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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 169 – Just as I thought!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 169 – Just as I thought!
Translated by: Andy
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Right when Ye Zifeng was doing his beheading motion, Ye Xueyi finished gathering her qi.

The defenseless python was struck by Ye Xueyi and gaping hole appeared. Blood splattered in the air and dyed the walls red.

“No way……I actually beat a 9th stage common rank demonic beast?”

Ye Xueyi looked at her own hands in amazement.

Actually, all she did was land the final blow. Ye Zifeng had done everything else.

However, Ye Zifeng won’t argue with her and smiled.

“Yeah. Xueyi, congratulations! You’re in the 9th stage of qi refining now. It isn’t weird that you can kill this giant python with one strike! This is your true strength!”

“True strength….” Ye Xueyi muttered the two words over and over again while smiling.

She knew that it was all because of Ye Zifeng’s profound tier golden marrow pill that she was able to increase her strength so quickly.

“Brother Zifeng! It’s all thanks to you. I don’t even know how to thank you!” Her eyes lit up and wholeheartedly thanked Ye Zifeng.

“We’re family! It’s normal for me to help you out. You don’t have to be polite!”

“I….Okay! I got it!” Ye Xueyi smiled in joy.

Just a few months ago, when Ye Zifeng was still trash, he had received quite a bit of help from Ye Xueyi. Every time he tried to thank her, she would say the same thing to him.

And now, the roles were reversed. It was his turn to help his little sister!

Ye Zifeng smiled and walked over to the giant python.

“Brother Zifeng. What are you doing. Be careful. That python shouldn’t be dead yet.”

After receiving an attack from both of them, the python was almost dead.

“I know. Go rest over there. I want to try something.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and gathered his qi around his arms again.

He wanted to summon the qi monster again. He wanted to see if it could absorb anymore of the python’s energy.

However, this time, only half of the qi monster formed before dissipating.

Ye Zifeng raised his brow, “That’s strange….. How come it only works sometimes.”

When fighting, the most important thing isn’t how strong one can be but how consistent one’s strength can be.

If Ye Zifeng can’t summon the qi monster at a crucial moment, then it will be very bad.

He thought about the times when the qi monster appeared. It came out either when he was severely injured or when he ate some pills and his qi was replenished.

The first method is no good. He can’t get himself severely injured every battle in order to summon the qi monster. As for the second method…..

An idea suddenly appeared in Ye Zifeng’s mind.

“Hm. How about I replenish my qi with a Qi Nurturing Pill.”

He retrieved a qi nurturing pill from his interspatial ring and immediately swallowed it.

An abundant amount of qi entered Ye Zifeng’s body from the pill.

He took a deep breath and tried to summon the qi monster again.

“Just as I thought!”

After he absorbed the qi from the Qi Nurturing Pill, he had enough qi to summon the qi monster again.

After that the qi monster looked at the giant python. It saw that its skin was tearing apart and that it was rotting already so it became uninterested in it. It stood on Ye Zifeng’s palms without moving at all.

“Little guy. So you’re picky too huh…” Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head.

After a while, the qi monster dissipated into the air again.

“Whatever. Well now that I know that I can summon the qi monster by using one Qi Nurturing Pill and that it can last around the time it takes half an incense to burn.”

The qi monster likes to absorb stuff so Ye Zifeng thought that it would be appropriate to feed it Qi Nurturing Pills and he was right.

However, other than alchemists like Ye Zifeng, who would be so wasteful and let the qi monster eat Qi Nurturing Pills like dog food.

Even though the Qi Nurturing Pill wasn’t something of high quality, its cost will add up over time.

Ye Xueyi was sitting there and felt a bit bored so she started asking some questions.

“Brother Zifeng. What is that evil qi monster? I’ve never seen anyone use a move like that before!”

Ye Zifeng smiled back, “Actually. I don’t really know what it is. Maybe I’ll find out when I break through into the Martial Disciple realm.”

Ye Xueyi nodded, “En. I believe that it won’t be long before you do so! I remember that when you fought with Wang Lin, you were still in the 2nd stage of qi refining. I’ve only raised by one stage since then and you’ve already raised by five! With your speed, reaching the Martial Disciple realm should be very easy!”

Within a month, her brother had gone through a dramatic change. It left her in awe.

“Okay. let’s not talk about this. Let me go get the python’s gall and I’ll bring you out.”

“Really? Okay!”

When Ye Xueyi heard that they were finally leaving the cave, she became very happy.

However, when she thought about rejoining the others again she sighed. She wanted to be alone with her brother for a little longer.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng quickly finished off the python and cleaned its corpse out. He retrieved the valuable parts and threw it into his interspatial ring.

He then looked at the corpse in surprise, “Wow. This demonic beast actually formed a monster core already!”

A monster core is the power source for any beast with intelligence. It would be used by people to forge weapons and sometimes as ingredients for alchemy.

Ye Zifeng condensed his common tier flame to illuminate the area. He found monster core shining brightly inside the python’s corpse and dug it out.

He smiled at the little crystal and put it directly into his robe.

After doing that, he looked towards the direction to the entrance of the cave.

“Xueyi, it’s time to leave.”

When they entered the cave, one was in the 6th stage of qi refining while the other was in the 8th stage of qi refining.

Now, one was in the 7th stage while the other was in the 9th stage. They were feeling very happy when they left.

“Brother Zifeng, at first I was worried for our group because we only have ten people and lacked someone in the 9th stage of qi refining. But now, I feel like we can make it to the end.”

Ye Xueyi walked out with a confident look.

“Then how do you think the other team members would react to this?” Ye Zifeng chuckled and asked.

“They…..hehe…..” Ye Xueyi thought about it and giggled. She wanted to see the expression on their faces after they hear the news.

The two of them walked together and chatted. They were more confident in completing tomorrow’s mission.

Now they also have someone in the 9th stage of qi refining in their group. It made things a lot easier.

Suddenly, Ye Zifeng’s expression turned serious. He took out a spirit paper from his robes and looked down at it.

“Eh. Brother Zifeng. What’s wrong. Why did you suddenly stop talking?”

Ye Xueyi looked back at Ye Zifeng. At that time, Ye Zifeng had put the paper away already.

“I suddenly remembered that I needed to do something. Xueyi, go back first. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Brother Zifeng, is something wrong? I can come help you too……” Ye Xueyi didn’t know what was going on but wanted to help out.

“Be good and go back.” Ye Zifeng gave her a stern look and replied as if he was commanding her. His voice turned cold as well.

Ye Xueyi wanted to use this chance to have a good chat with her brother and become closer to him.

However, not only did she not get closer to him, he had to go away and do something without telling her what it is.

“Brother Zifeng…..”

“Go!” Ye Zifeng shouted.

Ye Xueyi turned around and pouted, “Then…. Fine! I’ll go!”

She walked a few steps and then turned around to looked at Ye Zifeng. After seeing that Ye Zifeng didn’t her to stay, she continued to walk without looking back again.

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  1. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    feels like someone is attacking Bingqian or stealing their test targets. also possibly a dangerous beast/person that he wouldn’t bring Xueyi. it would make sense if the strength of beasts in a testing grounds of a sect would be regulated so a beast seems less plausible. Wang Tian-sh*t is moving, probably.

    • Cyclloid says:

      Those spirit papers, isn’t that where their test targets are listed. I’m wondering if someone gave them an abnormal or hard to find target.

      Though someone killing their test target seems plausible too, but that means that they would have assumed Ye Zifeng’s group would be able to beat the first target.

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