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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 155 – The beginning!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 155 – The beginning!
Translated by: Andy
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After two whole days, Ye Zifeng walked out of the Jufeng Pavilion with a pleased look/

Behind him, Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin both look like they were both super tired.

When others saw, they couldn’t help but think about what happened inside the room for two days.

“Thank you guys for your trouble for these two days.” Ye Zifeng smiled and thanked the two of them.

“…..Big bro, you’re being too polite. This is the least that we can do for you.” Wang Ruoxing’s face was extremely stiff but he still forced a smile. He then patted Wang Lin’s shoulder, “Brother Lin, did you not hear us?”

Wang Lin who had no energy left in his body was brought back to his senses after having his shoulder patted by his brother, “Oh… right. Second bro is right. This is the least that we can do…..”

With this, they now have two big bros. One is their actually blood related big brother, Wang Tianzhi. The other is the man who instilled fear into their hearts, Ye Zifeng.

In these two days, Ye Zifeng used the spirit incense, and different types of hypnosis techniques to completely force the information out of the two brothers.

Ye Zifeng doesn’t only know how to take treasures from others, he’ll take anything no matter what form or shape as long as it helps him.

“Also, regarding the matter of these two days…..” Ye Zifeng looked deeply at the two.

Wang Ruoxing became startled and quickly replied, “Did we meet for the past two days?”

Ye Zifeng doesn’t want others to know his trails and want to act in the shadows.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng smiled, “Good. As long as you don’t say anything, then from now on, we will walk our own paths and won’t interfere with each other!”

“That’s great!” Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin both yelled out loudly. It was so loud that the other people looked at them weirdly.

Only when they can break free from Ye Zifeng’s grasp can they continue to live normally. If not, they would forever live in his shadow, instilled with fear.

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “Alright. I’m going. If I have the chance, I’ll invite you guys to the Jufeng Pavilion again to thank you guys.”

Hearing this, the two brothers paled, “This….. Big bro. There’s no need.”

They were truly afraid of Ye Zifeng!

When Ye Zifeng returned to the Ye clan, he walked in through the back door. He took his mask off and walked towards his room.

As long as he doesn’t get found out, then this outing would be considered a success.

However, when he was about to turn the corner, he heard Xueyi’s anxious voice.

“Xiao Ya, how’s brother Zifeng? You’ve been telling me that he’s been recuperating since yesterday. The sect mission is tomorrow. How about I go in and tell him to give it up? His health is much more important.”

Xiao Ya’s expression changed and quickly blocked Ye Xueyi.

“No. Miss Ye, the young master specifically told me to not let you in no matter what.”

Ye Xueyi’s expression changed dramatically after hearing this, “Really? He specifically told you to? It sounds like he thinks that I’ll disturb him….. But….. I’m just worried for him…..”

She looked down and started twirl her hair.

Actually, it was Xiao Ya being stupid. Under the pressure, she distorted Ye Zifeng’s words

Suddenly, a loud sound sounded behind the two of them. They unconsciously turned around to see what had happened.

After seeing that there was nothing wrong, Ye Xueyi looked straight into Xiao Ya’s eyes.

“I don’t care…… I want to go in and see how brother Zifeng is. If not, I won’t be at peace.”

Xiao Ya was startled. She wanted to cry. She knew that there was no one in the room. If Ye Xueyi finds out that she was lying, then she will definitely be kicked out!

“Miss Ye, don’t…….”

“Why not? Unless you’re lying to me…… Is brother Zifeng even in the room?”

Ye Xueyi looked angrily at her. She pushed Xiao Ya away and opened the door, “Brother Zifeng!”

How can a normal person Xiao Ya stop a cultivator at the 8th stage of qi refining like Ye Xueyi?

Xiao Ya shut her eyes and couldn’t bear to look into the room at all. She was waiting for Ye Xueyi to come out and punish her.

However, this didn’t happen.

Inside the room, Ye Zifeng sat there wearing a golden robe. He had a deep look in his eyes. He looked up and then smiled at Ye Xueyi.

“Xueyi, you’re here.”

“You!” Ye Xueyi revealed a happy expression after seeing that Ye Zifeng was fine.

“Brother Zifeng, so you’re actually fine! I was afraid that something happened to you and thought that you won’t be able to make it to the sect mission tomorrow.”

When Xiao Ya heard Ye Zifeng’s voice from the room, she quickly walked in with her jaws dropped.

She had been guarding the doors for the past two days. No one came by at all. How did Ye Zifeng get in without her noticing?

When she thought about it, she realized that Ye Zifeng probably ran into the room when she was distracted by the strange sound.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I’ve been preparing for the mission, why would I not participate?”

“Pu….” Ye Xueyi couldn’t hold her laughter in anymore, “Brother Zifeng, you just got back from Tiandao City and have been recovering. When did you get time to prepare?”

Ye Xueyi didn’t even get time to prepare, how did Ye Zifeng get time?

Also, this is a team mission. No matter how incredible Ye Zifeng is, he is only one person. He can’t change the tide of anything by himself.

“Do you not trust me?” Ye Zifeng smiled. It’s not abnormal if she didn’t believe him.

“I believe. Of course I believe you! I estimate that you’ll get 3-400 contribution points. Then you’ll exchange it for some precious ingredients right?” Ye Xueyi believed in her brother when no one else did. Of course she would believe in him now.

Since Ye Zifeng isn’t a trash anymore, she believes him even more.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Actually, you do have a point. Since there are many people participating this time, getting 3-400 contribution point is not bad. However, getting more points won’t make you the winner. Getting less points won’t make you a loser either.”

“Brother Zifeng… you….” Xueyi stared at him. She didn’t really understand what he meant.

“Alright don’t think too much. We’re gonna get up early tomorrow and go over to the sect. Also, this mission might provide a good turning point in our lives.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“Turning point?” Ye Xueyi confusingly looked over at her brother.

What she didn’t know was that there was a chance for her to enter the profound sect during the mission. Thus, she didn’t know what he was talking about. Ye Zifeng kept this from her because he didn’t want to give her any extra pressure…..

The Ashen Spirit Sect issued different missions of different ranks to its disciples once a month. However, this month, the missions weren’t separated by ranks. Everyone had the same mission of killing the same fierce beasts.

The next morning, the sect was filled with people. It was something expected by everyone. In the sect, other than people like Wang Lin and Wang Ruoxing who opted to not participate, all the qi refining stage disciples were there!

Whether it was a talented youth from a big clan or a young master from a smaller clan, everyone was participating.

“He’s here. Look. Wang clan’s young master, Wang Tianzhi is here!”

Wang Tianzhi was the overlord amongst qi refining stage disciples for quite a while now. In addition to that, he’s also the young master of the number one clan in Leizhou City. His entrance was filled with claps and praises.

However, he gave a cold stare into the crowd, as if he was looking for someone.

“Why are you guys looking at him? Look over here. That’s the Ye clan’s ex-trash young master, Ye Zifeng. Now he is considered a genius alchemist!”

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