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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 129 – Reeling in the fish.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 129 – Reeling in the fish.
Translated by: Andy
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Whoops. Chapter should’ve been out earlier. Forgot to press publish before rushing to my night classes. Most of my classes are stacked on tuesday (with a 3 hour night class) so there will be more the next few days.


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Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both rushed forward very quickly, thinking that Ye Zifeng would try to escape.

When they got closer, a peerless beauty appeared in front of them. From the looks of it, she was trying to run with all her might.

Jin Peng started to laugh loudly, “Bingqian? Hahaha, good thing Chu Hongbao is behind me. This is first come first serve!”

Chu Hongbao sighed and yelled out, “Do you see Ye Zifeng anywhere? There’s no way that Liu Bingqian would be by herself.”

Even an outsider like Chu Hongbao can see the relationship between Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian. There is something amiss here.

“This isn’t hard to explain. Have you heard of the words ‘everyone for themselves’? Under this kind of situation, Ye zifeng must have ran away like a coward. Let him be. I’ll replace him and show Miss Bingqian some love!”

Jin Peng’s eyes were filled with lust. It looked as if Bingqian was already in his arms.

“Miss Bingqian, don’t run. You won’t be able to run away!” In this desolate forest, Jin Peng finally showed his true colors.

Suddenly, a sharp sound penetrated his ears. It felt as if his ears were being pierced by a needle. His heart sank like a ship filled with water. He felt as if his entire body was in another space. He didn’t know how to react at all.

At the same time, Liu Bingqian also stopped running.

Ye Zifeng told her to be the bait and draw Jin Peng out. Using a beauty to lure a wolf… that was very effective. If Ye Zifeng used himself as bait, Jin Peng would have definitely thought about it before approaching.

“This…. What is going on?” Jin Peng’s expression change. He could barely string a sentence together. Even Bingqian turned pale from the scene and yelled out.

“The sixteenth heavenly formation. Calm on the inside, dangerous on the outside. A formation resembling the heavens. Ruler of formations. The vanguard of the army.” A calm ancient tone could be heard by Jin Peng.

“The symbol of mountain of the eight trigrams represents the gate of life! Tis lies on the northwest. Tis the birther of all living things! With gold coins as energy, tis the eye of the formation!”

(TL: fml. This guy citing some ancient poem from Zhuge Liang of the three kingdoms. http://s9.sinaimg.cn/mw690/0032yq2Ngy6Vt7SxkZa58&690 This is about some battle formation used during the three kingdom era.)

When these words were said, Jin Peng saw the gold coins around him fly around. The abundance of qi energy seeped out and continuously flowed out. It continuously supplied the formation with qi energy.

“The symbol of wood of the eight trigrams represents the closed gates! Located on the southwest, block thy movements. Close the door of life on thee! Qi congeal. Thunder Spirit Tempering Formation!”

Jin Peng wanted to get out of this place but the illusionary qi doors were closed on him. He was unable to break out. He used all his strength but every time he tried to break through, he felt as if he was being blocked by a wall. There were also thunder qi everywhere.

“Ye Zifeng. Get out here! I know that this has something to do with you!”

Ye Zifeng coldly chuckled. No shit. Other than Bingqian, he was the only other person there. Of course it was him.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes flashed and continued to chant.

“The symbol of thunder of the eight trigrams represents the gate of harm! Located directly in the west, bring disaster upon thy body! Vermillion Lotus, Illusionary Dream……. Harm!”

When the word ‘harm’ came out of Ye Zifeng’s mouth, the vermillion lotus fruit and illusionary dream grass inside of the core of the formation continuously supplied the gate of harm with qi.

At first, Jin Peng didn’t feel anything but in a bit, an immense pressure appeared from the gate of harm and suppressed Jin Peng to the floor.

The sound of Jin Peng’s bones cracking sounded like bamboos shattering.

He dropped onto his knees. It felt as if someone was stepping on him. He slowly dropped down as blood seeped out of his mouth.

“This……This is…..?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Don’t you think that this feels similar to the gravity multiplier rooms?”


“It’s too bad that I don’t have enough materials for my formation. I can’t materialize something to attack you so I’ll have to use the gravity room’s formless energy instead.”

Jin Peng spat out a mouthful of blood. He wanted to force himself up.

Seeing that, Ye Zifeng smiled, “You don’t have to waste your energy. This is 12x gravity. For a 1st rank Martial Disciple like yourself, this is the utmost limit already.’

