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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 143 – I’ve been waiting

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 143 – I’ve been waiting
Translated by: Andy
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Ye Zifeng’s intention were not unclear. If a woman walks out of his room in the middle of the night and gets found out by someone, then it would be very bad. But if she walked out with someone else, then there wouldn’t be many questions.


Both Liu Yige and Liu Bingqian yelled out at the same time.

Liu Bingqian was feeling a mix of emotions. She felt regret coming here without thinking about it.

“Huh? That voice… it sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?” Liu Yige was startled. He stared at the closet and thought about it.

Ye Zifeng smiled embarrassingly, “That’s normal. You probably know quite a few girls in the Jufeng Pavilion, this is someone that you’ve seen there……”

“Really? It doesn’t feel like it….” Liu Yige scratched his head in confusion.

There were numerous girls in the Jufeng Pavilion. It really was possible that the girl in the closet was from there.

Ye Zifeng moved in front of him to block his sight, “Alright. I might as well tell you this. I have a very bad habit. After I play around with someone, I would toss them away and never interact with them again. Thus, I don’t want anyone to see this girl’s face. Do you get it?”

Liu Yige rubbed his nose and smiled, “This I understand. Some things are better kept hidden. How about this, you can have her wear a mask and a cloak to conceal herself. How about it?”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Good. I was also thinking about something like that. How about this. You wait at the door and when she finishes, I’ll let her out. Wait until there’s no one around and move your own separate ways.”

“Okay!” Liu Yige nodded and walked right out.

After Ye Zifeng watched Liu Yige leave, he walked towards the closet and opened it up.

Inside, Liu Binqgian was groaning, and her entire lovely body was drenched in sweat. It was normal considering that she was in such a small closet.

When Liu Bingqian saw Ye Zifeng, she pouted, “Big brother rough guy, you actually said that I was from the Jufeng Pavilion. Couldn’t you say something better?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “In this situation, what should I have said then?”

“Say that……” Liu Bingqian thought about it and couldn’t say anything.

If he said that she was a maidservant, Liu Yige would definitely be curious and ask about it. What if he said that she was the doctor? But then, why would the doctor need to hide in the closet?

Thus, the only thing that Ye Zifeng could say was that she was someone from a brothel. That way, Liu Yige wouldn’t suspect anything. It was all thought out already.

“Whatever, let’s not talk about this. Do you have a mask? Let me borrow one. I don’t want others to recognize me. If they do, then my reputation and purity will be destroyed.

Liu Bingqian was somewhat conservative. She wasn’t afraid of losing her purity to Ye Zifeng. However, she felt that this wasn’t the right time yet. At least, she didn’t get Ye Zifeng’s approval yet.

Ye Zifeng smiled and retrieved a black devious looking mask for Liu Bingqian.

“Here. I’ll gift this to you.”

Liu Bingqian stared at the mask in shock, “I was just randomly asking. But you really did have a mask…..”

“We’re in a martial world. This is for self preservation…..”

‘Self preservation?” Liu Bingqian looked at him awkwardly.

It’s fine if Ye Zifeng throws a bunch of blood contracts in his interspatial ring. But now, he even has masks too? He obviously wants to do something bad.

“If you don’t want it, how are you going to go out?” Ye Zifeng smiled and was about to put the mask back.

“Don’t……” Liu Bingqian quickly reached out and grabbed the mask from him.

“Who said that I didn’t want it. Even though this is a bit broken, this is the first thing that you gifted me. How can I not want it?”

“Also, let me remind you, I still need you to get the profound tier cauldron. Thanks.”

“I got it. I’ll do my best for you!” Liu Bingqian giggled. She had just received her first gift from Ye Zifeng. She was feeling very happy.

At the same time, Liu Yige called out, “Hey. It’s been so long. Are you done yet?”

“Wait a bit more. She’ll come out soon.” Ye Zifeng replied

As Ye Zifeng replied to Liu Yige, Liu Bingqian retrieved large overcoat for distinguished guests from the closet.

Even though Ye Zifeng was living in a remote area, it was an area that only distinguished guests of the Liu clan and live in. This was why there were nice clothes in the closet.

