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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 170 – Top secret report!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 170 – Top secret report!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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When Ye Xueyi finally left the vicinity, Ye Zifeng took that piece of spirit paper out again and looked at it. Using his blood, he wrote down a few words. He then set the paper on fire.

A few moments later, the shrubs near where Ye Zifeng was standing started to shake. From it, an azure clothed male peaked out and looked around. Only when he made sure that no one was around did he finally appear.

The male was none other than Liu Yige.

Before the missions started, Ye Zifeng had given Liu Yige a stack of spirit papers and had him force himself into another team as a spy. Liu Yige would report back to him if there were any noteworthy news.

This was why Liu Yige came over looking for Ye Zifeng.
Ye Zifeng frowned and then looked at him, “Didn’t I tell you to report back using the spirit papers? It’s better if we don’t meet so we can avoid any unnecessary suspicions.”

Liu Yige laughed, “Don’t worry. It’s late at night already. Everyone in the Xiao clan is already fast asleep. I took this chance to come over. No one will know.”

Liu Yige couldn’t join the Wang clan’s team so he had to join up with the Xiao clan.

“Alright….What’s so urgent that made you come look for me. Did something happen in the Xiao clan’s team?” Ye Zifeng stared at Liu Yige and asked.

Liu Yige nodded and replied, “The Xiao clan was unable to complete the first mission today. They have decided to team up with the Rong clan and do the second mission together.”

“Oh? Is that so? Well that’s not abnormal. It’s a good idea for two weak teams to ally with each other to finish up missions and overtake stronger teams. It’s not a bad idea at all.”

And… Did they decide on what mission they want to do?”

“What do you want to know that for? You’re talking like you can do something about it.” Liu Yige looked at Ye Zifeng with a look of disdain. It was the look that he usually gave Ye Zifeng before he got beaten up.
But when he looked into Ye Zifeng’s eyes, he immediately shrank back and did not dare to question him.

“Just say it. I don’t have time to play around with you.”

“Okay…..” Liu Yige bitterly smiled, “From what I know, they’re going to hunt the 1st stage spirit rank Blazing Eagle.

“First stage spirit rank?”

Some ideas ran through Ye Zifeng’s mind and a smile appeared on his face.

“And….Where are they supposedly finding it?”

Liu Yige rubbed his chin and then smiled, “That’s the reason why I came over. It’ll be hard to say things clearly over the spirit papers.

Liu Yige chuckled, “That’s precisely the reason why I personally came over. It’s better to explain it in person than to explain it over the spirit paper.

“Not necessarily.” Ye Zifeng smiled back.

Every team had a map of the entire valley. Liu Yige could’ve told Ye Zifeng where it was and he would’ve known immediately.

Ye Zifeng had talked with the Wang brothers about the topography of the Scarlet Blood Valley for two entire days. He can’t be more familiar with this place. 

“But, since you came over, why don’t you draw it out for me.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and retrieved a spirit paper from his interspatial ring.

Liu Yige was shocked, “Wow young master Ye is so extravagant! A piece of spirit paper costs a whole gold coin and you’re using it like it’s worth nothing.”

“If you don’t want it, then go grab a stick and draw it on the floor.” Ye Zifeng stared at him and started to put the paper away.

“I want. I want it. Of course I want to use it.” Liu Yige cried and quickly took the paper from his hands. It would be embarrassing if he had to draw on the dirt by using a stick.

While talking, he started to draw on the paper.

“I don’t know about the regions but….. The Xiao clan team’s region is right here, in this area…… and the Rong clan team’s region is over there…..”

“It looks like you guys aren’t that far away from here. It can be considered neighboring regions”

Ye Zifeng had thought about this. If they weren’t so close, then Liu Yige wouldn’t have been able to come over so quickly.

After talking about the big picture, he pointed at the area on the map in between the region of the two teams.

“Tomorrow morning, we’ll be hunting the Blazing Eagle here.”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “The Overhanging Wind Cliff huh. Definitely a place where flying type beasts reside.”

