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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 145 – Forming a flame!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 145 – Forming a flame!
Translated by: Andy
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I’m dumb. ._.
Condense -> Form. This is way easier.

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Liu Bingqian bit her lips and composed herself. She concentrated all of her attention and devoted herself to lighting up the cauldron.

A small blaze slowly appeared on the tip of her finger.


Liu Bingqian continuously sent the fire qi into the cauldron. In an instant, the entire bottom of the cauldron lit up.

Due to the fact that there was nothing in the cauldron, a burnt smoke started to form in the room. If they just left it like that, then even a profound tier cauldron won’t be able to handle it and break apart.

Thus, at this time, the person receiving the flames must make a move.

“Big brother rough guy, your turn.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”


Liu Bingqian really thought that this was his first time and wanted to instruct him. When she was forming her flame, she was only able to do so under Muyun Old Devil’s guidance.

Even that Song Shiyun had to spent a lot of money to hire an alchemist from Tiandao City to watch over him and guide him.

How would she know that Ye Zifeng was a peak heaven tier alchemist in his pat life. He can repeat the process of something as insignificant as forming a common tier flame backwards if he wants to.

Ye Zifeng calmed down. He slowly watched as the blaze formed.

When the flames reached its highest point, his expression changed immediately.

Streams of fire qi energy followed his veins into the tips of his fingers. Steam appeared from his fingertips and moved towards the profound tier cauldron.

When his fire qi touched Liu Bingqian’s flames, threads of flames slowly flowed towards Ye Zifeng’s body.

Kindling. This was a shortcut to forming a flame. It can’t be treated as a joke.

Luring the flame onto your body was the first step. If an inexperienced newbie did this, they might light themselves up on fire.

Sparks jumped around Ye Zifeng’s skin. A sizzling sound could be heard as his skin started to burn.

“Big brother rough guy…..” Liu Bingqian was worried. If anything happened to Ye Zifeng, she would stop immediately and help him recuperate.

“I’m fine.”

Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The essence energy in his hands continuously rotated faster and faster. A layer of qi energy started to cover up the meridians on his body to protect them from the sparks.

However, this was only on the outside.

Even though the sparks were not able to enter Ye Zifeng’s body, it was hard for the qi energy to protect him from the heat extruded by the sparks.

“Ah….” Ye Zifeng groaned.

This feeling…. It felt as if he was in a steamer…. Droplets of sweat rolled down Ye Zifeng’s face. Ye Zifeng could not afford to lose concentrating right now.

“Big brother rough guy, how about I hold back a bit?”

Liu Bingqian was super worried about him right now.

However, Ye Zifeng smiled, “Hold back? What? We’re just starting. Bingqian, increase the intensity by a bit more. Bring the flames up to another level!”

“But…..” Liu Bingqian stared at him. Ye Zifeng’s clothes were drenched in sweat. He looked as if he was in extreme heat.

“Continue it. Add some more strength!” Ye Zifeng called out. He looked like he was dying from the heat but his words told a different story.

Liu Bingqian hesitated and then sighed, “Okay. I don’t care anymore…..”

She became focus again and increased the output of flame.

She was in the 9th stage of qi refining right now. Using so much qi to output her flame would immediately burn any ingredient in the cauldron if there were any. Yet, Ye Zifeng was trying to absorb this flame to form his own flame.

At the same time, the flames under the cauldron became even stronger. It started to burn wildly!

Ye Zifeng saw this and immediately use his thunder qi to try and suppress the effects of the wild flames. He wanted to push this energy away from himself.

If Liu Bingqian was in the 8th stage of qi refining, he would’ve been able to handle it. But Liu Bingqian was in the 9th stage. Even with his thunder qi, he was unable to defend against the attack of the flames.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll just have to use the martial spirit’s power.”

After the events that happened last time, Ye Zifeng was a bit afraid of using the martial spirit’s power. He was afraid that the martial spirit might harm Liu Bingqian if he draws its power out.

Also, the shadow ghost told him that before Ye Zifeng fed it pills, it would not appear again in such a short amount of time.

