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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 161 – Luring the tiger.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 161 – Luring the tiger.
Translated by: Andy
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3/5 (12***)

DOP Chapters tomorrow for real this time lol. 2-3 SDG. Have a lot of free time tomorrow :’)

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A 9th stage common rank fierce beast did not possess intelligence. It was easily angered by Ye Zifeng.

It fought with its instincts instead of its brain.

Even though they were inside the cave, the tiger released rings of purple lightning as it pounced over at Ye Zifeng. This caused the entire cave to shake and filled it up with a suppressing energy.

This attack was many times more powerful than the ones from before.

“I told you already. I’m not afraid of your lightning!”

Ye Zifeng had everything planned out already. As the tiger pounced over, he grabbed onto a vine that dangled from the ceiling and flew to the other side of the cave.

However, the lightning still struck him and blood seeped out of his mouth. His entire body felt numb but he was still fine due to his high resistance to lightning.

This kind of injury was nothing to Ye Zifeng.

On the other side, the tiger who missed Ye Zifeng felt very frustrated and roared loudly. In an instant, lightning shot out of the tiger’s claws and flew towards Ye Zifeng.

“You don’t have any intelligence and yet you know how to conceal your strength huh.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and activated his martial spirit’s death qi. A black ball of qi appeared in his palm as he struck against the lightning. After a loud explosion, the lightning dissipated.

“Come on. Is that all you got?”

Ye Zifeng stuck his pointer finger out and curled it towards himself.

Under the heavens, there was only one meaning to this action.

A challenge!

During his “talk” with Wang Lin and Wang Ruoxing, Ye Zifeng had learned that the fierce beasts could be easily provoked like this.

And as expected, the beast lost itself after seeing Ye Zifeng’s action. He fiercely glared at Ye Zifeng and pounced towards Ye Zifeng again.

Ye Zifeng smiled and grabbed onto the vine again. He swung himself back to the other side, avoiding the tiger again.

Now he was back to where he originally was while the tiger was on the other side again.

“Come on. Are you tired already? Do you not want to catch me?”

Hearing this, the tiger let out a loud roar and charged at Ye Zifeng.

This time, it didn’t pounce at him. The tiger charged at Ye Zifeng instead. He only wanted the result of killing Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “You should’ve done this from the beginning.”

He grabbed onto the vine again and condensed his flames. Before the tiger reached him, he burned the vine. The fire spread throughout the entire cave. Since the cave was not that big, the hot air in the cave created a suffocating effect.

Seeing that this was happening to his home, the tiger angrily roared again. He couldn’t put out the fire before everything burned…. He felt pain. Right now, his hatred for Ye Zifeng could not be any stronger.

Therefore, the tiger charged right at Ye Zifeng again and slashed at his chest.

Ye Zifeng didn’t really try to defend as much. If the tiger was charging at him instead of pouncing at him, then the claw attacks won’t be so devastating.

Ye Zifeng sent his qi into his arms and activated the power of his martial spirit. With his qi, he was only able to create one qi monster. However, this was enough.

After the qi monster formed, it immediately opened it’s mouth. The tiger that was charging ran right into its mouth.

A gloomy and desolate aura was being emitted and it instantly swallowed the tiger. The space in front of Ye Zifeng became empty. It was as if the tiger never existed.

After the body of the tiger was spat out by the qi monster, traces of brown prints appeared on its body. Starting from its abdominals, its skin started to rot.

It was becoming older and older.

However, the tiger used all of his strength to activate his violet lightning. The power of the lightning was actually able to stop the rotting process.


Ye Zifeng stared blankly at the tiger. He was feeling a bit depressed. He wanted to weaken the beast but now it seems like that wasn’t going to happen.

When the tiger recovered, it immediately slashed at Ye Zifeng’s chest.

“Bang.” The tiger’s claws hit Ye Zifeng and they were both sent flying back a few feet. Both of them had a shocked expression in their eyes.

Ye Zifeng was shocked that the tiger actually has so much strength in his slash. The tiger was shocked that Ye Zifeng was still fine after his attack. It felt as if it had hit some sort of metal plate instead of Ye Zifeng.

Actually, the tiger’s feeling wasn’t wrong. Ye Zifeng was wearing his Violet Gravel Armor.

“Phew. My armor almost broke because of you. Who’s gonna pay me back if you break it?!” Ye Zifeng checked the status of his armor and finally calmed down.

Hearing this, the tiger raised its claws again and tried to attack Ye Zifeng again.

“You’ve already lost your best chance to attack. What do you think you can do now?” Ye Zifeng smiled and immediately dodged. He then ran towards the entrance of the cave.

The tiger continuously sent waves of violet lightning towards Ye Zifeng. He was able to dodge most of the attacks but was occasionally hit. However, with his resistance, all it did was make him stumble for a little bit. It did not hinder his escape at all.

Ye Zifeng didn’t need to fight this tiger head on. His goal was to lure it outside.

And he was doing a pretty good job.

Outside the cave, the three groups were waiting cautiously. After hearing a loud roar in the beginning, they didn’t hear anything else.

“Brother Zifeng….”

Ye Xueyi was worried for Ye Zifeng.

Shi Chen finally broke the silence after waiting for so long, “Hey guys, it’s been so long. There isn’t any movement from the cave at all. Do you think that something happened to Ye Zifeng?”

“No way! Brother Zifeng is super lucky. Nothing will happen to him!” Ye Xueyi yelled back at him.

The weak looking girl let out a cold chuckle, “Who cares if something happened. Right brother Kong….”

The person that she called brother Kong nodded and smiled, “Right, sister Di. Who told him to go and try to be the bait while he’s only in the 6th stage of qi refining. If anything happened, it’s his own problem.”

“You!” Ye Xueyi was very angry. If Shi Chen didn’t hold her back, she would’ve made a move on them.

The male is called Kong Zhuo and the girl is called Feng Di. They were both in the 6th stage of qi refining just like Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng clearly had the same cultivation as them and yet he wanted to do something like this. He was basically looking to die.

At this time, Kong Zhuo suddenly remembered something.

“Shit. It’s over. I just remembered something. Our life saving medallions are with Ye Zifeng. It doesn’t matter if he dies, what about us?”

“Brother Kong is right. Shit. We were stupid. Why did we give him our life saving medallion. Ye Zifeng is obviously a liar….”

The others saw the flames in Ye Xueyi’s eyes and didn’t want to add oil to the fire.

Qin Lang who said that he was going to follow Ye Zifeng came over and tried to comfort Ye Xueyi.

“Sister Xueyi, don’t worry too much. We’ll wait a bit longer. If nothing happens, I’ll go in and check with you.”

“I….” Ye Xueyi didn’t even have the chance to reply before a loud roar sounded from the cave.

Everyone’s heart shook as they looked over at the entrance.

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    This is why ye zifeng is so stupid.. he says the tiger has no intelligence or the lack of. Buy then it can read a curling finger challenging it.. wtf. That’s intelligence..

  2. Vincent says:

    I wish I could punch everyone in this story in the mouth. They don’t know how to shut up and are always talking nonsense.

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