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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 142 – Consider a dog’s master before beating it.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 142 – Consider a dog’s master before beating it.
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Got into a little accident last week…… But I can start translating again so here we go.

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“It seems like I wasted my energy beating you up just now. Didn’t I tell you that your junior sister hasn’t given you up? She still cares for you …..”

Ye Zifeng looked deeply at Liu Yige.


When a person’s soft spot is hit, they will become weaker. Ye Zifeng didn’t care much about Liu Yige and Liu Ningzi’s relationship.

In the end, all this talk is part of a grand plan. It’s used to make someone self-destruct.

He can instill fear into people’s hearts and also hit their soft spots. No one can escape these two things.

How would Liu Yige know what Ye Zifeng was thinking about. He thought that Ye Zifeng was trying to make him good by beating him up. He had overlooked the beating that Ye Zifeng gave him already.

“Then what should I do now? If the clan master finds out, I will definitely be expelled.”

Liu Yige wanted to take Ye Zifeng down with him but now that he had calmed down, he was starting to become afraid.

From what Ye Zifeng can see, if he plays with a mad dog, the results won’t be good even if he wins. Also, this is the Liu clan’s territory. He has to consider the dog’s master before beating it down. He doesn’t want to bring disaster upon himself for no reason.

“Maybe.” Ye Zifeng smiled, “If neither of us talks about it and your friends keep quiet…… then isn’t this pretty much over?”

Liu Yige stared at Ye Zifeng with a look of disbelief.

“No way! You’ll help me cover this up?” he didn’t believe that Ye Zifeng would be so kind hearted. However, he heard it from the man himself.

Just like this, all of the evil thoughts that he had towards Ye Zifeng completely dissipated. He regreted all of his actions.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Of course. But if you want me to help you cover it up, you have to pay the price….”

When liu Yige heard about paying a price, his heart dropped. He has to beg Ye Zifeng in order to live in the Liu clan now. He didn’t care about anything else.

“But…. I’m not like those people in the Wang clan….. I don’t have money nor do I have any treasures…..”

Ye Zifeng laughed and nodded, “If you have some strong treasures, then you would’ve used it already. Don’t worry. The things I want from you, you’ll definitely be able to give it.”

Liu Yige saw that Ye Zifeng wasn’t making things difficult for himself and calmed down, “Then what do you want?”

“Three days later, the sect missions will start again. I heard that there’s a team competition to this time.” Ye Zifeng looked at Liu Yige with a calm expression.

“I heard that too…..” Liu Yige nodded. He knew a thing or two about the sect missions but he didn’t understand what Ye Zifeng meant by that.

Ye Zifeng nodded as his gaze suddenly pierced Liu Yige’s eyes.

‘Good. Then, I want you to sign up in the spot that is opposite from me.


Liu Yige was startled at the request. He thought about it and turned pale with fright, “I understand now. You’re asking me to be a mole and spy on the other team for you! No way. If the sect’s elders find out, then I will definitely be kicked out of the sect!”

“What’s better. Getting kicked out of the Liu clan immediately or getting kicked out of the sect only if someone finds out about this. What would you choose?” Ye Zifeng let out a cold smile.


Ye Zifeng’s true intentions were finally revealed. He wasn’t wasting his time lecturing Liu Yige so he can become a better person.

Everything that he did was to force Liu Yige to go this route. Even a stupid person knows which option they should choose after everything.

“How about it? It seems like I need to go have a talk with uncle Liu for a bit.”

“……Okay. Okay. I’ll listen to you. When I register for the missions, I will join the team that’s across from you.” Liu Yige sighed.

If Ye Zifeng suggested a mission that was impossible to accomplish, Liu Yige would’ve done his best to bring Ye Zifeng down with him.

Ye Zifeng retrieved a few spirit papers from his sleeves and handed them over to Liu Yige, “When the time comes, write everything down on these and burn it. That way, I’ll be able to read it.”

“You even have spirit papers?” Liu Yige was surprised. It seems like Ye Zifeng had prepared this a long time ago. Could he have planned this from the very beginning?

