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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 16 – The Beautiful Alchemist

Chapter 16 – The Beautiful Alchemist
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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The sect’s hidden treasury was a place where many disciples looked forward to visiting.

In accordance to sect rules, each disciple can choose to save up their points or enter the treasury the next day to exchange their points for items. Ye Zifeng isn’t the type to save and accumulate his points. In his eyes, the faster you can get your rewards, the faster your cultivation will rise. Raising one’s cultivation level should come before everything else.

“Who’s there. State your name, cultivation level and the number of times you’ve completed missions.”

“Ye Zifeng, Third stage of qi refining, first time.”

The guard at the door turned to his partner and smiled, “So it’s a newbie. No wonder why he looked unfamiliar. He probably has around 20-30 points. Old Du, bring him to the first floor of the treasury.”

“Come on newbie, follow me.” Old Du looked like he was an easy going person.

“Hold on.” Ye Zifeng replied, “I have 460 points. Which floor should I go to?”

“460 points? At the 3rd stage of qi refining and it’s your first time here? You’re playing with me right?…..” Old Du had an awkward look on his face. When did these newbies start to tell lies all of a sudden.

The other guard who was called Lu Fan shook his head, “Yeah. That much contribution point is comparable to the reward for completing a seven stage mission. Even if you want to lie to us, at least say something around 100 points.

Ye Zifeng didn’t want to waste time talking to them and pulled a pile of badges out of his bag and showed the two. It was easier for him to show them proof instead of talking.

“This is what I got.” Ye Zifeng told them.

“You….. You…..” Old Du was so shocked that he couldn’t utter another word.

It was Lu Fan who came back to his senses first, “You. What did you say your name was?”

Such a strong person. To be able to get the reward of a seventh stage mission while being at the third stage of qi refining, he’ll sooner or later be the one of the strongest people in Leizhou City. Lu Fan was a smart person and thus he asked for his name. He wanted to make some connections with this guy so he can have some benefits later on.

“Ye Zifeng.”

Hearing this, Old Du accidentally blurted, “What? You’re that trash…….”

Lu Fan quickly covered his mouth and smiled towards Zifeng, “So it was Ye clan’s young master. Greetings. Greetings.” He was a smart person. He didn’t know what happened to Zifeng but from what he can see, he can not offend this person at all.

Ye Zifeng just kept smiling, “Senior brothers, I want to ask where the rare ingredients are stored in the treasury?” This was what Ye Zifeng wanted to know the most. It was the only reason for him to join the sect missions.

Lu Fan was confused, “Young master Ye, what do you need medicinal ingredients for? There aren’t any great alchemists in Leizhou City, only a huang-tier alchemist. It is also very hard to get her to refine something for you.”

Usually, the qi refining stage disciples who came to the treasury would want to exchange their points for weapons, or techniques. Some might want to exchange their points for spiritual pills directly but there aren’t any students who would exchange their points for medicinal ingredients.

“Thank you senior brothers for your pointers, but I have made up my mind. I want to exchange my points for ingredients. I hope that senior brothers will guide me.” Ye Zifeng earnestly said.

“Whatever. He probably wants to resell these ingredients in the market. I’ve talked too much. Old Du, since he has so many points, bring him to the rare medicine cage on the third floor.”

“Rare medicine cage?” After thinking about it, Old Du felt that it was the right place to bring Ye Zifeng. Although he’s only at the third qi refining stage, he has the enough points to enter….

“Since that’s the case, then would young master Ye please follow this Old Du.”

After a while, Old Du brought Ye Zifeng down a path towards the rare medicine cage.

“I told you about the rules already. When you finish picking your ingredients, bring it over to Tong Jian over there. He’ll take your points and let you leave with the ingredients.”

“Many thanks senior brother. Zifeng understands.”

Old Du smiled at Zifeng and then left to attend the other disciples.

Ye Zifeng had been holding back his excitement the entire time. When Old Du finally left, he jumped in joy!

