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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 138 – The dream of entering the Profound Sect

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 138 – The dream of entering the Profound Sect
Translated by: Andy
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12/19. Rush events, and intramural volleyball taking up my times :'(

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Ye Zifeng smiled at her and put the paper away without even looking at it.

After failing to peek at the paper, she complained, “Big brother rough guy, let me see it, you won’t lose anything.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Then, why don’t you let me see your diary? I mean, you won’t lose anything.”

Liu Bingqian was shocked, “How do you that I have a diary?”

“Oh? You said it yourself. I was just randomly saying things.” Ye Zifeng laughed loudly.

“Big brother rough guy!” Liu Bingqian put on an angry look.

“Whatever. I don’t need to see it anyways. It’s probably some personal matter. It’s better if I don’t know anyways.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and then let out a long sigh. He walked to a corner and then opened up the slip of paper.

On the paper it said, “Senior brother wants to make a move against you. Be careful.”

‘Oh? She’s trying to warn me?”

Ye Zifeng let out a cold smile. He didn’t believe that Liu Ningzi was truly caring for him. She probably cared for Liu Yige in that she doesn’t want him thrown out after he doesn some stupid thing.

Actually, when Liu Yige walked out, Ye Zifeng had noticed it. He knew that Liu Yige was angry at him.

A lump of qi suddenly lit up on Ye Zifeng’s finger and the slip of paper turned into ashes.

“Alright, next group.” Ye Zifeng called out.

Ye Zifeng didn’t care about Liu Yige at all. He didn’t think that Liu Yige posed a threat to himself at all.

If he wasn’t a threat before, then he probably isn’t a threat now. Ye Zifeng was able to beat him when he was at the 3rd stage of qi refining. Now that he’s also in the 6th stage of qi refining, he didn’t have any reason to be scared of Liu Yige.

“Brother Zifeng! Yu’re still in the mood to stay here and drink tea? Come back to the Ye clan with me. I’ve already the best doctors over!”

Ye Xueyi hurriedly walked into the hall. There were a few servants following behind her but none of the could catch up to her.

“Miss Ye. Slow down. Without the master’s permission, I can’t let you come in.

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi felt displeased, “What do you mean? You want me to wait in that long line just to see my brother?”

“It’s not actually that long. You’ll get in by tonight.” one of the more stupid servants opened up his mouth. The head servant stared at him but didn’t say anything.

Liu Bingqian smiled and waved her hand, “Alright. Don’t make trouble for her. I told her to come whenever she wants.”

“Since the miss has agreed, then there shouldn’t be any problems.” The servants looked at each other and then left.

“Many thanks to sister Bingqian.” Seeing how Liu Bingqian was helping her, she felt much better.

“It’s nothing much. No need to mention it.”

Liu Bingqian smiled warmly at her.

Ye Xueyi was worried about Ye Zifeng the entire time. However, when she heard that people were praising and admiring Ye Zifeng outside the Liu clan manor, she felt much better.

When she got here, she noticed that Ye Zifeng didn’t look injured at all. He was sitting there and receiving gifts. There was a pile of gifts on the side already. He’s probably using this opportunity to get benefits from everyone!

“Brother Zifeng. It looks like you don’t want to go back anymore.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “No way. No matter how good this place is, it isn’t my home. I’m thinking about staying for a few more days. I’ll go back after I finish the sect missions.”

“What? After the sect missions? There’s still three more days. Could it be that you want to keep living here? I think uncle Liu might say something about it.” Ye Xueyi was startled and shockingly looked at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng was able to stay over because he had the ability to. He was able to live there for another day because the Liu clan was surrounded by other people. This showed how incredible he is.

However, if Ye Zifeng wants to live for a few more days, then it might be hard. If the master of the house doesn’t agree, it’ll make Ye Zifeng seem like he’s just slothing there.

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked towards Liu Mu, “Uncle Liu, I can’t bring back all these gifts. How about I leave some here?”

What does he mean by leave it here? He obviously meant that he was giving it to Liu Mu.

Most of these things didn’t have anything to do with alchemy so Ye Zifeng could care less about it. However, these things had value to Liu Mu.

Liu Mu laughed loudly, “If you can’t bring it all back, then stay a few more days and slowly organize everything. I think that there will be more people coming in the next few days so you can wait until then to move everything back. Actually it’s fine if you leave it here too.”

He wasn’t greedy for money but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t want money. Who doesn’t like getting things for free?

Ye Zifeng was like a treasure bowl right now. Even if Ye Zifeng didn’t say anything, Liu Mu would’ve tried to make him stay anyways.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. He then looked towards the shocked Ye Xueyi.

“Xueyi, when you go back, tell them that I’m fine. I’m just going to stay over for a bit and go back when I’m done with the missions.”

Ye Xueyi pouted, “Fine. I got it.”

Actually, she was worried about Ye Zifeng’s injury. Now that she sees that Ye Zifeng was fine, she felt a lot better. She didn’t care about the other things at all.

“Sister Bingqian, since it’s like this, then I’ll have to trouble you with my brother…..” Ye Xueyi looked deeply at Liu Bingqian with a complicated look.

“Don’t worry.” Liu Bingqian giggled, “Nothing’s going to happen to him here.

The two talked for a bit and then realized that they got along pretty well. They regret that they didn’t meet sooner.

Ye Zifeng smiled. Before Ye Xueyi left, he pulled her aside.

“Brother Zifeng, what else do you need? If you need anything, you can ask sister Bingqian.”

“This time, I got a present for you from Tiandao City. In other people’s eyes, this is a great opportunity..”

“What kind of mysterious gift is this? You didn’t even bring much money to Tiandao City. You can just say that you got me a pretty gift. But to say that it is a great opportunity, you’re going too far.”

“This is the Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion. What do you think?” While saying that, he took out a bronze medallion and handed it over to Ye Xueyi.

This was the medallion that Qi Zimo gave him. If it was anyone else, they would not have given it away. Only Qi Zimo would do something like that.

“Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion? No way! That Profound Sect in Tiandao City?” Ye Xueyi’s eyes lit up and looked at the medallion with disbelief.

Even Liu Mu was shocked. He had seen many things in his life and knew that the passage medallion was worth a lot. Ye Zifeng actually gave it away as a gift? Why don’t he leave it from himself?

Liu Bingqian saw her father’s expression and whispered to him.

“Father, big brother rough guy and I both have another one.”

“What? You have one too?” Liu Mu was shocked. His body started to feel numb, “No way. When did the Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion become so common? Can anyone get one?”

Ye Xueyi continuously stared at the medallion and played around with it.

“Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it! It’s exactly as big brother said, this medallion brings a great opportunity! As long as I reach the Martial Disciple realm, then it will be easy for me to pass the test into the Profound Sect!”

After saying that, Ye Xueyi sighed, “Ahh…. It’s too bad. I’m still at the peak eight stage of qi refining. I’m still far away from the Martial Disciple realm. It seems like my dreams of entering the Profound Sect is still far away.”

For Ye Zifeng to give her something as precious as this, she was moved.

“Brother Zifeng, thank you so much. I don’t even know how to repay you!”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “We’re family so this is what I should do anyways. With this, your dreams of entering the profound sect won’t be far.”

His eyes lit up and looked at Xueyi, “Maybe, I can help you out!”

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