying to do to me?”

If the person in front of her wasn’t Ye ZIfeng, then she would have immediately kicked him out. Putting their palms together….. That’s a basic duo cultivation method!

“Don’t worry. I can take advantage of anyone but I won’t take advantage of my sister.”

Ye Zifeng showed a reassuring smile. Ye Xueyi nodded and sat down. She then lifted her hands up and gently moved her palms towards his palms. Her face started to feel hotter and hotter and she wasn’t able to think straight. After a while, she still didn’t put her palms on his palms.

“What are you doing? Stop dawdling!”

Ye Zifeng was feeling a bit impatient. He forcefully put her hands onto his palm, “Listen to my incantation and follow it. Listen to every word and remember it. Okay?”

Ye Xueyi was startled and then quickly nodded, “Okay. Okay.”

It didn’t matter if her brother was forcing her to duo cultivate or not. Right now, she didn’t have the ability to resist anymore.

“With heaven and earth as core, the world unites as one. Spirits guard the four directions……”

When chanting soul incantations, inattentiveness can cause one to be swallowed by one’s own inner demons.

That was why Ye Zifeng was concentrating so hard.

During the heavenly clan gathering, Ye Zifeng had given his sister a Soul Binding Pill and a little strand of Elder Shen’s soul spirit was still linger in her body.

Right now, it was the time to make use of this strand of soul spirit.

After a while, a strand of cold energy flowed out of Ye Xueyi and floated around.

Elder Shen was suddenly awoken from his sleep. He was startled. This was because there was an unfamiliar divine sense inside of his head. It clearly didn’t belong to Ye Zifeng.

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