If Ye Zifeng had enough materials and opened the gate of death, Jin Peng would’ve been half dead by now. He was lucky that he’s only suppressed like this.

“Ye Zifeng, you…How do you know how to set up formations?” Jin Peng’s face was almost on the floor.

“The things I know far surpass your imagination.”

Jin Peng was startled and looked at Ye Zifeng. There was fear in his eyes.

Ye Zifeng continued to smile, “Are you regretting that you made me your enemy?

Of course Jin Peng was feeling regret. If Ye Zifeng can suppress him like this in the qi refining stage….

Then when he grows up, he’ll be much stronger. What if he wants to get revenge? Jin Peng had offended someone unbelievable. If Ye Zifeng didn’t die, then he would be the one dying.

However, it’s not like he doesn’t have the chance to kill him. He put all his hopes of Chu Hongbao. He didn’t enter the formation yet so he won’t lose.

“Are you waiting for your partner?” Ye Zifeng smiled.

In the next moment, Chu Hongbao jumped down from a tall tree, and stood around seven feet away from Jin Peng. He looked at Jin Peng who was kneeling in front of Ye Zifeng and didn’t know how to react.

Ye Zifeng looked at Chu Hongbao. He saw that he was standing a bit far away, staring at the scene in shock.

In Chu Hongbao’s entire life, he had never seen a martial disciple realm cultivator punished like this by a qi refining stage cultivator. This wasn’t because he haven’t experienced many things in life yet but because Ye Zifeng was too strong.

“You want to come at me too? Then come in.” Ye Zifeng invited him to come over.

“Ye….Ye Zifeng.” Chu Hongbao swallowed. Jin Peng was already kneeling in front of Ye Zifeng. How can he win against him?

If other people heard that a martial disciple realm cultivator was standing in front of a qi refining stage cultivator thinking about whether he can win in a fight, no one would believe it. But right now, this was happening.

“Chu Hongbao. What are you afraid of? Come in and help me. I can’t handle this anymore!”

Chu Hongbao cursed inwardly and called Jin Peng a retard. It was a good thing that he was careful and didn’t rush to his own death like Jin Peng. He was a lot better off compared to Jin Peng right now.

“What? You don’t want to save your companion?” Ye Zifeng smiled. He was trying to pick a fight.

Ye Zifeng knows how to pick his opponents. He knows what he is capable of and what he’s not.

Since they want to fight, then he’ll fight.

“What companion? I’m just passing by. I’m not with him at all. You can deal with him however you want. That’s your problem.” Chu Hongbao spoke coldly without any emotions.

“Chu Hongbao, you fucking bastard! Do you believe that I will waste you the next time I see you?” Jin Peng’s face was already on the floor as he yelled out.

Chu Hongbao’s expression was still very cold, “Tell me that next time. Do you think that young master Ye would let you go after you tried to kill him and harm miss Bingqian?”

He saw that the situation was not good and immediately severed his connection with Jin Peng.

“Chu Hongbao, you two faced bastard! Weren’t you saying that you were going to take advantage of Bingqian?”

“Hehe….anyone can say empty words. I, Chu Hongbao admit that I wanted to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson for humiliating my master, as for Miss Bingqian, I didn’t want to harm her at all.” Chu Hongbao sneered.

“Chu Hongbao. I’m gonna kill you!”

Chu Hongbao was mixing truth with lies. It was hard to tell what the truth and the lie was. He was very sly. He admitted to the less serious things and avoided the more serious problems.

However, these words didn’t matter to Ye Zifeng. He can easily discern the lies from the truth.

Liu Bingqian walked back next to Ye Zifeng. She suddenly remembered the humiliating words that Jin Peng said and became extremely angry.

“Right. Big brother rough guy. You heard what Jin Peng said too right? If we fall into his hands, we won’t have a good outcome. We can’t let them go like this!”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes stared right into Jin Peng’s soul.

“Bingqian, say, how do you want to deal with them?”

“I…..”Liu Bingqian only said that because she was angry. She doesn’t have any experience in punishing people so she was at a loss for words.

“Well… since you caught them, you decide.”

Chu Hongbao noticed Ye Zifeng’s words and asked frantically, “What do you mean by “them”? I’m outside of the formation.”

“Do you really think that you didn’t enter the formation?” Ye Zifeng let out a cold snicker.

“What?” Before Chu Hongbao could be surprised, his entire body was nailed onto the floor.

With Ye Zifeng’s personality, he wouldn’t reel in before the fish takes the bait.

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