“Oh yeah, since you’re already calmed down, then sign a blood contract with me. I won’t say anything and in exchange, you help me with the next sect mission. What do you think?”

“Fine. let’s do it.” Liu Yige thought about it and accepted Ye Zifeng’s proposal.

Ye Zifeng smiled and retrieved a few blood contracts from his ring and threw it in front of Liu Yige. He then quickly drew blood from his fingers and flung it onto the contract.

His movements were very precise as if he had done it many times already.

Liu Yige was stupefied, “No way. You carry these around with you? Why do you jhave so many?”

“For self-defense. It’s not worth that much anyways so I might as well carry a few more.” Ye Zifeng talked as if this was normal.

“Self defense?” Liu Yige’s mouth twitched. If he didn’t know how scary Ye Zifeng was before, then he knows now.

“What? Is there a problem?”

Other people would put treasures, weapons and defensive items in their interspatial ring. But Ye Zifeng has a large stack of blood contracts…. He’s obviously trying to toy around with people!

It was a hundred years too early for Liu Yige to fight with Ye Zifeng.

Liu Yige knew that he was trapped the moment that he saw the smile on Ye Zifeng’s face. It looked warm and horrifying at the same time. However, he couldn’t do anything but go along with everything.

He earnestly followed Ye Zifeng’s instructions and sighed the blood contract.

“Alright. Is that fine? As long as you don’t say anything, i’ll do anything.”

“This is fine.”

Ye Zifeng retrieved the blood contracts with smiling.

When he was about to kick Liu Yige out, suddenly…..

A gentle laugh came out of the closet. It wasn’t very loud but in the silent room, the laugh was piercing.

Ye Zifeng raised his brows. He was almost done with Liu Yige, why did Bingqian not hold on for a little big longer?”

At that moment, Bingqian immediately regretted. She quickly held her breath and shut her mouth.

“That sound…….” Liu Yige’s eyes widened. He looked around and then his gaze landed on the closet.

Liu Yige let out a chuckled, “……It came from the closet.”

Ye Zifeng’s expression suddenly turned cold and quickly reacted, “What. Are you interested in the girls from the Jufeng Pavilion too?”

Even though Bingqian knew what was going on, after hearing Ye Zifeng say that he called a woman over from the Jufeng Pavilion, she felt a bit mad. Why couldn’t he make a better excuse.

“Jufeng Pavilion? I didn’t think that you would go there too. Tell me who it is. I might even know her.”

Ye Zifeng stared at him, “And what if I tell you? Are you trying to join us?”

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian frowned immediately. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. It looked as if she was going to blow up any time now.

She’s the eldest daughter of the Liu clan and was the number one alchemist in Leizhou City. How did she get degraded like this……

“I……” Liu Yige was startled and laughed, “My bad. My bad….. I won’t ask anymore about this.”

He then gave Ye Zifeng a meaningful look, “Well then. Since there’s nothing more to talk about, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hold on…..” Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped him.

Liu Yige’s face turned bitter, “Do you need anything else?”

Ye Zifeng snickered, “I’m still injured and I greeted so many people today…. I’m feeling very tired. Looks like I can’t play with the woman in the closet tonight. I want you to bring her out!”

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  1. anna says:

    eeh.. didn’t mc tried to hide liu bingqian identity?? so why did he ask liu yige to escort the lady out?
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  2. yudha321 says:

    cause he got no negative point,when he leave and just biqian with zifeng alone,biqian cant leave cause she afraid of others gonna see them,even if yige knows,he not gonna said to another cause its just gonna make biqian get married to zifeng,and yige cant back off to help zifeng in the mission cause he already get blood contract and when yige and biqian leave together its better cause its not gonna be suspicious cause they visit zifeng together so they cant say anything to biqian

  3. Alex says:

    Bingqiang is … ugh. Not thinking about the way it’ll look when she impulsively decides to go to his room late at night, not being able to control her giggling several times. Use your brain!

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