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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 149 – Big news!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 149 – Big news!
Translated by: Andy
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4/5 (10)

Really need to manage my time better with classes, meetings and volleyball practice/games ._.
Still trying to figure everything out right now….
Got a meeting from 10-12 tomorrow and volleyball practice from 9-11PM. Got 9 hours of free time to translate so I’ll try to catch up then :’)

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Liu Bingqian resentfully nodded, “Fine. I lost. I won’t question your decisions anymore.”

“Good.” Ye Zifeng gave her a satisfied smile.

Liu Bingqian’s hair flipped as she turned around to look at the five profound tier golden marrow pills that were shining brightly. Even though some time had passed already, she was still feeling shocked.

“Big brother rough guy. Making five high grade profound tier golden marrow pills in one go, this is an eye opener!”

Ye Zifeng smiled. In his mind, he was thinking that this was nothing special.

This was the difference between a common tier cauldron and a profound tier cauldron.

As long as one understands the refinement rules of a profound tier cauldron, it’ll be easy to refine five pills at once. The only thing that one would need to worry about is the star diagram.

Liu Bingqian lacked knowledge regarding these matters so that’s why she was surprised.

“Big brother rough guy. I helped you bring the cauldron here and also helped you form your common tier flame. You have five pills there….can you give one to me?”

Liu Bingqian’s eyes were lit up as she asked.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t a petty person. If a friend asked then he would comply.

“Pick whichever one you like. But, you’re at the ninth stage of qi refining already. I don’t think that this will be able to help you at all.”

Liu Bingqian looked at the pills and then picked the one in the middle.

“I know that this isn’t much of a help to me. However, my sister Ningzi needs something like this.”

Hearing that Liu Bingqian was taking this for her sister, Ye Zifeng’s expression changed and immediately grabbed the pill from her hand.

“Big brother rough guy, you…..”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned cold, “Bingqian, if you want to use the pill, that’s fine. It’s fine if your friends want to use it too. But, as for Ningzi…..I won’t allow that.”

“Why not? Is it because she cancelled your engagement?”

Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and then continued, “Big brother rough guy, I can see that Ningzi have already reflected on what she had done. Why don’t you turn a blind eye….”

Ye Zifeng’s expression was still cold, “I won’t hate her and won’t look for her for revenge or anything like that. However, I will not give her a pill that i refined. This is an issue of pride….”

Ye Zifeng is usually a calm person. However, whenever Liu Ningzi is mentioned, he would turn into a completely different person. His tone would become stern.

A helpless look appeared in Liu Bingqian’s eyes, “Alright. Fine. I understand. We’ll leave it be then.”

However, for some reason, when she saw that Ye Zifeng disliked Ningzi, she felt a little happy. Wouldn’t this mean that he can get closer to Ye Zifeng without any problems?

The two of them were silent for a bit. The topic about Liu Ningzi made everything awkward.

In the end, it was Ye Zifeng who opened his mouth first, “Bingqian, do you have any other news regarding the sect missions?”

Ye Zifeng wasn’t stupid. If he can get intelligence about something, he will do whatever he can to get his hands on it.

This time, the sect mission is a team competition. The goal is to kill as many high level beasts as possible. Any disciple in the qi refining stage can join so there will be a lot of people.

Liu Bingqian thought about it, “Hold on. Didn’t I tell you about the details already?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I can tell that you’re still hiding something….” Ye Zifeng had seen many different types of people in his life already. Liu Bingqian can’t hide anything from him at all.

“W…What….No way….” Liu Bingqian blinked a few times. Liu Mu had ordered her to not tell anyone else about it no matter what. But if it’s Ye Zifeng….. Liu Bingqian started to hesitate.

“Bingqian.” Ye Zifeng’s expression became serious.

Liu Bingqian felt awkward, “…..fine. Fine! I really can’t hide anything from you. There’s one more rule, each team will have a fixed number of people in the fourth stage to the ninth stage of qi refining, totaling to around twenty people.”

“A fixed amount of people on each team huh? This is an important piece of information. It seems like I can’t raise my cultivation right now.” Ye Zifeng pondered for a bit and then put the five profound tier golden marrow pills into his interspatial ring.

