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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 160 – I am the bait.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 160 – I am the bait.
Translated by: Andy
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Settling them down was the biggest task at hand. Now, Ye Zifeng can finally talk about the tactics.

He had to instill fighting spirit into these people and by taking away their life saving medallions, he had done so. This was to make sure that their formation won’t collapse in the middle of the fight. It’ll make them fight together as if their lives were on the line.

With their backs against the wall, they will follow all of Ye Zifeng’s commands. They wouldn’t think about anything else because they want to survive. Because they want to succeed. They will listen and follow Ye Zifeng’s commands seriously.

No one would play around with their own life.

“You’re in the 8th stage of qi refining right? What’s your name?” Ye Zifeng looked over at one of the weaker looking guys.

He was dressed in all black with a blue and golden sash around his waist. Just with a single look, anyone can tell that he had never done anything rough in his life. He’s probably been fed with a golden spoon since he was young and level up with his clan’s resources.

“I…I’m Han Xiuming….”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Okay. You’ll form a group with Shi Chen and Xueyi. Listen to my commands and do whatever I say. Are you clear?”

“Yes.” Han Xiuming knew about Ye Zifeng a long time ago. Even if his cultivation is higher than Ye Zifeng’s, he didn’t dare to make a move against him. In this situation, he’ll just follow what Ye Zifeng says.

“What? Big brother Ye. Thank you for looking out for me, sending two experts to protect me!” Shi Chen was filled with joy.

“Why do you think I did this?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and then looked at everyone else, “The stronger people will be grouped with weaker people so the groups stay balanced. That way, I won’t have to worry about someone getting KO’d instantly by the Violet Lightning Flying Tiger.”

Shi Chen’s heart shook and then agrily said, “Ye Zifeng, are you calling me weak!?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Since you don’t think you’re weak, I’ll respect you and put you in another group. How about it?”

“This…..” Shi Chen became quiet.

The other started to point out, “Look at him. He got the best deal out of us and still tried to talk back.”

“Right? If he doesn’t want to be in their group, let me join them!”

Shi Chen bitterly laughed, “Big brother Ye, you’re right. I am weak….If I don’t have the two experts protecting me, I’ll definitely be finished.

Ye Zifeng said all this to clear up everyone’s mind and not to try and bite off more than they can chew. If people like Shi Chen acts too arrogant, and do something stupid, then it would be really bad.

Also, they can’t just pile the stronger people up with each other. If the fierce beast aims at the weaker ones, then the formation will break and everyone will be done for.

This is the most ideal move that Ye Zifeng can make.

With three people to a group, the ten people was split into three groups.

“Brother Zifeng, we have three people to a group already. What about you?” Ye Xueyi had a confuse look on her face. Why didn’t Ye Zifeng include himself in the groups?

“Yeah. Don’t tell me that you want to slack off and lead us without doing anything.” The weak looking girl frowned and looked at Ye Zifeng.

Next to her, a guy stood out, “I won’t let you do that. Why should we fight with our lives on the line while you sit back and watch?” This guy’s tone was filled with arrogance and was not convinced by Ye Zifeng at all.

They can listen to Ye Zifeng’s commands and do whatever he wants. But if Ye Zifeng doesn’t do anything, then why should they do anything either.

If the king does not act, then why should his soldiers follow?

Ye Zifeng laughed and glared coldly at everyone, “Who said that I won’t be doing anything? I’ll be the bait and lure the beast out from the cave…. The three groups will wait outside the cave. When I come out, immediately attack according to my plans! Do you understand?”

He didn’t wait and continued, “You three, stand in that position…..Also, you three, stand over there. Lastly, Xueyi and Han Xiuming, you guys are the most powerful ones so stand right here. Don’t forget to use all your strength later.”

The whole place became quiet.

Common rank beasts do not have high intelligence. It can easily be angered by people.

The job of being a bait is the most dangerous one. If one wasn’t careful, they could lose their life!

Thus, when the girl and the guy heard that, they immediately shut their mouths.

Ye Xueyi started to become worry, “Ye Zifeng, this is dangerous. You’re only at the 6th stage of qi refining, how can you do it? Let me go at it.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at her with confidence, “No need. I’ll use this chance to show my abilities to those who are still not convinced.”

Saying that, he looked at the pair. They immediately snorted and looked away.

“If you can do it, then we’ll trust you.”

“Great. Then when the time comes, I hope you remember what you said.”

Ye Zifeng laughed and went right into the cave.


Shi Chen watched as Ye Zifeng’s back disappeared into the cave and bitterly smiled. Last time, his cultivation was higher than Ye Zifeng’s by a whole stage. Now, it was the other way around!

Also, Ye Zifeng had become the number one genius of Leizhou City. Now, he even dared to use himself as a bait to lure out a 9th stage common rank beast! This rate of improvement… it made people speechless.

Shi Chen sighed and looked down.

“Brother Zifeng…..”

At the same time, he looked over at Ye Xueyi. She was also staring at Ye Zifeng’s back as he disappeared into the cave.

In the cave, Ye Zifeng continuously walked.

“Violet Lightning Flying Tiger…. 9th stage common rank, with the ability to strike far away with lightning…It might be hard for others to deal with you, but it’s too bad. I’m not afraid of your lightning at all….’

After the last mission, Ye ZIfeng had greatly increased his resistance to lightning.

Also, when they entered the cave before, he allowed himself to be struck by the lightning to have a feel of the power.

He silently laughed to himself. When he heard the growling sound of the tiger, he slowly walked towards it.

In the depths of the cave, a tiger wrapped in violet color lightning sat on top of a large rock. The tiger was looking around as if it knew that someone was there.

Ye Zifeng smiled and then condensed his common tier flame on his finger.

Next, by using his qi, he sent the flame into the end of the cave where the tiger was.

If he can use fire to lure the beast out, then Ye Zifeng won’t be in any danger.

The fire ferociously burned as the dried leaves around it started to catch on fire. As the leaves burned, it slowly spread throughout the cave.

Ye Zifeng had planned this since the beginning. If the tiger was even a single step slower, then the fire will engulf the entire cave.

The Violet Lightning Flying Tiger did live up to it’s name as a Flying Tiger. When it saw the fire, it roared loudly and then flew off the rock. He then sent out his violet lightning in order to extinguish the flames.

Ye Zifeng smiled and moved his common tier flame to the other side.

“Let’s go!”

A common tier flame isn’t only used in alchemy. It can be used for daily life activities or in situations like this. However, only those people who can control it well enough can do so.

When the tiger finally extinguished the fire on one side of the cave, he saw the other side light up in fire again and roared loudly as he flew over.

This time, the tiger noticed Ye Zifeng. As it tried to extinguish the fire, it also sent bolts of lightning towards Ye Zifeng.

A violent energy flew towards Ye Zifeng.

If it was anyone else in the 6th stage of qi refining, they would definitely be severely injured or in the worst case, die.

However, these bolts of lightning was nothing to Ye Zifeng.

When the bolts hit Ye Zifeng’s back, it made him groan a bit but didn’t really affect him that much.

“Great! This is way better than the 9x gravity room! But, if this is all you got, then you won’t be able to beat me!”

The tiger looked as if it understood Ye Zifeng’s words and angrily roared. It didn’t care about the fire anymore and ran straight at Ye Zifeng.

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