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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 156 – Dog eat dog.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 156 – Dog eat dog.
Translated by: Andy
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Hearing Ye Zifeng’s name, many disciples all shivered. They all stood on their tiptoes, wanting to see how he looked like.

Everyone has heard about him after the heavenly clan gathering but many people have never seen him. Now that he’s also become the champion of the alchemy competition, everyone wants to see him.

“This Ye Zifeng here is the pride of our Leizhou City. Along with Miss Bingqian, they beat the alchemist experts in the other cities. He’s help give a name to our Leizhou City.

Some people also gossiped, “But…. Does anyone know about the relationship between him and Miss Bingqian?

“From what I can see, a talented man and a beautiful woman makes the ideal couple. They didn’t merely enter the alchemy competition together. Instead of going back to his own house after getting injured, he went straight to the Liu clan’s manor to sleep over. What do you think about their relationship?”

Hearing all the gossip around him, Wang Tianzhi turned towards the approaching Ye Zifeng.

He glared at Ye Zifeng with a sinister gaze.

His patience is very strong. Other than the cold glare, no one can tell that he was being unhappy about something.

Ye Zifeng noticed Wang Tianzhi’s expression and smiled.

The two of them stared at each other as Ye Zifeng walked over.

When they stood shoulder by shoulder, Wang Tianzhi let out a cold chuckle, “Ye Zifeng, I’d advise you to be tactful and withdraw from this mission!”

“What if I don’t?” Ye Zifeng stopped and stared back.

“Hehe…..Then, you’ll know the results really soon.” Wang Tianzhi’s expression was as cold as ice. It was an expression that made people tremble in fear.

“Okay. Then I, Ye Zifeng will wait to see the results.”

When the two stood next to each other, an air of hostility surrounded them. It felt as if they were in a life or death battle against each other.

The two of them walked away from each other and the tension around them eased up.

“God. What’s wrong with the two of them? Are they trying to fight before the mission starts?”

“Why would they fight? Isn’t the mission hunting fierce beasts?”

Only when someone said this did a few people’s expressions become better. They were weaklings who were here just to participate. If they did something to offend one of them, then they will not live a good life afterwards.

At the same time, a cry sounded from behind them.

“Look. The two flowers from the Liu clan is here…..”

The two girl’s appearances immediately attracted other’s attention.

Liu Bingqian and Liu Ningzi were both like beautiful jades. All the guys dropped what they were doing and turned to stare at them.

Liu Yige, who was behind them, was seen as a servant.

Liu Bingqian looked all over the place with a worried expression.

“Sis….. Ye Zifeng is over there…..” Liu Ningzi sighed and tugged her sister’s sleeves. She then pointed over to the other side.

In the past two days, Liu Bingqian locked herself in her room because she was feeling down after she kicked Ye Zifeng out. She regretted it. She wanted to personally go over to the Ye clan but couldn’t find a chance to do so.

Liu Ningzi knew what was happening to her sister.

After hearing that Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up. But she turned towards her sister instead, “Ningzi, what are you talking about? Who said I was looking for Ye Zifeng? I was looking for Xueyi. We had a pretty good chat last time.”

Liu Ningzi bitterly laughed and shook her head. Her sister had only met Xueyi once. No matter how much they talked for, she won’t be looking all over for her like that. She was definitely looking for Ye Zifeng. After thinking about this, a weird feeling appeared in her heart.

If she didn’t go and cancel the engagement, then what would the situation be like right now? Would it be different? At least, Ye Zifeng won’t hate her.

She then shook her head and took a deep breath. What was she thinking about…..

“Everyone….. Everyone please quiet down.”

Ye Zifeng heard a familiar voice and looked up. An old elder slowly walked towards everyone with a stern look on his face.

It’s Elder Qin! Ye Zifeng smiled. No wonder why this guy’s voice sounded familiar. Elder Qin took care of him and gave him his contribution points during the first sect mission.

