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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 123 – Great Fame and Power!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 123 – Great Fame and Power!
Translated by: Andy
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Adept Baili is in the Martial Practitioner realm but compared to Elder Zhao and Elder Shen, he was still a level lower. However, it was still easy for him to take care of Ye Zifeng.

Along with Jin Peng, Adept Baili has around ten more experts who left the mountains with him. They all walked towards the gravity rooms, causing others to start gossiping.

“What day is today? How come even an Adept is here at the gravity rooms? There’s nothing here that can help him with his training.”

“Are you stupid? Look at how they’re walking? They’re probably here to teach someone a lesson. We’re bystanders. We should leave quickly and not get drawn into this mess.”

“You’re too nervous. This is an adept. He wouldn’t harm innocent bystanders for no reason.”

However, when he said that, a frightening qi lifted his entire body into the air as if he was a puppet on a string. He was pulled all the way to Adept Baili.

When his companions saw this, they all got scared and ran away.

The one who was caught was extremely frightened, “Aaaa…..Adept….I don’t have any animosity towards you guys. Please. Let me go.”

Adept Baili coldly snorted, “If you had any animosity with me, that means that you’re at least at my level…… If you want me to let you go then… hehe.”

Adept Baili turned around and looked at the gravity rooms, “Where is Ye Zifeng. Tell me now.”

That person quickly shook his head, “I don’t know. I’ve never heard of that name.”

Jin Peng laughed, “Master. I told you that Ye Zifeng is at the 3x gravity room.”

Adept Baili shook his head disapprovingly at Jin Peng and sighed, “Ah…Do you not know how to get the mood going to get your face back? Do you not know how to be imposing?”

To start things off, they need to be imposing. He used his imposing manner as an adept to instill fear in others. If he nicely asked these people where Ye Zifeng was, then he would lose all of his respect.”

At that time, Dong Tianrui and the others ran out from the 6x gravity room.

“Who the hell is making so much noise down here in so early in the morning? Do you not see that we’re trying to train?”

Dong Tianrui was the leader of these people and yelled very loudly. He had dark circles on his eyes, showing that he’s been training the entire night without sleep.

“You guys…..” Adept Baili was extremely angry when he saw that these ‘retards’ yelled at him like they didn’t put him in their eyes.

Suddenly he noticed the ‘Dong’ jade pendant that Dong Tianrui was carrying and was startled. He was glad that he didn’t make a big fuss out of this and used his imposing manner.

“Oh so it’s the young master of one of the two strongest clans in Tiandao City. It’s just as people have said, you really are handsome and valorous!” Adept Baili added a few sweet compliments to get himself closer with these people. Even the Profound Sect can’t offend a strong clan like theirs.

“You… Could you be….” Dong Tianrui was feeling a bit drowsy and wasn’t fully awake.

Jin Peng couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t help but yell you, “It’s Adept Baili!”

“What? You’re Adept Baili? The one who’s in charge of the gravity rooms? That Adept Baili?”

“That’s right!”

Dong Tianrui suddenly remembered the time when Ye Zifeng talked about his backings. His heart skipped a beat and thought about if he had offended the adept in any way.

He turned around and looked at Jin Peng, “Then, you’re the disciple that has some relations with Ye Zifeng?”

By now, Dong Tianrui have already gotten Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian’s name so he was able to call out his name.

Jin Peng was startled. He had never seen this person before.

He hesitated for a bit and then asked, “Young master Dong, what kind of relations do you have with Ye Zifeng?”

Dong Tianrui laughed loudly. When Jin Peng mentioned Ye Zifeng, his expression became brighter.

“Ye Zifeng is my big bro. My only big bro. You guys are here to look for my big bro? What do you guys want?”


Complete silence……

Jin Peng and Adept Baili looked at eachother with a shocked expression in their eyes.

When did Ye Zifeng make connections with someone like this? To make someone as arrogant and despotic as Dong Tianrui to call himself big bro, just what did he do? If they lay a hand on Ye Zifeng, then what will happen?