“Good. Good. Good! As expected. This Ashen Spirit Sect’s ingredients are much rarer than those in normal stores. Ice Sheet Grass, Nightmare Vine, Earthen Root Grass, Graveyard Moss, and Peace God Flower! This is not bad!”

Seeing that the sect had all these ingredients, Ye Zifeng transformed into a completely different person. He wasn’t the calm and collected Ye Zifeng anymore. Now he was the crazed alchemist Ye Zifeng who ran up and down the aisles,kissing all the ingredients.

Because he was an idiotic pill enthusiast, and more so, because he was able to see these ingredients, he got even more excited. This was because he can use these ingredients and the rhino horns that he just got to create a strong pill that can help increase his lightning powers and defense. This will allow him to take another step towards his goal of reaching the peak of the world.

“Hehe. What kind of country bumpkin are you. You can’t even tell the grade of these ingredients? Let me tell you about them. These common tier ingredients are all trash in my eyes. I don’t even need to use my points to get these ingredients.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t think that someone else was here. His crazy actions were actually seen by someone! His started to feel nervous and embarrassed.

In the corner of Ye Zifeng’s eye, he can see a girl in a green dress. Her face was like a full moon while her eyes were like spring dew. She looked as tender and beautiful as a goddess. Her skin was as white as snow and her eyes were as clear as water. She also had a noble and elegant aura around her. Just by looking at her, Ye Zifeng became stupefied.

“Idiot….. What are you looking at. You’ve never seen such a beautiful alchemist like me right?”

“Alchemist?” Ye Zifeng came back to his sense. He remembered something that he was told before and asked the girl, “Could it be…. You’re the that huang tier alchemist in Leizhou city?”

The girl’s eyes lit up and smiled, “Heh, you’ve got great eyes to be able to recognize me. That’s right. I’m that famous huang tier alchemist of Leizhou City. You can call me Miss Bingqian.

Ye Zifeng smiled back. He didn’t dislike this kind of girl. Even though she was a bit arrogant, she actually warned him about exchanging points for these common ingredients. It seems like her heart isn’t bad at all.

“Miss Bingqian…..”

Bingqian chuckled, “I told you to call me that and you actually called me that? However, I don’t hate the honest types like you either. Tell me, what are you using these ingredients for? Maybe I can give you some insights.”

As a majestic peak heaven tier alchemist, do I really need a little girl like you to teach me about alchemy?

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed, “No need. As the number one alchemist in Leizhou City, you probably have a lot of things to do. There’s no need to spend time with someone as lowly as me.”

Bingqian was startled and then started laughing out loud.

“You’re pretty interesting. Other people would offer me a large sum of money to give them advice but I would usually reject them. However, today I was going to give you some advice for free and yet you reject it?”

Ye Zifeng held in his anger and forced a smiled, “It’s my fault. I hope Miss Bingqian can forgive me.”

Bingqian sighed, “Fine. If you don’t need my help then I won’t force myself on you. Right. I have the sect master’s permission to come to the treasury and make pills whenever I want. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me the next time you come.”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes started to twitch, “Then when the time comes, I’ll have to bother Miss Bingqian.”

He then surveyed the surroundings again. In this large area, there was not a single person besides them. Thinking about it, he figured out why Bingqian wanted to come and chat with him. She had been practicing here by herself for a long time now. It wouldn’t be surprising if she had become as crazy as Ye Zifeng when it comes to alchemy.

“Truth to be told, I’ve been at the treasury for quite some time now. This is my first time seeing someone else at the rare medicine cage.” Bingqian did not want to stop talking. She looked like she was desperately trying to converse with Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng looked at the ingredients in front of him and replied, “A lot of people can only see the immediate benefits of something when it is in front of them. For example, high grade weapons and martial techniques. People can immediately increase their strength when they have these things. However the increase in strength is minimal. Smarter people would try to exchange their points for pills. However, it is still not as worth it compared to exchanging for ingredients. No one is thinking about the long term effects and only want to improve their strength immediately.

