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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 139 – Daring.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 139 – Daring.
Translated by: Andy
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When all the people waiting outside the Liu clan finally left, it was already night time.

Ye Zifeng let out a long sigh. He laid down on his bed and quietly looked at the bloody veins on his arm.

The first sect mission, the heavenly clan gathering, the alchemy competition and training in the gravity rooms…. He was training nonstop in order to raise his cultivation.

It’s been a long time since he was able to relax and check up on himself.

Three days later will be the second time he attend the sect missions. Before that, he has increase his strength again.

“Man…. I really want to breakthrough to the martial disciple realm already. I want to see what this stupid martial spirit really is.” Ye Zifeng sighed.

At this time.

“Big brother rough guy, what are you thinking? Why are you sighing so much? This isn’t like you.” A voice sounded from behind Ye Zifeng.

Liu Bingqian giggled and slowly closed the doors behind her.

“Bingqian?” Ye Zifeng was startled. He immediately put his hands down, “It’s so late already. What are you doing here?”

Liu Bingqian was standing there with her delicate looking face and snow white skin while staring at Ye Zifeng with her beautiful eyes. Combined with the light soft dress that she was wearing, it gave off a special type of feeling. It was a very pure feeling. There was nothing more beautiful than that.

“What? Do you not welcome me? You should that that you’re in the Liu clan right now. Hmmm…. Are you scared?” Liu Bingqian laughed lightly.

Ye Zifeng slowly calmed down, “If you’re not afraid of someone spreading rumors, then why would I be? When you snuck in, no one saw you right?”

If Liu Mu found out about how his daughter snuck into Ye Zifeng’s room, he would be super angry and might even punish her with family laws!

“Big brother rough guy, stop exposing me……. I’m here to see how you’re doing…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “You’ve been with me the whole day today. You saw how I was doing all day long. Can you still not tell how my injuries are?”

“I……” Liu Bingqian looked down.

Of course she can tell how Ye Zifeng’s doing after being next to him for the entire day. Like how can an actually sick person be bombarded by so many visitors?

It’s fine if a few people came to visit but with so many people visiting, it’s very tiring. Ye Zifeng had been receiving guests the whole day and he was still fine.

The two were silent for a bit…..

“Big brother rough guy, you know, the fifteen days that we were in Tiandao City, those were the happiest days of my life.” Liu Bingqian finally broke the silence. She had been wanting to say this but was too embarrassed to.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “To be able to overcome your past and become the champion. This is indeed something worthy to be happy about.”

“It’s not only that……”

Ye Zifeng looked at her, “Then what else is there?”

“You……” Liu Bingqian felt her brains frying. She had mustered all her courage to say all this already….. Is Ye Zifeng’s brain made of wood? How does he not understand?

Liu Bingqian’s entire face became red, “Big brother rough guy, are you going to come back to my Liu clan after finishing the sect missions?”

She had been around Ye Zifeng for quite a while now. She was able to see Ye Zifeng in the morning every day. She was feeling great.

But now, those days have passed already. Their days of being together is almost done. These were the last few days left. Afterwards, they’ll probably only see each other in the sect. Ye Zifeng is a busy person. He definitely won’t be visiting the medicine cage for no reason….

“Of course not!” As expected, Ye Zifeng shook his head.

It wasn’t because of Liu Ningzi. Ye Zifeng didn’t want to stay either. Since he’s already made the illusion that the two clans were in an alliance, the Liu clan didn’t have any use to him as of right now.

Liu Bingqian had a bitter look on her face and muttered, “why don’t you know how to read the mood. At least lie and make me feel better.”

She was very confident in her looks but after being together with Ye Zifeng and feeling his coldness, she felt defeated.

“Oh yeah, Bingqian, I have something that I kind of need your help with.” Ye Zifeng suddenly had a serious face on and said.

Liu Bingqian was very grateful for Ye Zifeng’s help so she would definitely listen to what he needed.

Liu Bingqian smiled, “What’s wrong? As long as I can help, I’ll do my best to.”

“It’s simple. The profound tier cauldron is still in the deserted area. It’s not convenient for me to leave so I want you to help me bring it over.”

“You want to refine pills?”

“Yeah…..” Ye Zifeng nodded.

Ye Zifeng couldn’t go out and bring the cauldron back himself. It wouldn’t be good if anyone saw him. So under this situation, he can only ask Liu Bingqian to do it.

“I can……”

Liu Bingqian was startled, “But, can you refine pills in this situation? I mean, wouldn’t it be too tiring?”

When he was first injured, he looked as if he was going to die. To recover be able to recover in such a short amount of time is already a miracle. Now he wants to refine pills?

What she didn’t know was that the essence from Jin Peng that his martial spirit took wasn’t all absorbed. Ye Zifeng had been slowly absorbing it these past two days.”

“My second sect mission is in three days. I have to refine pills to increase my cultivation as soon as possible. It’ll only get harder from here.”

Ye Zifeng was very determined.

“Then…. Fine….. But when you refine pills, I’ll be helping you.” Liu Bingqian sighed and agreed to help.

“Thanks so much Bingqian….”

Ye Zifeng was moved by her. After crossing over, asides from his family, the person closest to him was Liu Bingqian. He felt very happy to have a friend like this.

He wasn’t almighty after all. Even now, both his alchemy ability and his cultivation are at a very low level. He can’t do everything by himself. Returning to the peak is actually a very hard thing. But with a friend’s help, he will be able to rise faster. Even if he doesn’t become very strong, he won’t be lonely like he was in his past life.

“Don’t mention it. You promised me that you won’t let me come in last during the alchemy competition and you surpassed my imaginations by becoming champions. This kind of thing, even my father is grateful to you for it.”

Ye Zifeng laughed loudly, “To be recognized by that old man, I am overwhelmed.”

‘Give me a break.” Liu Bingqian laughed, “Every time I hear you talk about my dad, I can’t help but laugh.”

She was Ye Zifeng’s friend and Liu Mu’s daughter. She had seen the two of them argue and despise each other in front of others. But then, when she was alone with them, they would praise the other.

“Alright. Let’s not talk about it. Good back to rest. If you’re seen by someone, then you reputation will be ruined immediately.” Ye Zifeng laughed.

Talking about reputation, Bingqian’s expression changed.

“What’s up?….. Did you actually come straight in without thinking about anything?” Ye Zifeng’s expression froze as his mouth twitched.


Liu Bingqian originally wanted to come and talk with Ye Zifeng a bit more to advance their relationship and didn’t think about anything else. Now that she’s calmed down and thought about it, she was afraid to go out.

It was long into the night alright. For a guy and a girl to be in the same room…… If someone saw that Liu Bingqian was coming out of Ye Zifeng’s room, what would they think?

“What should i do? Big brother rough guy, I can’t go out right now. I feel like there are people all over the place.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “You were so daring when you came in. Where did that all go?”

Liu Bingqian looked at him with watery eyes, “In order to not let anyone find me, there’s only one solution. I’ll sleep here tonight!”

Before Ye Zifeng could react, hurried steps could be heard from right outside the door.

Liu Bingqian’s heart shattered.

However, she returned to her sense very quickly.

It’s over. She’s about to be seen alone with Ye Zifeng!

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