“How did you know this is the Overhanging Wind Cliff when i didn’t say anything yet?” Liu Yige’s jaw dropped in shock.

Ye Zifeng just smiled and didn’t explain anything.

“Okay. I got it. Tomorrow morning, at the Overhanging Wind Valley, the Xiao clan and Rong clan will team up to hunt a Blazing Eagle right?”

Liu Yige nodded quickly to confirm.

“But then again. What’s the point of asking all this? With your group’s strength, you can’t possibly do anything at all.” Liu Yige knew that Ye Zifeng’s group only has ten people. They’re also lacking someone in the 9th stage of qi refining as well.

They can barely keep themselves safe. Why would he care about other people’s business?

“Don’t worry about it.”

Liu Yige didn’t mind and then smiled again, “How about I tell you about the team members of the two teams as well.”

After Ye Zifeng nodded, he continued, “In the Xiao clan, only three people are considered strong. One is in the seventh stage of qi refining, the other in the eighth stage while the last one is in the 9th stage. As for the others, they’re not much.”

“How about the Rong clan…..” Ye Zifeng asked.

“The Rong clan is just like you guys. Their strongest member is in the 8th stage of qi refining.”

Ye Zifeng raised his brows and thought about something. He took a deep breath afterwards.

“Then…..” Liu Yige smiled, “According to our agreement, as long as I act as a spy for you, then the problem from before….”

“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything about what happened last time. I won’t tell the Liu clan’s clan master. You can stay in the Liu clan.” Ye Zifeng smiled and patted Liu Yige’s back.

“Great!” Liu Yige smiled happily. As long as he can stay in the Liu clan, it doesn’t matter if he offended the Xiao clan or the Rong clan. This was the reason why he was helping Ye Zifeng.

“Okay. I know what the situation is like now. You should go back first. They might suspect something if you’re gone for too long.” Ye Zifeng pointed towards the direction where Liu Yige came from, signaling for him to leave.

It’s good that he got some information but he doesn’t want to be exposed. If Liu Yige gets exposed, then he will have to come up with new plans.

Liu Yige thought the same as well. Even though everyone in the Xiao clan is asleep, they might wake up to go pee or something. If by some chance someone sees that he was missing, that would be a big problem for him.

“Okay. Then I’m leaving first. Oh yeah. One more thing. Your body reeks of snake blood. Go clean it off or something. The smell is really strong.” Liu Yige sniffed around and said.

“Snake blood?” Ye Zifeng was startled and then retrieved the giant python’s monster core from his robe.

“You’re probably talking about this right?”

“What is that? It’s bright and clear. It’s looks pretty neat.” Liu Yige had never seen a monster core before and was surprised.

“This is a monster core…..” Ye Zifeng nonchalantly answered.

“Monster core? Oh. A snake’s monster core…..” Liu Yige looked at it in awe. Suddenly, he looked up at Ye Zifeng with a shocked expression.

“What did you say?!”
He and the Xiao clan had been looking for the giant python for entire day. It seems like the python ran over to Ye Zifeng’s region and was killed by him.

It was a good thing that Liu Yige wasn’t someone from the Xiao clan and didn’t care much about the results of the missions. If Xiao Mu found out about this, then he would definitely flip.

Liu Yige immediately started talking again, “Did you know that the Xiao clan’s first mission was the kill the giant python?!”

Now he understood why he was so sensitive to the smell from the crystal. He had been looking for this thing the entire day.

“Oh? Now that’s interesting…..” Ye Zifeng laughed. He didn’t think that something like this would happen.

From the looks of it, the demonic beast was lured over by the profound tier golden marrow pills. Since Ye Zifeng was carrying five profound tier golden marrow pills, he easily lured the giant python over.

“You call this interesting? If anyone from the Xiao clan finds out, they will definitely fight you for it!” Liu Yige couldn’t help but sympathize with the people from the Xiao clan. They were unlucky that the giant python had been slain by Ye Zifeng.

“But come to think of it, your team only has ten people. It probably took a lot to kill that python….”

Liu Yige gasped and looked at Ye Zifeng with respect in his eyes.

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