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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 124 – To be the focal point.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 124 – To be the focal point.
Translated by: Andy
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Since someone asked for it in the chat, here it is. 3/5 (13)

*They didn’t appear behind Ye Zifeng. They were behind the Adept.*

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The white robed individuals were led by Elder Zhao. For so many people to appear at once, the already somewhat cramped space felt even more cramped.

Before Elder Baili even got here, Ye Zifeng have already contacted Elder Zhao. When something actually happens, they would come out.

“You……What are you guys doing?”

Adept Baili was given a fright by the sudden arrival of these elders. Never have so many elders appeared in the gravity training rooms.

“Adept Baili. This is what I should ask you. Could you have gotten the news too? If not, how did you get here so fast?”

“News? What news?” Adept Baili asked.

The other elders didn’t bother answering him. They all looked behind Adept Baili and their eyes lit up.

“Aiya. So the alchemy genius haven’t left yet. It really was worth my time to come over!”

“That’s right. Young master Ye, your performance during the competition was incredible. I, Liu Xing, will forever remember that scene. Oh yeah, why did you want to come to our sect and refine pills for us for free?”

“Right? Last time, we tried to invite you but you refused us all. This time, you personally came over. I don’t need it to be free. Your pills will be worth my money. Please refine some pills for me!’

These people looked at Ye Zifeng as if they were looking at a shiny piece of cold.

“So you guys are all here to ask him to refine pills?” Adept Baili pieced everything together and asked with a nervous tone.

“That’s right. Adept Baili, you didn’t know that? This Ye Zifeng is the champion of this year’s alchemy competition. We had a few people go and ask him to refine pills for us but he declined us all. But now, he’s here in our Profound Sect. How can we let this opportunity go?”

Adept Liu was staring at Ye Zifeng awaiting for his reply.

Adept Baili furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth. He gloomily looked over at Jin Peng.

“Jin Peng. Why didn’t you tell me about this? At least tell me about his identity!”

“Master, I…..” Jin Peng bitterly smiled. From what he saw, he didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would have any kind of special identity. He’s only a mere cultivator at the fifth stage of qi refining. A pretty boy who follows Liu Bingqian around. He’s been too focused on getting revenge and didn’t ask around about anything else. Who would’ve thought that there would be so many experts of the Profound Sect behind him?

This is too coincidental. How did Ye Zifeng gather all these people. How did they know that Ye Zifeng planned to refine pills for them for free?

All these questions appeared in Jin Peng’s head, making him feel agonized.

Elder Zhao looked over at him, “Adept Baili, why did you come to find Ye Zifeng?”

Jin Peng didn’t even think about it and showed a fierce expression, “Of course we’re here to teach…..”

“Shut it!” Adept Baili exploded and cut Jin Peng off.

There are so many people who are fond of Ye Zifeng. If he says that he was going to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson, what would they think of him?

Adept Baili laughed, “Who would’ve thought that the young genius alchemist would be here in our Profound Sect. Of course I’m here to ask for pills.”

Hearing that Adept Baili was here for pills as well, the look on the other elder’s faces became better.

Adept Liu smiled and nodded his head.

“Great minds think alike. However, Adept Baili didn’t go to the competition this year and yet you still know Ye Zifeng. It seems like his name is getting more and more widespread. I’m guessing that in two years, there won’t be anyone that doesn’t know him.”

Adept Liu’s words were quickly approved by the other elders.

“Adept Liu is saying…..”

Adept Bai forced a smile on his face. He wanted to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson but now that Elder Zhao and Adept Liu interfered, how can he do anything?

Adept Baili’s disciples saw that their master was afraid so they didn’t make any noise either. They carelessly allowed Liu Bingqian and Dong Tianrui escape.

“Big bro! You’re incredible. All these elders in the Profound Sect are trying to curry favors with you. I’ve decided. I, Dong Tianrui will follow big bro no matter what!” Dong Tianrui clenched his fist. His admiration of Ye Zifeng had reached the peak.

Liu Bingqian also had a glistening expression in her eyes, “Big brother rough guy, you’re growing up too quickly. I was your partner at the alchemy competition and they don’t even care about me. I believe that you’ll be even better than my master soon!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t reply.

If his goal was to become as strong as Muyun Old Devil, then he will definitely disappoint himself. It’s too low.

Other people finally noticed Liu Bingqian and looked over, “Aiya. Even Muyun Old Devil’s disciple, Miss Bingqian, is here as well. The champions are both here!”

Elder Zhao laughed louder and louder, “That’s right. These two youngsters will sooner or later become the pillar of support for Tiandao City’s alchemists. We did the right thing by coming here today!”