Liu Bingqian tightly covered the clothes that she was wearing before and put on the mask. Even if Liu Mu was here, he wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

Ye Zifeng nodded in satisfaction and walked out with her.

“Ready? We can leave now??” Liu Yige turned around and looked at Bingqian. All he saw was the mask and the large overcoat. He couldn’t see her face or her figure at all.

He quickly looked back and Ye Zifeng and didn’t think much of it anymore.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Alright. You can leave. Be careful. Also, remember our contract.”

“How can I forget. Three days later, I’ll join the team that’s against you. I remember very clearly.

“Good!” Ye Zifeng smiled and pointed at the door, “When you guys leave, walk towards the trees. That way, it’ll make it harder for you guys to be noticed.”

“Alright. Got it!” Liu Yige nodded. He didn’t want anyone to find out either and have suspicions towards him.

After the two bid their farewells, they looked around and left through the door….

The next day, there was another long line of people waiting for Ye Zifeng. However, in order to “heal up”, he didn’t receive any gifts and simply talked with the people. Liu Mu held onto the gifts in his stead.

Liu Yige looked at the small mountain of gifts and couldn’t help but praise Ye Zifeng.

“Damn, this guy is good. To be able to make all these seniors try to curry favors with him, I’m afraid that I won’t ever be able to do something like this.”

Liu Ningzi was shocked and gasped, “Senior brother, what happened? Why did you suddenly start praising Ye Zifeng? Didn’t you want to beat him up and were looking for people to teach him a lesson?”

Talking about this made Liu Yige’s face turn red from embarrassment. He didn’t want to think about what happened the night before.

“Oh yeah. Senior brother, what happened to your face? Why is it blue and purple? Did you go fight last night?”

Liu Ningzi stared at his face in shock.

“This…… I fell when I was sleeping last night.

“It wouldn’t be like this if you simply fell. Let me go get some medicine for you. Put it on your face and don’t come out today. Use this time to rest and recover…..” Liu Ningzi had a worried look on her face.

Hearing this, Liu Yige couldn’t take it anymore and smiled brightly, “Junior sister, I didn’t think that you really do care for me. I misunderstood.”

Liu Ningzi smiled, “Of course. We grew up together. If I don’t care for you, then who will?”

“Junior sister is right. With this, I, Liu Yige, won’t go and find another other woman!” Liu Yige was so lost in his trance that he blurted these words out.

Liu Ningzi was startled, “Senior brother. Are you misunderstanding something…….” While saying that, she looked towards Ye Zifeng.

“Misunderstand what?” Liu Yige’s expression change.

“Nothing…. I don’t really know what. We’ll talk about this later.” A complicated look appeared on Liu Ningzi’s face.

At this time.

“Big brother rough guy…. I got the thing that you wanted.” At noon, Bingqian’s voice echoed as she ran towards Ye Zifeng with a small bag in his hands.

The profound tier cauldron is extremely large so she had to use a high class spatial treasure to hold it.

Ye Zifeng felt that his body was feeling a lot better and became serious again.

“Finally. I’ve been waiting!”

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    • programmer says:

      nah, it looks she only thinks of him like a brother and nothing more.
      also i think she is starting to fall for Ye Zifeng, no sure tho. she seems to be in a confused state about what she thinks of Ye Zifeng.

      thanks for the chapter

      • Tereus says:

        One of the ways to capture a any woman is to fill her head the thoughts of You. For certain proud woman and Tsundere the best way is to fill their heads the thoughts of high dislike/hate and than by one big act of valor or other big deed you make them have a turn-around and dislike/hate changes into like/love.

        But how to do that so you can make this work… We are not close enough for me to tell you 😛

      • DMR says:

        I know she doesn’t have feels for him YET, but it might go that way.

        Also, I don’t think she likes Ye Zifeng. It’s just that he was the fiancee she looked down upon, but is now too good for her…

        • programmer says:

          i still thinks Yige’s chances is low, because he just made his current relationship with her become really awkward with this sentence “Junior sister is right. With this, I, Liu Yige, won’t go and find another other woman!” 😐

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