“We…. We actually came here to…..”

Before he could finish his sentence, Bingqian walked out too. When she saw Jin Peng, a cold expression appeared on her face.

“Jin Peng. Why are you here again? Did my big brother rough guy not teach you enough?”

“Miss Bingqian…. I……”

When Jin Peng saw Liu Bingqian, his entire body withered. He didn’t think that Liu Bingqian would accompany Ye Zifeng for the entire ten day of duration that he was gone.

“Miss Bingqian? Why is she here? Didn’t you say that she would definitely not like the training and go back to the Muyun Estate?” Adept Baili raised his brow at Jin Peng.

He did say that he would ignore Muyun Old Devil and teach Ye Zifeng a lesson. However, he can’t really do so in front of Bingqian…..He didn’t really want to offend Muyun Old Devil.

‘Master….” Jin Peng didn’t tell his master the relationship that Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian had and was momentarily at a loss of words.

“What’s going on? That big brother rough guy she’s talking about….is it Ye Zifeng? What kind of relationship do they have? She sounds like she’s very close to him!”

Adept Baili became more and more nervous. He kind of regretted that his decision to help Jin Peng. If he randomly offends the Dong clan and somehow offends Muyun Old Devil, then it will be disastrous. If Muyun Old Devil refuses to concoct pills for him, then that would be very bad.

“But master…. Didn’t you say that if you don’t help me, then no one will?” Jin Peng had a begging look on his face. If Adept Baili doesn’t help him, then he basically wasted the past few days waiting for nothing.”

Adept Baili sighed, “Alright. Who told you to be my eldest disciple. Since it’s like this, then we’ll look for Ye Zifeng ourselves!”

“Are you two look for me?” Ye Zifeng’s calm voice sounded from behind them.

“Big brother rough guy!”

“Ye Zifeng!”

Jin Peng was all smiles right now. In front of all these people, he can’t go into the room and drag Ye Zifeng out. However, Ye Zifeng came out by himself. He basically walked right into the trap.

“Big bro. You’re here!” Dong Tianrui wanted to go up and welcome his big bro but was blocked by Jin Peng and the others.

“What are you guys doing? Why are you blocking my way?”

Jin Peng was expressionless, “Young master Dong. This doesn’t have anything to do with you. We don’t want to offend the Dong clan so we hope that young master doesn’t interfere.”

When Liu Bingqian wanted to interfere, she was given the same treatment and was blocked.

“Miss Bingqian, sorry to offend you but please forgive us.” A few people formed a wall in front of Liu Bingqian

There was a martial disciple realm amongst them, thus she couldn’t break through.

“Don’t worry Bingqian, I’m fine.”

“But….” Liu Bingqian was worried.

Ye Zifeng turned back to look at the others, “Such a grand battle formation for a mere qi refining stage cultivator like myself. I’m honored.”

“Hehe…. Ye Zifeng, if you can’t handle it, then kneel down and kowtow to my master.”

Jin Peng walked in front of Ye Zifeng and laughed coldly.

He knew that with Liu Bingqian here, he can’t make a move on Ye Zifeng. All he can do is punish him. Muyun Old Devil probably won’t be bothered by this at all.

With this, he can get some of his face back.

However, Ye Zifeng acted as if he didn’t hear that. He cupped his hands and bowed, “Ye Zifeng greets Adept Baili.”

Adept Baili have seen many people who tried to curry favors with himself. However, Ye Zifeng was calm unlike others who showed fear. He started to become curious about Ye Zifeng.

However, he had a very cold expression on his face, “Ye Zifeng. You harmed my disciple’s face. You insulted my disciple’s personality. It seems like you have no regards for me and the Profound Sect. As the administrator of the gravity rooms, I have the right to banish you!”

“That’s right. Ye Zifeng. Don’t blame us. This is our Profound Sect. A mere outsider like you shouldn’t be acting like this.”


Ye Zifeng smiled and his eyes lit up. Behind Adept Baili, around ten figures with white robes appeared before everyone’s eyes…..

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