After hearing what Elder Zhao said, all the other Adepts started to speak as well.

“Young master Ye, how about you come and refine pills for me first? I won’t waste your efforts. During the competition, my junior brother, Yao Chong, spent one thousand and eight hundred gold coins for you pill. This time, I’ll give you one thousand eight hundred gold coins as well!”

“Do you think money can move our young master Ye? Too vulgar! How can our young master Ye be someone who thinks of nothing but profit? How about I get a few of Profound Sect’s beautiful female disciples and have them accompany you for a few nights….?”

When Liu Bingqian heard this, a cold murderous aura appeared from her. She coldly glared at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed inside, thinking, ‘Bingqian, why are you glaring at me. I didn’t agree to it at all.’

He raised his head up and looked at all the elders with an imposing look.

“It’s not a problem for me to refine pills for you guys. But, this Adept Baili got here first. According to the rules, I should refine pills for him. Also, I’m an outsider so I can’t stay in Tiandao City past fifteen days. I have to return to Leizhou City soon and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to refine pills for anyone else.

Someone was dissatisfied, “Why does he get priority? I have the seniority here!”

“That’s right. My cultivation is higher than his too.”

Everyone single one of them was throwing shade at Adept Baili. Some people offered gold while others offered treasure. If Adept Baili gets this opportunity just because he got here first, none of them will be satisfied.

Adept Baili didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh, “Who said I want him to refine pills for me.”

He didn’t attend the alchemy competition so he doesn’t know how skillful Ye Zifeng actually is. Thus, when everyone else heard his comment, ill feelings formed towards him.

“Would you look at that. Pretending to not care after receiving such an advantage…..”

“Right? After being in secluded meditation for so long, from what I can see, he probably trained so much that he became stupid.” They all said whatever they wanted without thinking at Adept Baili at all.

Seeing how everyone was making a fool out of him and trying to curry favors with Ye Zifeng, Adept Baili felt that he was thrown into a hole by Jin Peng.

When he saw that Jin Peng was still trying to beg him to help, he became even more angrier. He was thinking about how he should punish this disciple who doesn’t know how to discern certain situations.

He lightly coughed and looked towards Ye Zifeng, “Little brother. We have some misunderstandings earlier and I hope you don’t keep that in mind….”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Misunderstandings? What misunderstandings? Adept was probably deceived by some vile character.

Adept Baili was startled and then smiled. He was praising Ye Zifeng by the way he looked.

Adept Baili can accept these words from Ye Zifeng, but to Jin Peng, it was a completely different matter.

Jin Peng was furious, “Ye Zifeng, who are you calling a vile character!? Don’t force me!”

“Alright Jin Peng, shut up!”

Adept Baili coldly looked at Jin Peng. He saw that Ye Zifeng was giving him face so he won’t do anything to him. Even if he had to sacrifice Jin Peng, he can hold it in and do so.

From Ye Zifeng’s point a view, an enemy doesn’t have to be an enemy.

He can pull an enemy to his side. It might not create internal problems on the other side, but he accomplished his goal.

With Ye Zifeng’s strength right now, he’s not the Adept’s opponent and thus, he had to think of a plan like this.

Afterall, if he offends a Martial Practitioner stage expert right now, when he comes to Tiandao City in the future, bad things will be awaiting him.

Sometimes, one cannot choose their enemies. However, Ye Zifeng was able to pick his own enemies and fight accordingly.

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked towards Adept Baili, “Since everyone wants me to go refine pills for them, then Adept Baili, are you willing to give this chance to someone else?”

Adep Baili didn’t even want Ye Zifeng to refine pills for him anyways. Seeing how Ye Zifeng was giving him a chance to be a good guy, he grabbed onto it immediately. His views on Ye Zifeng had completely changed already.

“Of course I’m willing. I can give this chance to anyone!” Adept Baili have decided. In matters regarding Ye Zifeng, he won’t make a move anymore.

Elder zhao smiled and looked over at Ye Zifeng, “If you’re willing to give it to anyone, then why not give it to me?”

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  1. Dan Mason says:

    These people looked at Ye Zifeng as if they were looking at a shiny piece of cold.
    I think it’s:
    “These people looked at Ye Zifeng as if they were looking at a shiny piece of gold”.
    Also this sentence
    (He didn’t see the alchemy competition so how didn’t know how skillful Ye Zifeng was.)
    Something about it feels wrong.

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Vexed says:

    I really like how he dealt with Baili, so completely out of the norm for xianxia, but in an actual sensible, clever way where everyone benefits.
    In a general xianxia I would expect Baili to cough blood and start plotting for his death!

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