Ye Zifeng liked Elder Qin. He gave Ye Zifeng a pretty good impression.

Elder Qin continued, “The mission will start soon. But before that, everyone should get into a group. There will be twenty people in a group and you will be hunting high level fierce beasts!”

“Elder Qin, I have a question. Can we freely decide on our groups?” Someone asked.

“That’s a good question. But the answer is no. We’ve already made groups for you taking the levels of your strength into account. To make everything fair, the strength of all the teams will be around the same.”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng smiled. Whenever someone wants to do something bad in secret, they would first announce it to make it seem fair. It seems like the sect is doing exactly this.

“Everyone look…..” Elder Qin revealed a spirit paper and made it hover in mid air with his qi/

Words began to form on the paper. Everyone’s names were written down and were ordered into groups.

Everyone’s heart shook as they all looked at the paper, trying to find their names.

“There are a hundred people so everyone will be split into five groups. After looking over the list, I will bring you guys to the mission site if there aren’t any complaints.

The heavenly clan gathering also had a hundred people. This meant that there were only around a hundred something qi refining stage disciples in the Spirit Ashen Sect.

“Tha……Thank god! I’m in the same group as young master Wang! It seems like I’ll be on the winning team!”

“My luck isn’t too bad either. To be grouped with the two beauties from the Liu clan, it’ll be fine even if I lose.”

“…..That’s better than me. I’m in the same group as Ye Zifeng. Even if his alchemy skills are not bad, his fighting capabilities are probably not that great. How can someone in the 6th stage of qi refining compare to those in the 9th stage?”

Shi Chen bitterly laughed. Last time, he had to take his sibling’s place in the heavenly clan gathering due to the age restriction. Now, he was in the weakest group. His luck must be really bad.

The strongest person in the group was Ye Xueyi who was only in the 8th stage of qi refining.

Ye Zifeng shook his head while listening to Shi Chen speak and muttered, “Why don’t you look at your cultivation before talking about mine.”

“Are there any questions or complaints?” Elder Qin spoke up.

“None at all. Elder Qin, let’s start. I’ve been waiting for way too long!”

“That’s right. Tell us where you’re going to bring us. What kind of fierce beasts are we hunting?”

At this time.

“Hold on.” Shi Chen raised his hand, “Elder Qin, we don’t have anyone in the 9th stage of qi refining in our group. What are we going to do about this?”

He didn’t want to lose for no reason so he had to complain.

Elder Qin bitterly smiled, “There’s only a few people in the 9th stage of qi refining in our sect. Shi Chen, look at your group. No one else is saying anything….. How about we give you guys some more contribution points for your efforts then?”

When Shi Chen heard about getting more points, a smile appeared on his face, “Then… fine!”

Ye Zifeng’s smiled as well. As expected from the Wang clan who has a tight relationship with the higher ups of the sect. Before the mission even started, they had put him at a disadvantage already.

Adding some contribution points? That’s nothing compared to being able to go to Tiandao City and cultivate in the Profound Sect.

Besides, even if the group was missing someone in the 9th stage of qi refining, the sect could’ve assigned more people in the 8th stage of qi refining to the group to make up for it. However, the sect didn’t do anything about it. They were clearly favoring the Wang clan and the Liu clan.

But, Ye Zifeng was still smiling calmly.

Okay. If the Wang clan wants to cheat, then let’s see who can cheat more!

He looked up towards Wang Tianzhi. The two of them smiled at each other with immense killing intent in their eyes.

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  1. RedDragonX says:

    Thanks for the chapter! You’d think the sect would be smarter and try to curry favour with an upcoming genius alchemist instead of a clan that’s clearly on the decline due to making enemies with said alchemist

    • DMR says:

      Right now, he’s just a kid filled with potential, but that’s it.

      And the clan isn’t on the decline.

      And you are forgetting that the 2 clans have a sh*tload of power in the sect to manipulate things.

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