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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 151 – Already selected

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 151 – Already selected
Translated by: Andy
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“So….So many profound tier golden marrow pills! Brother Zifeng, did you by any chance robbed some high level alchemist?”

Ye Xueyi jaws fell. She was shocked.

Having one profound tier golden marrow pill was acceptable. After all, he might have gotten it from the alchemy competition. But five profound tier golden marrow pills? To a small family, this was a huge fortune!

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Honestly, I want to go and rob some high level alchemist too. But I don’t have the chance to.”

Of course, the things that he did in Muyun Old Devil’s storage didn’t count as robbing. After all, Muyun Old Devil allowed him to the ingredients to make profound tier golden marrow pills. She never actually specified the number of sets that she was willing to give.

“This is a profound tier pill! We should sell it if you’re not giving it to me.”

Ye Zifeng then handed the pill over to Ye Xueyi once again.

“What do you mean sell it. This thing is priceless in Leizhou City’s market. Xueyi, don’t decline me. Just take it. Use it wisely and breakthrough into the 9th qi refining stage. When the time comes, I’ll get you a supreme true yuan dan as well.

“Supreme true yuan dan?” Ye Xueyi had a humble look on her face, “Brother Zifeng, you mean that pill that the sect gave to Wang Tianzhi? It’s such a precious pill. How can you get it so easily?”

“Do you think that these profound tier golden marrow pills are easy to come by too?” Ye Zifeng smiled.


She knew how precious and expensive this profound tier golden marrow pill is. If she can slowly absorb the energy from the pill, then she can easily breakthrough into the 9th stage of qi refining.

From the looks of it, it seems like Ye Zifeng will get her a supreme true yuan dan sooner or later.

“Bbrother Zifeng, you’re so nice to me……”

“Why of course. Who told you to become my little sister?”

Ye Zifeng smiled as he messed with her hair. In his past life, he didn’t have any family members. He’s always felt as if he’s missing something. But now, in the Ye clan, he finally felt the connection of blood relations. It made him feel very warm on the inside.

At that time.

“Then cousin Zifeng, aren’t I your only little cousin? How come you didn’t get me a gift from Tiandao City?”

Ye Huichi smiled and walked into Ye Zifeng’s room without his permission.

Ye Xueyi looked at how sloppy Ye Huichi looked and sighed, “Go go go. Go play outside. Do you not remember how you treated brother Zifeng before? And you still want a gift from him? There’s no way that brother zifeng would get you a gift!”

Ye Xueyi is someone who likes to hold a grudge. She’ll remember the people who were mean towards Ye Zifeng and never forget it.

Ye Huichi laughed, “Xueyi, the past is in the past. We’re in the present. During the heavenly clan gathering, cousin Zifeng has enlightened me. He’s allowed me to look at life in a new light. I admire cousin Zifeng. I came to personally invite cousin Zifeng to a dinner!”

What Ye Huichi saying wasn’t false. He wasn’t a bad person. He just gets mad easily. Right now, even his father holds Ye Zifeng in high regards, so how can he not? He’s treating Ye Zifeng like his idol.

Ye Zifeng smiled back, “Oh? Then shouldn’t you have prepared a gift for me to welcome me back too?”

Ye Huichi looked at Ye Zifeng embarrassingly, “Cousin Zifeng…..I’ll be straightforward with you. This time, the sect mission is about to start. But I’ve spent my money on some other places. I came here to borrow some money….”

“What? You want to attend in the missions this time too?” Ye Zifeng furrowed his brow.

“It’s not only Huichi, I’ll be joining too.” Ye Xueyi suddenly replied.

Ye Zifeng looked at them, “No way. Isn’t there a limit for the amount of people attending the missions each time? Last time, I joined because I had some connections. But this time, why do I feel like anyone can join?”

Ye Huichi laughed, “That’s exactly it. This time, all the qi refining stage disciples are able to join. They just need to sign up for it.

“So that’s how it is……”

Ye Zifeng finally understood what was going on.

