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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 133 – To instill fear

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 133 – To instill fear
Translated by: Andy
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“That’s to instill fear.” A cold smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face. It made Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao shiver.

“Wait…. What did you say?” Jin Peng somewhat didn’t understand Ye Zifeng’s meaning and his face twitched.

On the other side, Chu Hongbao understood what Ye Zifeng meant. He gasped as his face turned pale.

“You’ll know very quickly.”

Ye Zifeng put his palm on the formation and slowly sent his qi into it.

“The wind coils like a snake, formed by the might of the heavens.”

The silent yet deadly pressure from the gravity suddenly changed after Ye Zifeng added his qi.

A sandstorm appeared within the formation. Under the immense pressure of the gravity, all of the flying debris and earth pressed down against Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao. It felt as if they were being hit by a hailstorm.

This was not all. This was worse than a hailstorm. The sand and debris wrapped around Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao’s bodies. It slowly entered their nose and mouth, choking them until they started to tear up.

“Ke. Ke…… Don’t, don’t……”

When Jin Peng was going against Liu Bingqian, he still had the energy to talk. But now that Ye Zifeng had taken over, he could do anything at all. Once he opened his mouth, the sand will enter his throat and block anything from coming out.

Ye Zifeng acted like a demon king and looked at him, “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

The resources to maintain the formation was limited. Even though this was a small formation, it still used up the resources very quickly. If he didn’t intimidate his opponents enough and let them escape, then Ye Zifeng will be the one in danger.

Thus, Ye Zifeng had no choice but to do this. He was exerting his dominance. He was letting his opponents experience fear.

“Don’t……Don’t……” Jin Peng tried again but couldn’t say anything in the end.

“Don’t what?” Ye Zifeng snickered.

When he saw that Jin Peng had finally adapted to the environment and was ready to finally talk, he added even more qi into the formation.

In an instant, the sandstorm became even more wild. The sandstorm hid the sky and covered the earth. If someone was standing outside, they would not be able to see anything at all.

Jin Peng had just opened his mouth and it was immediately filled with sand and debris. He had a dumb expression on his face as he tried to talk.

Chu Hongbao called Jin Peng a retard in his mind. Why is he even opening his mouth in this situation? He’s just inviting trouble. Since they were both in the same situation, he couldn’t open his mouth to tell Jin Peng anything.

“Bingqian, when I’m like this…. Am i scary?” Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at Liu Bingqian.

“Big brother rough guy……”

This was the first time that she had seen Ye Zifeng act so cold hearted.

These people are Adept Baili’s disciple. If he really kills them, then he will make a big enemy. But if they just rob them and let them go, it won’t feel good.

“Big brother rough guy. You’re doing the right thing! These people are resentful. They will remember this and get revenge. We have to instill fear into their hearts and make them walk the other way when they see us!” Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up as she smiled at Ye Zifeng.

From what Liu Bingqian can see, when Chu Hongbao struck Ye Zifeng with the martial spirit attack, Ye Zifeng almost lost his life. There was no reason for him to let them go so easily!

Ye Zifeng nodded and showed Bingqian a warm smile. Then he turned towards Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao with a cold expression on his face.

With this one glare, Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao’s souls left their bodies. It was a frightening glare. Even without experiencing the pain, they knew that there was pain coming.

“Clouds of the earth. Changes from its formless beginning and materialize into a soaring bird.” Ye Zifeng chanted.

Mist formed around Ye Zifeng’s body and entered the formation.

The sandstorm formation was just a way to shut them up. What Ye Zifeng is using now is the real attack.

On the ground, white mist curled around like snakes and slowly curled itself onto Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao. The mist had an corrosion effect so when it touched their skins, a sizzling sound could be heard alongside their miserable cries.

“Ah! Ah!” Jin Peng couldn’t help but cry out.

The aging effect on his body didn’t stop yet and his arms continued to rot.

With the white mist, it brought Jin Peng even more pain.

Jin Peng wasn’t afraid of one type of pain. But if there were multiple attacks hurting him at once, it might even take his life.

Chu Hongbao didn’t have it as bad as Jin Peng but he acted as if he was far worse.