“Why? Big brother rough guy, didn’t you say that you need to increase your cultivation before the mission starts?”

Ye Zifeng laughed and replied, “It’s easy. Since they’re making it fair and fixing the amount of people in each stage, if I increase my cultivation, I will be taking the place of someone stronger. This way, we’ll lower our team’s overall strength. Thus, I won’t be using these pills just yet.”

Originally, Ye Zifeng wanted to use these last two days to increase his cultivation but now, after receiving this piece of key information, he’ll adapt to the situation and wait.

“So that’s why.” After hearing this Liu Bingqian finally understood.

“Bingqian, do you have anymore news? You don’t have to worry about your father. If we’re on the same team, it’ll benefit the both of us.”


Liu Bingqian gulped and looked around. She then whispered, “Okay big brother rough guy. There’s one more thing. You have to absolutely keep this a secret……It seems like of the winners this time, the sect will pick someone who performed well and send them to Tiandao City’s Profound Sect as an exchange-disciple!

“Exchange disciple in the Profound Sect?” Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up and smiled, “Wow. No wonder why you father asked you to be quiet.”

There weren’t many opportunities to enter the profound sect. Liu Mu probably told Bingqian this to increase her fighting spirit. He wants her to keep it a secret so there won’t be as much competition.

“Big brother rough guy, you have to keep it a secret!” Liu Bingqian pouted. She was fine letting Ye Zifeng know about it but she didn’t want anyone else to know.

“Even if you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it either.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Thanks Bingqian. You’ve helped me so much and I was being picky about a mere golden marrow pill before….”

“Not at all. Big brother rough guy, I’m helping you because I want to.”

Liu Bingqian then stopped as if she remembered something, “Oh yeah. Since you you don’t need to prepare for anything, will you leave my home?”

She was afraid that Ye Zifeng was going to go back to the Ye clan manor and felt nervous.

Ye Zifeng thought about it, “I probably won’t. The Liu clan has arranged such a nice place for me already. I can comfortably refine pills here. I will have to disturb you guys for the next two days. Bingqian, you won’t make me leave now will you?”

“If you want to stay then stay. Why would I kick you out?”

Liu Bingqian was feeling very happy.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Also, I might need some ingredients like…. Silver leaf grass, God pacifying flower, Earthen root grass and some other things…. Can you get them for me?”

“That…… Okay.” Liu Bingqian nodded.

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned serious, “Then…. I need some Demonic emperor grass, Dieda grass, Shinan grass, Swift grass, Blood emperor grass, Yegang flower, Bramble grass and some other things…. Let me borrow them for a bit…”

Liu Bingqian’s expression ashened. She forced a smiled, “If you don’t need a lot…. Then…. I can consider it.”

To make Ye Zifeng stay for two more days, she had to give up a lot of things….

“What?” Ye Zifeng was surprised. He was just casually saying these things but Bingqian actually agreed. He was feeling shocked.

However, he was feeling very excited as well.

He couldn’t help but grab onto Bingqian’s hand, “Then Bingqian, can you tell your servants to not come over for the next two days? I want to quietly refine pills by myself.”

“Then…. Even I can’t come?” Liu Bingqian’s face turned red after having her hands held by Ye Zifeng and shyly asked.

“Of course. I’m quietly refining pills alone. How can I have anyone disturb me?” Ye Zifeng quickly answered.

Liu Bingqian suddenly looked straight into Ye Zifeng’s eyes. She was feeling very angry.

“Okay. I think you should go back to the Ye clan!”

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    • followbot82 says:

      Yeah he really is stupid like it said:
      “Ye Zifeng had seen many different types of people in his life already. Liu Bingqian can’t hide anything from him at all”

  1. DMR says:

    A helpless look appeared in Liu Ningzi’s eyes, “Alright. Fine. I understand. We’ll leave it be then.”

    However, for some reason, when she saw that Ye Zifeng disliked Ningzi, she felt a little happy. Wouldn’t this mean that he can get closer to Ye Zifeng without any problems?

    I bolded the issues…

    Also, he’s such a d***, she’s helping him so much yet he won’t allow one to be given to her sister? She was a big part of why he was able to even concoct those pills….