No wonder why there was an opportunity to join up with the Profound Sect. So they’re picking out the best qi refining stage disciples..

“Not bad Huichi. How much money do you need?”

Ye Xueyi was shocked, “Brother Zifeng, you’re actually giving him money?”

Ye Huichi immediately turned to stare at Ye Xueyi.

“Cousin Zifeng, it’s not much. I just need around fifty gold coins.”

“Fifty gold coins is not much?” Ye Xueyi was completely shocked by Ye Zifeng’s words.

“I’ll give you a hundred. Do something for me.” Ye Zifeng retrieved a small bag and threw it towards Ye Huichi.

To get more than what he had asked for, Ye Huichi was extremely happy.

“Great Job!”

Ye Huichi nodded, “Cousin Zifeng, I admire you so much. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Then…. Bring your ears over here.” Ye Zifeng lips curved into a smile.

After Ye Xueyi and Huichi left, only Yr Zifeng was left in the room.

He was lying on his bed and slowly resting. He was feeling a bit rough and dizzy.

If anyone can join the sect mission, then there will be a massive amount of people.

The more people there are, the more suspicious people there will be playing tricks.

Ye Zifeng had quite a bit of enemies. If every single one of them wants to strike against Ye Zifeng, then some preparations are needed.

“Whatever. I’ll just go ask around about this later on.

He closed his eyes and started to think again. In a split second, a peerless cold qi slowly flew out of his brains and moved towards the Spirit Ashen Sect.

In the sect, a ripple appeared in space. A white robed elder suddenly shook and bitterly laughed.

“Elder Shen, what’s up? Do you still want to go at it?”

“Not feeling so food. Count it as my loss.”

Elder Shen cried on the inside and then shook his head. He followed the source of energy closely and walked towards it.

The other person’s expression immediately changed. Elder Shen is very stubborn. How can he forfeit a match? Simply preposterous.

A while later, Elder Shen settled down.

“Brat. You’ve finally come to talk to me after being gone for so many days.” He started calling Ye Zifeng ‘brat’ because of Elder Zhao. If it wasn’t for Elder Zhao, Elder Shen would have nicely addressed Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I was heavily injured two days ago. Had to stay in the Liu clan to recuperate. I couldn’t get back to talk with Elder Shen. Zifeng is filled with regrets….”

“Bullshit….” Shen Li snorted, “I asked the people who went to the Liu clan already. You were completely fine!”

Ye Zifeng’s life was very important to Elder Shen. If Ye Zifeng accidentally dies, then it will harm him too. If he went back to the martial disciple realm for no reason, that wouldn’t be very good.

Thus, he sent someone to go check up on Ye Zifeng. Only when he found out that Ye Zifeng was fine did he calm down and went to play some chess.

“I still have to thank Elder Shen for caring about me….” Ye Zifeng was respectfully thanking him.

“For you to come look for me, I’m guessing that you want to ask about the sect mission that’s about to start.’

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up, “Talking with a smart person like Elder Shen is sure easy.”

“I heard that the sect will pick someone people from the winning team to join Tiandao City’s profound sect as exchange disciples right?” Ye Zifeng asked.

“You get your information pretty quickly. Eighty percent that you heard it from someone in the Liu clan.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to explain too much. It’ll affect relationships.

“That’s right. There is such a thing. But don’t think about it too much, because the ones who will go are already selected. You don’t have a chance!”

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  1. in-come says:

    Ye Huichi immediately turned to stare at Bingqian.

    “Cousin Zifeng, it’s not much. I just need around fifty gold coins.”

    “Fifty gold coins is not much?” Ye Xueyi was completely shocked by Ye Zifeng’s words.

    There’s no Bingqian in the room and it’s not Ye Zifeng who said those words.

  2. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    “That’s right. There is such a thing. But don’t think about it too much, because the ones who will go are already selected. You don’t have a chance!”

    looks like Zifeng’s gotta exhibit some profound thrashing.

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