If Jin Peng can’t handle it himself, he can share some of the pain with his martial spirit. However Chu Hongbao’s martial spirit was swallowed so he had nothing to rely on.

Jin Peng physically feared Ye Zifeng while Chu Hongbao mentally feared Ye Zifeng. Very quickly, Chu Hongbao felt the pain that Jin Peng was feeling and cried out even louder.

The mist won’t cause harm to people in the martial disciple realm but it will bring them pain.

The fear on their faces was becoming more and more vivid. Bingqian was astonished at the scene. They’re only in the qi refining stage but they were able to suppress people in the martial disciple realm.

“”Big brother rough guy, when did you learn something like this? It’s so magical!” Liu Bingqian couldn’t help but praise.

What she doesn’t is that even if normal people knew this formation, they won’t be as extensive as Ye Zifeng. To directly use one thousand eight hundred gold coins and many precious materials? He’s basically spending money like it’s dirt.

Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t say anything.

Ye Zifeng didn’t learn this here at all. He had spent years researching pill formations and he coincidentally came across this while learning about formations.

The formation that he set up looks formidable but it’s actually a paper tiger. The range of the formation is very limited and it cannot be used on more than three people. If there was a fourth person, the formation would scatter immediately.

Actually, the resources for the formation is almost used up already. He had to move quick.

Ye Zifeng’s expression became serious and he looked at Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao, “I know that you guys can’t talk right now but I don’t want to hear you guys anyways.” His made sure that the two of them could hear his voice.

After a while, he continued, “So, you have to immediately reply to my next words. If not, then you will be punished…Do you understand?”

Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao were both startled. It took a lot of energy just to process Ye Zifeng’s words in their minds. They didn’t even have the chance to reply.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows, “Your reaction is too slow. Punishment!”

An electric current entered the formation and burned their skin. It seems like Ye Zifeng wants to burn them to crisps.

The two of them were sweating profusely. They were being pressured by the gravity, stuck in the middle of a sandstorm, being corroded by mist and now they were being burnt by electricity. This small area that they were in felt like hell. If someone were to look at their bodies carefully, they would notice that their bodies didn’t have a single undamaged part.

The most important thing was that Ye Zifeng didn’t even start asking questions yet! Fear was pouring out of their eyes. They can’t believe how such an inexperienced kid can have this kind of personality.

“Do you know that you’re in the wrong?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and took the sandstorm away, allowing them to talk.

“Big brother. Big brother! This little brother knows his mistakes. I will never try to do anything like this again. I was wrong before. Please give me another chance after teaching me this lesson.” Jin Peng was crying as if his parents had died. His entire body was injured and he felt excruciating pain.

Chu Hongbao was better off than Jin Peng by a bit.

“Big bro, I’ll give you all of my treasures. When I see you, I’ll walk the other way. Please. Please stop torturing me!”

How can Ye Zifeng not know what they were like. Ye Zifeng knew exactly what they were thinking about.

Ye Zifeng had a bitter expression, “You want to buy me out with treasures? Do you think that I, Ye Zifeng, am someone who is greedy for treasures?”

“Not greedy. Not greedy at all.” The two of them apologetically smiled.

Ye Zifeng looked at them deeply and then smiled, “But I am someone who’s greedy for treasures.”

“Then….. Greedy, you’re greedy!” The two of them frantically answered. They were afraid of any punishment that would come.

The two of them were completely frightened by now. They felt as if an invisible hand was grabbing their heart.

Some time passed.

The two of them were randomly answering questions the entire time. When they came back to their senses, they realized that they can’t offend Ye Zifeng at all.

Whatever Ye Zifeng says, they will unconditionally answer with a “yes.”

The pain was ingrained into their bodies. Fear was instilled into their minds. They can never get rid of this.

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    GG!! skill learned Ye Zifeng Detector! Description: A sixth sense that warns the user about a slightest hint of Ye Zifeng’s tracks. Induces unprecedented fear bordering on insanity, inducing the user to stay out of Ye Zifeng’s reach. All stats except movement speed reduced to 0 while the skill is in effect. Unleashes the latent potential speed of the user

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