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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 152 – Conspiracy?

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 152 – Conspiracy?
Translated by: Andy
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5/5 (2/10)

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During the heavenly clan gathering, one can see the relationship between the Ashen Spirit Sect and the Profound Sect.

It’s not weird for them to have selected the exchange disciples already.

“Selected already?” Ye Zifeng smiled, “Elder Shen, can you tell me who the chosen ones are?”

Shen Li sighed, “Brat. Don’t try to pry into this too much. It involves various families. I can’t reveal anything to you.”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Oh? Let me guess. The chosen ones are probably…… the Liu clan’s Liu Bingqian, and possibly….. Wang clan’s Wang Tianzhi….”

Hearing the words Wang Tianzhi, Shen Li let out a small sound. Even though he didn’t say anything, Ye Zifeng was able to confirm this.

Some things, you need to hear it from the other person, while other things, you can tell just by observing the other person.

A sly fox like Shen Li immediately noticed what Ye Zifeng was doing and cursed, “Brat. You said that just to see how I would react?”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Elder Shen is thinking too much. Even if I know who’s chosen, what can I do? This time, the sect mission is a group mission. I definitely can’t do anything by myself.”

He didn’t beat around the bush and was spitting straight facts at Elde Shen. He was telling him that he won’t be able to do anything so Shen Li won’t think about anything.

Hearing this, Shen Li thought that it was right and didn’t think much about it.

“You’re right. You probably can’t do anything by yourself. I don’t ask much from you, but if someone wants to take your life, tell me immediately. Otherwise, just do whatever you want.”

He didn’t think that Ye Zifeng was capable of making any big moves. He only wants him to Ye Zifeng to act normally and not make a mess.

“Then, let me ask about the fierce beasts that we are suppose to kill during the mission…..”

Shen Li knew that he was going to ask this and smiled, “Heh. I knew you were going to ask this. But even I’m not sure about this. Even if I knew, I won’t tell you anyways. There are only five people chosen to go to the Profound Sect. Also, accidents can happen so don’t blame me if I don’t help.”

He can protect Ye Zifeng’s life but won’t do any more than that.

Ye Zifeng revealed a sly smile and laughed, “Don’t worry Elder Shen. Zifeng will abide by the rules like always.”

“Uh…. Then.. Okay…” An ugly smile appeared on Shen Li’s face. He felt that something was wrong, but he can’t pinpoint on what it was.

After cutting off his connection with Ye Zifeng, he suddenly realized something.

That brat Ye Zifeng, when did he ever play by the rules? Ye Zifeng even dared to ask him about the drawing orders during the heavenly clan gathering. Is there anything that he didn’t’ dare to do?

Thinking about this, Shen Li started to fret.
At the same time, Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and looked around.

“There’s only five people chosen huh? It seems like this is going to be hard. I need to prepare a bit.” Ye Zifeng smiled and decided to use the last two days to the best of his ability.

When he opened the door and was about to walk out, a mindless maidservant didn’t notice him and almost crashed into him. The food in her hands fell onto the group.

Ye Zifeng looked at her and then at the food that was scattered all over the floor, “Did my father ask you to send me some food?”

“Yes….That’s right young master Ye. I’m sorry. I didn’t think that you would open your doors so suddenly. I couldn’t react in time. Sorry.”

The maidservant was nervous as she looked up at Ye Zifeng. She was super scared and started to shake.

She’s a new maidservant called Xiao Ya. She only came after the heavenly gathering so she doesn’t know much about the things around.

Ye Zifeng thought about something and smiled coldly towards the maidservant, “Xiao Ya right? You’re so clumsy. Why can’t you even do something like this? Do you not want to work here anymore?”

Xia Ya was shocked. The words that she was worried about came out of Ye Zifeng’s mouth. Her face turned pale from shock.

“I’m sorry. Young master Ye. I’m sorry. It wasn’t on purpose!”

Seeing the cold look on Ye Zifeng’s face, she almost wanted to cry, “Young master Ye, I beg you. My whole family depends on me. If you kick me out, my entire family will starve…..I….I’m already eighteen years old…… you can do those kind of things with me….. Just don’t kick me out please!”

Hearing these words, Ye Zifeng felt a little bad for her. She was really trying to sell herself in order to remain in the Ye clan.

“Alright. Fine. You can stay. I’m a soft-hearted person…..”

Xiao Ya felt joy. She continuously nodded her head, “Thank you young master Ye. Thank you!”


Xiao Ya was startled, “However, what?”

“Xiao Ya, if you want to stay, you have to do something for me…..”

Ye Zifeng gave her a serious look, “I need to leave for two days. When I go out, guard the door for me. Don’t allow anyone to go into my room. Even if Xueyi comes, tell her that I’m treating my injuries and don’t want anyone bothering me. Do you understand?”

“That…… That’s not too good.” Xiao Ya knew that if she did this, it would be the same as deceiving her masters. She was feeling a bit nervous.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Then I guess I’ll have to go talk with my father. You don’t have to come tomorrow.”

Xiao Ya’s expression turned pale, “Young master Ye, I’ll do it. I’ll do it! I’ll do whatever you want.”

“But young master Ye, why are you doing this?”

Ye Zifeng was startled, “You’re new and yet you’re asking me what I’m doing?”

“Ah…. Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. Don’t worry young master Ye. I’ll do exactly as you say.”

Rather than being curious, it was better to keep her job.

“You must keep it a secret.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t explain anymore and walked out the back door.

Suddenly, he turned around and threw something towards Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya thought that he threw a rock over and didn’t bother. However, the sound of it landing on the ground sounded weird. She turned around and looked.

On the floor, there was a shiny gold coin!

A look of disbelief appeared on her face. She’s a new maidservant so her month salary was only three gold coins. But now, Ye Zifeng was giving her ten days worth of salary!

“Thank you young master Ye! Thank you!” She looked at Ye Zifeng and continuously repeated these words.

Ye Zifeng put his fingers on her lips, telling her to hush.

Xiao Ya noticed and immediately shut her mouth while nodding.

Ye Zifeng then turned around and ran out, disappearing from Xiao Ya’s sight.

After leaving his own house, he looked around. When there was no one around, he retrieved a black demon mask from his interspatial ring and put it on his face.

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  1. Yuri says:

    He’s such a dick. Being clueless about the feelings of others is one thing, toying with innocent people’s emotions (some even trusted him) is just no. And to those people that are gonna shoot me with the “drop it if you hate it so much” bullsheet, don’t bother. Even if I like something it wouldn’t stop me from pointing out things that I don’t approve of.

  2. Judging You says:

    Not entirely true, if he asked her to guard his door after playing the nice guy she might have gotten the idea that even if she didn’t, he’d forgive her. On the other hand, if under the threat of being fired; she would definitely try her best. The gold coin was just a lure that said: working for him is the best opportunity she would get.

    • mondox41 says:

      I see someone is able to figure out his intentions behind his actions. I thought I was the only one to notice. It is a carrot and stick approach in order to disappear secretly.

  3. uhhuhj says:

    The more i read this the more i dislike him. The way he treats his friends are pretty douchy too. To the point i’m starting to feel bad for Bingqian. At first it was a pretty funny exchange of banther between the two, now its just him taking advantage and manipulating of her everyone regardless of being enemies or friends.

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