    And that last part… that was gold XD

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. mondox41 says:

    “Why not? Is it because she cancelled your engagement?”- Liu Bingqian

    Really? These type of stories, the cancelling of an engagement is a huge humiliation. Liu Ningzi made sure to do it in front of several individuals, and she also wanted her new love interest to hurt Ye Zifeng. If it was the original Ye Zifeng, he might have been crippled because of Liu Ningzi. I think YZ has realized how stupid Liu Bingqian is, and that is why he is blind to her affection.

    • Xenoten says:

      Or maybe he is an old man with near infinite experience and wisdom spending time with a young girl.
      He is really petty and should take his head out of his a**.
      He is also incredibly stupid considering his vast experience and age.
      What do you value more? A sincere, kind person he does his or her best, likes you, an gives his or her all for you. Or a stuck up old man who always considerate a his own gain while literally looking down on kids for not having his experience and understanding?
      He is seriously creepy.

      • mondox41 says:

        Petty? Not really, because he has forgiving others for trying to kill or injure him. He has forgiving his enemies too easily, if you ask me. However, I do not mind as long as he does not forgive that Ningzi witch, because if he does I will drop the novel.

        I liked Bingquian and overlooked her idiocy in several instances, but I can not overlook how she did not think much of the canceled engagement. YZ should do do what was done to him to Bingqian, and see how she would feel after the cancelled engagement.

  3. Xenoten says:

    I feel like he isn’t treating her all too well… She is his closest friend and would do close to anything for him. Even though winning the competition was for her, it was also at least partially for himself as well. (If not for the biggest part.)
    He continues to think himself above people but considering his past it would be remarkable if he wasn’t above them in terms of knowledge and experience.
    With that in mind he suddenly isn’t all that awesome. He is just an elder bullying children.
    A very selfish and self centered elder at that.
    Liu Bingqian on the other hand js smart, incredibly kind and generous and she has character. A prime of people her age.
    Bad and petty old man exploiting the nativity of one who treats you as a dearest friend. Couldn’t he at least teach her alchemy or aid her on her path while he’s there.

  4. Yuck says:

    Okay, so he’s a wise old sage with near infinite experience in the realm of alchemy. He’s an old book nerd who spent his life in the science lab. And old, angry, scholarly, suede-elbowed grandpa professor. Now all of a sudden he’s reborn in the body of the worst idiot in the world who everyone takes a dump on constantly.

    Where’s his former pride? Where’s his self respect? Who is he!? He’s a bitter old wise librarian scientific-method chemistry curmudgeon who has to find his self-respect again. He’s surrounded by children, and adults who to him are still children that don’t have as much alchemy knowledge as he has stored in the tip of his pinky toe.

    So why would he put them in his grand, glorious, aged, wizened, old-man grandpa eyes? He’s like 100 year-old Harvard professor on tenure – he don’t care about you, or his job, he just wants to use the school equipment for free. He doesn’t want another student, or a grandchild surrogate, he wants to get to business. And you’re crying about “boo-hoo he doesn’t treat the dumbest alchemist girl we’ve met so far like his best friend, even though she’s from a family that schemed to destroy his reputation and remove his family from power. Boo-hoo.”

    Read this again – – –

    Author’s Synopsis:
    He was the continent’s strongest and most revered alchemist, Ye Zifeng. He was under one person and above millions.

    You think a continent’s most revered anything gives a poop about about making little girls laugh? You think Bill Gates is personally going around teaching orphans to code? You think Warren Buffet is a sweet old man because he’s old? You go try humiliating Steve Jobs (RIP), Thomas Edison, John D Rockefeller, or even a simple basketball maniac like a Michael Jordan and see how that turns out for you. These dudes are savages! They do not care about you or your feelings, that’s why they stand above millions.

    Seriously, get over yourself and explore something called character motivation. It might explain to you why people behave how they behave. And if not behavior, then look into the personality types of great men. They ain’t saints.

  5. naobi says:

    A helpless look appeared in Liu Ningzi’s eyes, “Alright. Fine. I understand. We’ll leave it be then.
    Should be Bingqian instead.

  6. cooltjh4 says:

    why do people keep forgetting the mc was around 25 or 26 when he died? i know it makes him sound like some 400 year old alchemy master but he was really young.

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