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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 137 – Natural Adversaries

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 137 – Natural Adversaries
Translated by: Andy
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11/19 :8

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The news that Ye Zifeng was staying in the Liu clan quickly spread throughout Leizhou City.

The important characters in Leizhou City didn’t care about the affairs of the young generation. However, Ye Zifeng was different.

This was because last time, Ye Zifeng showed great leadership capabilities in the way of business. Then he made a name for Leizhou City during the alchemy competition. He revealed his strong abilities as an alchemist.

An alchemist is an existence that the elders of many clans would like to curry favors with. Now that Ye Zifeng had made a name for himself, it had attracted many people’s attention.

As a result, people flooded the Liu clan manor to see Ye Zifeng.

In the morning, the line outside of the Liu clan’s manor was very long. When they opened the doors, the group of people rushed in. Under the guidance of the servants, they entered the guest hall.

“Young master Ye, look, I personally brought this Great Mending Pill from Lingfeng City. it will help you a lot with your injury. Do you want to try it?”

“GoGoGo. What Great Mending Pill? Do you not see that the young master is almost healed up? What does he need it for? My Tong clan’s secret qi technique is much more useful!”

Liu Mu furrowed his brows, and waved his hands, “Alright. If you want to say anything, wait for young master Ye to return to the Ye clan. You can go to him then…..For now, you should leave.”

“What? Leave? You should know that I’ve waited the whole morning outside!” The person from the Tong clan yelled out.

The people next to him pulled his sleeves and bitterly laughed, “Let it go. Think about it. When we came in, there was still a long line behind us. I’m afraid that those people won’t even get to see him.”

The person from the Tong clan felt depressed. However, he knew what the situation was like outside and left the gift there. Afterwards, he was escorted out by the servants. As he walked out, he turned back and yelled, “Young master Ye, when you refine pills in the future, don’t forget about me! I’m from the Tong clan!”

Throughout this entire event, Ye Zifeng didn’t say a single word, let alone make a sound.

“Big brother rough guy, that’s weird. I went to the alchemy competition with you but they’re treating you like you’re their ancestor while only praising me.

Liu Bingqian giggled. She wasn’t jealous of Ye Zifeng at all. It was just that she was curious.

“That’s simple.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “They all know what level you are at. One month wouldn’t make that much of a difference. This time, you won the competition so the cost of hiring you would only be more than it is now. But I’m different. I came out of nowhere. They’re thinking that they can ask me to refine high grade pills for a low cost.”

“Then…Since everyone knows about your alchemy skills, won’t you be bothered a lot?”

Liu Bingqian remembered that the first time they met, Ye Zifeng told her to not tell anyone about his alchemy abilities. But now, every single person in Leizhou City knows about it.

“I am afraid. This is an opportunity but it can also be troublesome. I need to quickly increase my cultivation. When my injury heals, we can go refine some profound tier pills together. Before the next sect missions start, I need to increase my strength.

“The next sect missions? Hmm….Let me see. It should be soon!”

Liu Bingqian counted with her fingers and was shocked that it was so close already.

“That’s right. It’s almost time for the missions. This time, I should use my contribution points on something else.”

Ye Zifeng smiled.

The two of them were laughing and whispering with each other. When others saw this, they thought about something else.

Liu Mu saw this and was not feeling good about it. He lightly coughed, wanting to remind Ye Zifeng that he should behave.

On the other side, Liu Yige as Ye Zifeng was being well regarded and felt very unhappy.

“Clanmaster, we should control this guy. The Liu clan has been noisy since early morning. They’re all here for Ye Zifeng. Is this still the Liu clan, or is this the new Ye clan?”

Liu Yige was at his limit. It was fine if it was for one night. But for so many people to line up in front of their home to see him the second day, Ye Zifeng has an excuse to not go home anymore.

However, Liu Mu calmly laughed, “Yige, think about it. We can borrow Ye Zifeng’s name to get some connections with some of these people. To the Liu clan, there is only benefits and no harm.”

Ye Zifeng used this opportunity to show others that the two clans were close. However, the sly fox Liu Mu also used this opportunity to get himself close to some other families.

They were both using each other. No one could see through that at all. It was perfect.


Liu Yige hatred for Ye Zifeng cannot be easily cleared.

All these days, he had been thinking about how he can deal with Ye Zifeng.

“Just leave it. Let’s not care about this guy. Just pretend that he doesn’t exist.”

Liu Ningzi sighed.

“Junior sister. What are you saying? I remember that when you cancelled your engagement, you were telling me to teach him a lesson.” Liu Yige was shocked at her words. His expression became uglier and uglier.

“The past is the past. Now is now. If you keep thinking about teaching him a lesson, then when are you going to mature?” Liu Ningzi looked at Ye Zifeng for a bit before replying.

Liu Yige was startled, “You’re calling me immature?”

“No. I don’t mean that…..”

Liu Ningzi was distracted by Ye Zifeng and unconsciously said these words. Now that she thought about it, she regretted saying these.

“Okay. Good. I finally understand now. Both clan master and sister Bingqian both treat me like an outsider….I’m fine with that. But now, even junior sister you are treating me like one….”

Liu Yige’s voice was shaky when he said that.

“Senior brother, when did I treat you like an outsider? We grew up together. Even though you’re not from the clan, I have never thought of you as an outsider.” Liu Ningzi looked at Yige and frantically tried to explain.

“Enough. Don’t lie to me with these comforting words!”

Liu Yige snorted, “You guys are so polite to Ye Zifeng all the time. It seems like I can’t rely on you guys. About Ye Zifeng, I’ll deal with it myself!”

A frantic expression appeared on Liu Ningzi’s face as she quickly moved, “Senior brother. Don’t do anything stupid. If father finds out, he won’t forgive you!”

“Who cares. The most that he’ll do is kick me out. I’ve been the bastard son here for too many years anyways!”

“Senior brother!”

Liu Yige didn’t care anymore and coldly snorted. He walked out of the guest hall immediately.

The entire guest hall was filled with people. It was normal for people to come in and out. No one noticed anything wrong with Liu Yige. They all continued to praise Ye Zifeng and tried to curry favors with Ye Zifeng. They all want him to refine pills for them.

Maybe, after the alchemy competition, the title of the the number one alchemist in Leizhou City has already transferred to Ye Zifeng.

After Ye Zifeng sent a group of elders away, another group came in. Suddenly, he felt a poke on his face and raised his brow.

“Liu Ningzi?”

Ye Zifeng casually looked at her. His originally calm tone became much more colder.

“What do you want?”’

He doesn’t remember the last time he had a normal conversation with her. Maybe they never had one. It seems like they were natural adversaries.

“This is for you.” Liu Ningzi’s face was pale. It was normal. It took a lot out of her just talking to Ye Zifeng.

After saying that, she stuffed a small piece of paper into his hands.

“A small paper?” Ye Zifeng was confused.

Afterwards, she didn’t even look at Ye Zifeng and ran off.

Liu Bingqian had been staring at Ye Zifeng the entire time so this scene did not escape her eyes. A complicated look appeared on her face.

“Big brother rough guy, that paper that my sister gave you…. What did it say?” While saying that, she looked at the paper, trying to peek at what it says.

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      Screw Liu Ningzi! She cancelled the engagement in a humiliating way, and she wanted Ye Zifeng thought a lesson by her new man.

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