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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 168 – Don’t blame me for being ruthless

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 168 – Don’t blame me for being ruthless
Translated by: Andy
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“No. I’ve already reached the 7th stage of qi refining.”

Ye Zifeng replied in a calm voice while smiling.

“Say what? 7th stage of qi refining?” Ye Xueyi’s eyes widened. She was filled with shock.

“That’s right.” Ye Zifeng replied calmly again.

To explain the situation, he continued, “It’s because I used two profound tier golden marrow pills just now. I also swallowed it instead of licking it and did not waste any of the pill’s essence. That’s why i was able to break through!”

All he wanted was to do was explain what happened. He didn’t anticipate for Ye Xueyi to have such an reaction to his words. It looked as if explaining made it worse.

“Two….Two profound tier golden marrow pills? And you swallowed them whole????? Brother Zifeng, how are you even alive right now?”

Ye Xueyi felt dizzy as she looked at him with eyes filled with disbelief.

Just a while ago, she used a golden marrow pill and was captured by the snakes because she fainted due to the immense pain. She felt as if she was dying due to the pain after using the pill.

The memory of the pain lingered in Ye Xueyi’s mind, making her tremble as she recalled the event.

From Ye Xueyi’s perspective, no one can endure so much pain and yet Ye Zifeng did it. Is Ye Zifeng even human?

Ye Zifeng stood there without saying anything. His expression suddenly became very serious. He can see the giant python coming his way.

“Okay. Let’s not talk about anything else right now. We should focus on the enemy. Even though it is not as strong as the violet lightning flying tiger, we still have to be careful and not underestimate it.”

“Okay.” Ye Xueyi smiled and looked over at her brother. She felt really happy when Ye Zifeng rushed to save her before.

Therefore, she will do whatever her brother wants and make him happy.

Amongst common tier beasts, there ARE some who have intelligence. However, there aren’t many. This demonic beast is one of those rare entities.

However, it doesn’t have much intelligence. Otherwise, it would’ve blocked all paths of escape right after Ye Zifeng entered.

It knows how to lure its prey but it doesn’t know the fact that it should trap the prey before slowly killing it. It only shows how basic the python’s intelligence is.

“Actually, this is a good chance for us to practice after our breakthrough. It’s a pretty good opponent for us.”

Ye Zifeng showed a confident smile.

“Brother Zifeng…. You’re really planning to fight it head on?”

They can’t underestimate the opponent, but they can’t underestimate themselves either. Since they were able to escape from the python’s grasp before, it shows that the python cannot hold them back. Since it wasn’t strong enough to hold them back, it shouldn’t be able to beat them either.

“From what I can see, this python was only looking for food in this cave and doesn’t actually live here. It doesn’t have much of an advantage here either. We can fight it.”

Ye Zifeng remembered what Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin told him. There shouldn’t be any strong beasts around here.

However, there are a lot of low level fierce beasts around here.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t weird for a demonic beast with intelligence to appear here while looking for food.

When the giant python found the two of them, it immediately rushed forward with its mouth open, wanting to swallow them both in one go.

It was very fast. However, the giant python suddenly realize that it could not get to the two of them because it was too big. I continuously slammed its body on the wall, slowly breaking it down.

Seeing how the python really wants to eat then, Ye Xueyi felt a bit scared.

Even though she wasn’t a pampered little princess who always have someone protecting her, she had never been in a life or death battle. She became a bit nervous after seeing what the python was doing.

“Brother Zifeng, it’s easier said than done….. How can we fight against the python? I’m scared……”

Ye Zifeng smiled. He was different from Xueyi. He had experience many life or death experience in his past life and in this life. A mere giant python at the 9th stage of qi refining won’t be able to threaten his life.

The python isn’t that easy to beat but if they want to run, Ye Zifeng can employ several thousand methods to escape. He didn’t do so because he was confident that he can beat it.

“Don’t worry. This python can’t kill you. It has already lost its one and only chance to.”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up as he continued to talk, “Xueyi, start to gather your qi. I’ll create an opportunity for you to strike. You’re already in the 9th stage of qi refining. This won’t be that hard.”

“Okay!” Ye Xueyi nodded. She immediately closed her eyes and clasped her hands together to gather qi.

Ye Zifeng laughed and looked at the python. He moved forward to meet the python with his fists.

“Brother Zifeng…..” Ye Xueyi looked at her brother brother and felt worried. However, she followed his instructions and gathered qi into her palms.

The python’s body continuously slammed against the entrance. When it finally entered the hole, it saw Ye Zifeng rushing towards it. It was stunned at Ye Zifeng’s action for a bit.

Ye Zifeng took advantage of this and mounted the giant python. He quickly retrieved his dagger and stabbed downwards.

However, the python regained its senses and reacted very quickly. It escaped the hole very quickly and before Ye Zifeng’s dagger could stab downwards, it quickly turned its head around and tried to take a bite at Ye Zifeng.

The python opened its mouth. If it wanted, it could swallow Ye Zifeng whole right now.

“Watch out brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi kept an eye on Ye Zifeng as she gathered her qi. Compared with beating the python, her brother’s life was more important.

“Don’t worry. It can’t kill me!”

Ye Zifeng smiled. He threw his dagger towards the wall. With swift movements, he pulled onto the thread that was attached to his dagger and flew off the python’s back, dodging its attack.

Seeing that its attack had failed, the python started to fret a little. It saw that Ye Xueyi wasn’t moving at all so it ignored her to follow Ye Zifeng.

“Hehe….I’ve been waiting for you to follow up!”

Ye Zifeng’s arms lit up and death qi gathered around him. Along with his lightning qi, the giant qi monster appeared from his palms.

“Brother Zifeng, this is……” Ye Xueyi was shocked. She was different from Liu Bingqian. This was the first time that she had seen the qi monster. It was normal for her to react this way.

This was the first time that Ye Zifeng had consciously summoned the giant qi monster. He was a bit shocked himself.

“It seems that if I get stronger and feed you some more qi then you’ll grow bigger too huh.”

If someone saw this scary looking monster come out of Ye Zifeng’s palms, they would definitely try to cut Ye Zifeng’s arms off immediately.

When the qi monster appeared, its desolate, tyrannical, and murderous aura filled the entire cave. When it saw the python, it looked as if it had found its prey. It immediately jumped out of Ye Zifeng’s palms and flew towards the python with its mouth open.

The poor python was charging at Ye Zifeng with great speed and could not stop in time. It was swallowed by the qi monster.

“This…..” Ye Xueyi didn’t understand what was happening and stared at the scene in front of her.

A chewing sound echoed throughout the cave.

After a while, the qi monster dissipated into the air as if it never existed.

The giant python appeared again with wounds all over its body. It’s body looked like it was rotting as well.

The energy that the qi monster sucked out of the python transferred over to Ye Zifeng!

Unlike before, this time Ye Zifeng can feel the energy entering his body. He can feel the qi cycling throughout his body. He felt as if his qi had been replenished as if he had eaten a Qi Nurturing Pill.

“So that’s how it is. Whenever the qi monster sucks the energy out of someone, it gives a portion of it to me.”

This was great news to him. If he can replenish his qi this way, then he won’t need to use qi replenishing pills like the Qi Nurturing Pill anymore.

The python’s body became twisted as it started to twitch like a fish out of water. It was in a lot of pain. It looked at Ye Zifeng and started to retreat.

“Old chap, don’t blame me for being so ruthless. You started it.”

Ye Zifeng ran his thumb across his throat telling the python that he was going to behead it.

Behind the giant python, a brilliant light shined.

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