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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 157 – Doomed to fail

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 157 – Doomed to fail
Translated by: Andy
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The Scarlet Blood Valley. A battlefield left behind by ancient clans.

As time passed, the area slowly turned into a wasteland. The abundant amount of qi energy from the past dissipated as well, causing the high level fierce beasts to leave the valley. The valley now consisted of mostly common rank beasts with a few spirit rank beasts here and there, thus becoming one of the sect’s training grounds.

Even though the Cloud Peak Valley is also a training ground of the sect, it is nothing compared to the Scarlet Blood Valley.

In the Scarlet Blood Valley, there are many large fierce beasts. If one isn’t careful, they will be endangering their lives.

When the qi refining stage disciples first come here, they would be scared shitless after looking around.

Because of Elder Qin’s status, he was only responsible for dividing and leading the groups. The higher ups of the sect all stood there and watched.

Ye Zifeng didn’t waste his energy to look around the Valley. He kept an eye on those higher ups and the strangers besides them.

“It seems like they’re from the Profound Sect…..” Ye Zifeng smiled.

These strangers were standing behind the higher ups of the Ashen Spirit Sect as if they were in the shadows and watched the disciples without saying anything. No one knew what they were thinking.

Elder Lin, the one who was in charge of the heavenly clan gathering was also responsible for leading this mission.

“Everyone listen up. There’s no need to be afraid. Even though the Scarlet Blood Valley is nothing like the Cloud Peak Valley and there might be some dangers, we have prepared something for all of you. The elders have all decided to give you all a medallion. If you guys run into any sort of life threatening danger, insert your qi into the medallion and you will be teleported back here. Do you understand?”

Hearing this, the disciples who were about to give up felt a lot better.

“Great. With this, we can be more daring. If we can’t handle something, we can escape!”

“Right. We still don’t know how powerful these fierce beasts are. We can test the waters in there before forfeiting.”

Elder Lin furrowed his brows. He felt disappointed after seeing all these ambitionless people, “However, there is a price for using the medallion. These were hard to make so if you really do use it, it’ll cost you two hundred contribution points!”

“What? It costs two hundred contribution points? How many points can we even get from here?”

Those who wanted to be more daring suddenly changed their minds.

All the discsiples received a medallion from the officials of the sect. At the same time, the disciples all moved into their designated groups.

Ye Zifeng smiled. He had to admit it. The sect played this move beautifully. With a life saving medallion, it’ll stop people with lower cultivation from quitting. At the same time, it restricted the participants from doing anything crazy. They were able to kill two birds with one stone.

“Next, we’ll hand out the missions. Each group will send a representative to come and retrieve a mission. You have to remember. You must keep the details of your mission a secret….” Elder Lin stared at everyone.

When the people from each group received their mission, they returned to their groups and started to discuss.

“Okay. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll officially announce the start of the mission! I wish everyone good luck. Also, there might be a surprise at the end….”

Hearing about the surprise, Ye Zifeng let out a small chuckle.

Maybe he should give these elders that are supporting the Wang clan a “surprise” as well…..

There were two sheets of paper in total. One was a map of the Scarlet Blood Valley with their mission area marked. The other is the mission description.

The two pieces of paper was laid out in front of Ye Zifeng, Shi Chen and the others.

“This…..How can it be like this? The first mission is asking us to kill a Common tier 9th stage beast? We don’t even have someone in the 9th stage of qi refining!”

“Shit. We’re finished. We can’t even finish the first mission….” Shi Chen cried out with a helpless look on his face.

“Damn. I really don’t know what the higher ups are thinking. What the heck is this…..” A weak looking girl in the 6th stage of qi refining commented.

Because of this, Ye Zifeng’s group stood there and stared blankly at each other. They looked around at the other groups and found out that they had started to leave already.

Wang Tianzhi stood there and was watching since the beginning with a cold smile on his face. It looked like he was going to watch a good show.

Ye Zifeng saw his expression and raised his brows.

Could it be….. Could Wang Tianzhi have made a move already?

Ye Xueyi was the one with the highest cultivation in the group and became angry because the group was feeling dejected before they even moved out.

“This isn’t a solo mission. We have twenty people! We haven’t even seen the fierce beast yet and yet you’re being so dejected?”

“Hehe…..Your cultivation is high. If you see the fierce beast later, you can protect yourself. How about us?”

‘Right. How can I be so unlucky and get paired up with the Ye clan’s group. If I was with the Xiao clan, or even the Rong clan, it would be a lot better!”

“Shit. We’re finished. I say. We shouldn’t risk our lives for the Ye clan. Even if there were benefits, they would be the first to get it.”

Ye Xueyi was super angry now, “Brother Zifeng, look at them. How can we work together? Brother Zifeng, say something…..”

“Hold on….. Something’s wrong.”

No matter how weak they are, they shouldn’t be so dejected before the mission even started. It feels as if they deliberate acting like this!

Hearing these people complain, Ye Zifeng had a bad feeling in his heart.

Since Wang Tianzhi can’t make a move against himself, he’ll try to bend the rules and attack Ye Zifeng another way….

“Shit. Not good.” Ye Zifeng’s eyes widened. His eyes were filled with shock.

He had realized this too late!

At the same time, a few people raised their hands together and looked towards Elder Lin.

There were at least ten people.

“This mission doesn’t have any meaning to us anymore. We’ve decided to withdraw!”

“What did you guys say?”

Other than Wang Tianzhi and his people, everyone else was shock. Even Elder Lin felt a little shocked.

However, Elder Lin regained his composure very quickly.

“Did you guys think over this? If you leave now, it will affect your evaluations in the sect. Also, some contribution points will be deducted!”

“We’ve decided! We’ll take the loss….” The leader smiled and looked towards Wang Tianzhi.

It’s one thing if Wang Tianzhi bribed the higher ups of the sect… but now, he’s bribed the disciples as well! He was simply acting too domineering!

Ye Zifeng was missing someone in the 9th stage of qi refining already. Now, he’s missing half of his team!

Ye Zifeng suddenly remembered Wang Tianzhi’s warning from before. He finally understood what it meant.

In a group without someone in the ninth stage of qi refining and half the group, anyone would want to withdraw. Wang Tianzhi wanted to embarrass Ye Zifeng while also telling him that the Wang clan makes the rule around here.

“Elder Lin, they are withdrawing with malicious intentions. Don’t be lenient on them! You can’t allow them to withdraw just like that!” Ye Xueyi’s expression changed immediately.

Elder Lin furrowed his brow, “Of course I can’t be lenient on them! I’ve decided to deduct twice the amount of contribution points to punish them!

Ye Xueyi’s face paled. Words couldn’t come out of her mouth!

What kind of punishment is that? If the Wang clan gave them a lot of benefits, then this would be nothing at all!

“No. I don’t agree. You can’t have them withdraw. They must participate!” Ye Xueyi returned to her senses and continuously shook her head.

Ye Zifeng’s expression calmed down a bit, “Leave it Xueyi. If they want to withdraw then let them do so…..”

“But, brother Zifeng….” Ye Xueyi bit her lips.

“They’re obviously here to stir up trouble. Even if they do participate, what will they do?”

Ye Zifeng smiled. His expression turned cold as he looked towards Elder Lin.

“Elder Lin. I want to ask something. If we finish a mission for twenty with only ten people, how much more contribution points will we get?”

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