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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 162 – Surround and Kill

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 162 – Surround and Kill
Translated by: Andy
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“This….This is…..” Ye Xueyi’s eyes shined as stared at the entrance of the cave.

“No way. Did Ye Zifeng actually succeed in baiting the tiger?” After Kong Zhou heard the tiger’s roar, his jaws dropped. He entire body felt numb as if he had been struck by a thousand needles.

Feng Di’s eyes were filled with shock as she covered her mouth with her hands. She was speechless.

As expected, the sound of the tiger got closer and closer to them.

The tiger was not even out yet but they can already feel the imposing aura of the tiger coming out the the cave.

After a loud and angry roar, the flying tiger leapt out of the cave.

It was lured out! Ye Zifeng really did lure the tiger out!

Feng Di’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Just before, she was slandering Ye Zifeng, saying that he won’t be able to do it. But now, the reality was in front of her.

“Quick. What are you staring at? Start moving!”

Ye Zifeng’s slightly anxious voice drilled into everyone’s ears.

They had just noticed that Ye Zifeng was in front of the tiger the whole time. Ye Zifeng was using Wang Lin’s dagger to resist against the tiger’s bite.

Its teeth was only one foot away from Ye Zifeng’s neck!

If Ye Zifeng was careless, his neck would be snapped in half by the Violet Lightning Flying Tiger immediately. Thus, he had to focus on resisting against the tiger and wasn’t able to do anything else.

“Let’s go! Han Xiuming, attack with me. Let’s save brother Zifeng!”

Ye Xueyi commanded loudly. This was nothing like the quiet girl that everyone thought she was at all. People who were still in a daze was awoken by her command.

Ye Zifeng had set the conditions already. If he lures the tiger out, then they must attack it.

“Okay. Let’s go!” Even though Han Xiuming was a bit of a coward, he would never break a promise.

Streaks of qi appeared in the air. Countless amount of light gather above the tiger’s head.

This was what Ye Zifeng told them to do. This was what Ye Zifeng wanted the two people in the eighth stage of qi refining to do.

It was clear that Ye Xueyi and Han Xiuming was prepared to attack. With this attack, they can heavily injure the tiger.

With their combined powers, the light formed into beams and shot down right at the tiger. With incredible penetration power, the beams of light pierced the tiger’s legs.

Even if the tiger had its violet lightning protecting its legs, it won;t be able to withstand the combine attack of two cultivators in the 8th stage of qi refining. Blood splurted out of it’s legs. It was hard for the tiger to stand.

The tiger started to fret. No matter how stupid and unintelligent it was, he realized that he had been tricked. He finally stopped his attack against Ye Zifeng and started to run back into the cave.

Compared to revenge, his life was much more important.

“You want to run? But can you run away?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and yelled out, “Qin Lang, it’s up to you guys.” After doing all that baiting, Ye Zifeng felt a little tired. He took this chance to rest up a bit.

“Got it!”

Qin Lang smiled and together with his group members, they pushed a giant boulder down, blocking the path into the cave.

The tiger who was charging at the cave, slammed right into the boulder and fell onto the ground. With this boulder in place, he can’t return anymore.

The tiger fiercely charged at the boulder hoping that he would break it. He also tried to use his violet lightning to smash it apart. However, the boulder was way too big. It was difficult to break it down in such a short time.

Of course, Ye Zifeng would not give the tiger enough time to break it down.

First, Xueyi and Xiuming was able to injure the tiger. Now, Qin Lang and the others were able to block its path of retreat. Everything was going according to his plan right now.

However, he didn’t think that Ye Xueyi and Han Xiuming would only be able to injury the tiger’s legs. He expected more from the attack. However, it was not bad. The tiger must be suffering right now.

Since the tiger suffered an attack from Ye Zifeng’s death martial spirit, it had wasted quite a bit of its qi to get rid of the death qi. Also, it had used an ample amount of qi to use his lightning strikes against Ye Zifeng as he ran. As a result, the tiger’s tank was low before it even came out of the cave.