“So you have this kind of thinking too?” Bingqian looked like she had finally found someone who shares the same principles as her. She was very happy when she heard Zifeng’s reply.

“How about you then?” Bingqian doubtfully asked, “What are you using these ingredients for? Don’t tell me you’re gonna bring it home and make some dishes out of it or something. That’s too wasteful!”

“Of course not!” Ye Zifeng gave a simple answer.

Suddenly, it seemed as if Bingqian understood something and giggled.

Ye Zifeng looked at her strangely, “What’re you laughing about?”

She glanced at him mysteriously, “I know why you came here to get these ingredients.”

Ye Zifeng nodded and felt suspicious, “Oh? Why? Tell me about it.”

“You probably heard that I’m usually around here and then worked really hard to get enough points to get close to me. Then after you arouse my interest…… You want to become my disciple in alchemy…. right?”

Ye Zifeng was shocked…… Suddenly he lost all his excitement about alchemy after her speech.

Bingqian laughed loudly, “Haha. Seeing how shocked you are, I must’ve guessed correctly.”

In Zifeng’s mind he was shocked because he felt that this girl in front of him probably has some brain damage. The hole in her brain far exceeded Ye Zifeng’s expectation.

“I’m sorry. I don’t even know who you are. I don’t want to be your disciple either. After picking up the ingredients that I want, I will leave immediately.

Ye Zifeng felt like he had to tell her the truth. He doesn’t want her to have any misunderstandings. She actually wants to take him in as a disciple. Ye Zifeng might as well kill himself if he has to call her his master.

“You! Fine. I don’t care about you anymore!” She had a hint of coldness in her eyes. She felt that Zifeng had disrespected her. She gave him a “hmph” and turned around. She walked towards the ingredient cabinets and pretended to search for some medicine.

Ye Zifeng didn’t want to waste anymore energy on someone like her. He picked up his speed in gathering his ingredients.

All the ingredients that he picked weren’t too expensive either. Each one of them was worth around 10 points. Very quickly, Ye Zifeng’s bag was filled up. He almost had to go and get a bigger bag to hold all these things.

Bingqian was standing far away and would secretly sneak a few glances towards Ye Zifeng. When she saw his bag, she was shocked. For someone to use up all their contribution points for medicinal ingredients, that person must be a talented alchemist. They also had to be a crazed alchemist as well!

“This person definitely have the talent and willpower for alchemy. Just you wait. I, Bingqian will definitely make you my disciple!”

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  1. Jmk says:

    Cant wait for her to become his disciple and him use her to secretly get ingredients to spike his power. I hope this happens soon, i wanna see his spirit dude.

    • Seink says:

      I think its because its a common archetype that’s frequently used in chinese literature, just like tsundere in japanese culture XD
      Honestly it also makes me mad at times XD but maybe thats exactly the objective of such archetype XD

  2. hargs sgrah says:

    … shes not arrogant. It’s just that the MC has perception bias. Nobody here knows that he has reincarnated memory, and he WANTS them to NOT know. Yet he STILL acts/thinks as if they should know..? dafaq.
    Well I guess he doesn’t act like that most of the time but he still thinks it, it’s kinda unnecessary.

    This girl is lonely. fuu

    I don’t think SHE has brain damage.. but I’m sure a LOT of people DO have brain damage in Xian novels xDD considering how many times people get knocked around at the brink of death hahaha

  3. Seink says:

    ”Just you wait. I, Bingqian will definitely make you my disciple!”

    One week later…
    ”Just you wait. I, Bingqian will definitely make you my master!”

    Thanks for the translation!

  4. Lei says:

    hmm i think it will be the situation of she find out the skill of the MC and then become his first disciple, but to the other they will say MC is the disciple to hide his identity hahaha

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