“Bingqian, move farther away from me.”

Just to be safe, Ye Zifeng ordered Liu Bingqian to move back a few steps. He started to move some qi into the red lines on his arms. After the qi went into his arms, the red lines lit up.

The flames that met with his thunder qi started to disappear slowly. Some of it even entered Ye Zifeng’s body after leaving a burn scar.

Of course, because Ye Zifeng was using the power of the martial spirit, those butn scars disappeared very quickly.

“Oh my god…. Big brother rough guy, are you using the power of a martial spirit like before?”

Liu Bingqian was unfamiliar with it at first, but after experiencing the power of the martial spirit, she became more familiar with it. She finally asked the question that she had been saving for so long.

“That’s correct.”

“No way. It’s actually true? I didn’t think that you would be able to use your martial spirit’s power.

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “You’re the only one that knows that. So, please keep this a secret.”

“Of course!” Liu Bingqian immediately replied. To be able to know one of Ye Zifeng’s secrets, she was feeling happy.

“Okay Bingqian, the time is near. I’ll start to absorb the flames inside of the cauldron.”

When someone tries to form a flame, they must first lure the flame essence onto their body.

As for the second step, he must completely infuse the flame into his body. This was the key to forming a flame.

Liu Bingqian stared at Ye Zifeng. She was even more nervous than Ye Zifeng. She believed that she understood more about this than Ye Zifeng. Even if Ye Zifeng has a lot of knowledge, when it comes to practicality, he shouldn’t be that experienced.

Unless Ye Zifeng is actually a once in a thousand year genius that’s born for alchemy…. Thinking like this, she stared blankly at Ye Zifeng.

“Bingqian, what are you thinking about……”

Liu Bingqian returned to her senses and her cheeks burned from embarrassment, “Nothing…. Okay, let me help you extract the flames. If you can’t handle it, then stop.”

“Okay. Start it up.”

She only has experience in extracting the flames out of a common tier cauldron. Now that she’s extracting the flames from a profound tier cauldron, she was feeling a bit nervous. After all, this was pretty dangerous.

Liu Bingqian took a deep breath and calmed her heart down. Qi energy appeared besides her as she guide it towards the cauldron.

When the qi entered the cauldron, the flames on the bottom slowly formed into small lumps. The small lumps then fused together to grow. The ball of flame continued to grow inside of the room.

“No way. How can this flame be so fierce?” Liu Bingqian was mentally prepared for everything but was still extremely shocked when she looked at the ball of flame. She looked over at Ye Zifeng and her heart started to beat faster.

She hesitated for a bit but finally forced the ball for flame down.

She used all of her qi to control the flame and calm it down by a bit so the entire room didn’t blow up.

Even though she was successful, using all of her qi to control this fire was extremely hard.

“Big brother rough guy, this is all I can do. This flame is extremely powerful. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to handle it and might burn alive. How about we just leave it and switch to a common tier cauldron?”

She still had some hope before but when she saw this fiery flame, she was in despair.

When Ye Zifeng saw this, a worried look appeared as well. However, he wasn’t going to give up.

“Bingqian, listen to me. Don’t give up. I’ll be fine. Slowly control the fire and move it towards me.”

“But, I’m afraid that you’ll die!”

“Bingqian!” Ye Zifeng yelled out, “Trust me!”

If the person that was helping him gives up, then that would be disastrous.

“O…Okay.” Bingqian trusted Ye Zifeng.

She pursed her lips and became serious again. This was the final step!

The flame in front of her gradually formed into a dragon and flew straight towards Ye Zifeng’s head…..

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  1. Heliel says:

    hello thx for ur hard work… Always love It.
    I find something weird on the translation:
    How would she know that Ye Zifeng was a peak heaven tier alchemist in his pat(past) life.

  2. admiralen1 says:

    I see a lot of comments about Zifeng being dense, maybe youre right, or maybe he doesnt want to respond to the advances of a crazy woman that questions literally EVERYTHING he ever does and goes against literally EVERYTHING he ever does and goes “thats wrong (even though she dont know crap)” or “thats dangerous i dont believe in your ability”

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