And now, after the combined attack from Xueyi and Xiuming, the tiger was definitely on the verge of dying.

“We’ve done our job. Kong Zhuo, Feng Di, it’s your turn….” Ye Xueyi glared at them. She was mad at them because they were talking trash about Ye Zifeng before.

If the first two groups were to surround and injure the tiger, then the ones who will kill it are people of the third group. Kong Zhuo and them.

“Us…….?” Kong Zhuo and the others were clearly all in the 6th stage of qi refining. They didn’t have any experts protecting them so they started to hesitate.

Ye Zifeng looked over at the group, “Didn’t we agree on this before? As long as I can lure the tiger out, you guys will trust me and do whatever I ask. Right?”

They said these words themselves. Everyone heard it. They can’t back out of it.


“And now, please attack with all your strength.” Ye Zifeng revealed a melodious smile.


Kong Zhuo gritted his teeth, “Fine. Whatever. We’ll attack! Sister Di, let’s show them what we’re made of!” While saying that, he gathered his qi into both of his palms.

Feng Qi smiled and nodded, “Okay. Brother Kong, let’s attack together. I don’t believe that we can’t do the things that Ye Zifeng can do!”

“Three, two….. One!”

The three of them attacked the tiger at the same time. Their palms were glowing with qi energy and struck out against the tiger.

However, the tiger was filled with rage after being toyed around. It released the violet lightning on its body and dissipated the palm strikes.

The attacks failed!

“What? No way. How is that possible?” Kong Zhuo’s eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t believe what he was seeing.

That was not all. The tiger roared angrily and emitted a powerful energy. In an instant, it appeared next to Kong Zhuo and swiped down on him with its claws.

“Ah!” Kong Zhuo was still in a daze and was surprised by the attack. Without any form of preparation, his 6th stage of qi refining strength could not hold out against the tiger’s attack.

He wasn’t like Ye Zifeng who was wearing a Spirit tier treasure armor. Thus, when the tiger swiped down, Kong Zhuo felt as if his entire body was being torn apart. He couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood!

“Brother Kong!” When Feng Di saw this, she trembled a bit.

“Sister Di, quick. Save me!”

“I…..” Feng Di looked at Kong Zhuo’s chest that was torn apart and quickly turned around. She couldn’t bear looking at it anymore.

Even though Kong Zhuo was hollering at her, she didn’t reply at all. She stood there pretending to have lose her mind out of fear.

She was that kind of woman…..If there were any danger, she would pretend to be shocked.

Ye Zifeng saw the look in her eyes and shook his head. He didn’t bother saying anything.

He looked back at the others, “The tiger is like an arrow at the end of its flight right now. It’s almost dead. It’s only path of escape has been blocked as well. Let’s all attack and save brother Kong Zhuo!”

Hearing that Ye Zifeng was going to save Kong Zhuo, not only did Kong Zhuo feel grateful, Feng Di felt grateful as well.

No matter what, the two of them were very intimate. If they can save him, that would be the best.

“Let’s go!” Ye Zifeng commanded.

After saying that, streaks of qi flew towards the tiger, attacking it from all directions. It made it retreat back against the boulder, running away from where Kong Zhuo was.

Saving a group member and killing the tiger. It was killing two birds with one stone! Now that the tiger was separate from Kong Zhuo, they can finally finish it.

Thus, Ye Zifeng started to issue a chain of commands.

“Listen to my commands from now on….” Ye Zifeng had a stern expression on his face as he spoke.

“Xueyi, Han Xiuming, utilize a qi screen and surround the area.” Right after Ye Zifeng issued the command, the two of them immediately went to work.

“Feng Di’s group, leave Kong Zhuo be for now. He won’t die yet. Help Xueyi and Han Xiuming out. Make sure they don’t get hit by the lightning.”

“Qin Lang’s group, have one of you guys stay at the boulder. As for the other two, follow me to attack!” Ye Zifeng showed a cold smile.

After a bit, Shi Chen finally regained his senses. He looked around and saw that everyone else was moving, “Hold on. Ye Zifeng, i think….you forgot about me…..”

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