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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 121 – Training like a madman

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 121 – Training like a madman
Translated by: Andy
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It didn’t mean much if someone in the qi refining stage who didn’t belong in the Profound Sect trained in the gravity multiplier rooms. It just means that they have some connections with an elder or something and received permission to train.

However, to be able to lead a group of qi refining stage disciples to train here meant that Dong Tianrui didn’t have a simple background.

Thus, Ye Zifeng was a bit softer when dealing with Dong Tianrui. Dong Tianrui didn’t really have bad intentions in the first place anyways. Ye Zifeng was smart and didn’t want to make some really strong enemy.

At least he didn’t want to have enemies like this before he became stronger.

“Whatever. I’m not gonna think about it anymore. I have to concentrate on training.” The most important thing to Ye Zifeng was his own training.

His eyes lit up and his expression became serious.

“8.5x Gravity!”

He slowly increased the gravity in the room as he circulated his qi throughout his entire body. As the gravity increased, the veins on his head started to bulge out. Blood started to seep out of his mouth.

However, he looked way better than the time that he experienced 8x gravity for the first time.

Also, after training so much for the past few days, he became more familiar with his mysterious martial spirit.

Everytime he got injured to a certain degree, he would use his martial spirit’s power to heal himself.

“This is not my limit. 9x gravity!”

If others knew that someone at the fifth stage of qi refining was training his body using 9x gravity, they would definitely be extremely shocked. This was because the different was way too large. It was beyond common sense. It had nothing to do with perseverance anymore. This was all due to Ye Zifeng’s past experiences.

As a martial lord, Ye Zifeng understood the theory behind qi control. He was able to perfectly control his qi and use it to its maximum potential!

However, despite all this, when he felt the pressure of 9x gravity, he felt as if a large weight had slammed into him. His mind was buzzing and he started to feel very dizzy.

The seven apertures on his head started to bleed again. When that happened, he started to use his martial spirit’s power to heal himself. However, the speed that he was recovering at was slower than the speed at which he is being injured. If this goes on, Ye Zifeng will definitely faint.

Thus, he decided to pull back a bit. He was going to retract the qi away from the Blood Emperor drawing.

He’ll heal up and then try again.

When he turned to look at the drawing, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

He didn’t that the qi on the drawing would have dried up so quickly.

If he can’t retract his qi from the Blood Emperor drawing, then he can’t lower the gravity in this room!

While in shock, Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows together. To him, this is something like a test. If he doesn’t focus, then his life may be forfeited.

He calmed himself down and circulated all of his energy into the red veins on his arms, allowing his martial spirit to activate its maximum power.

Like this, he can guarantee that he won’t faint due to the loss of blood.

However, this was only a temporary solution. If this goes on longer, then he won’t have enough qi to hold on. The 9x gravity would crush him.

“Alright. Let’s try the strength of this Spirit Amassing Pearl then.”

He took a deep breath and got rid of any distracting thoughts in his mind. He calmed himself down and concentrated.

Streams of qi entered the tiny pearl. However, it was different from before. This time, Ye Zifeng used half of his remaining qi and sent it into the pearl. He was going to take a gamble with everything that he got.

He can see a faint red light appear from the Spirit Amassing Pearl. His qi was continuously changing inside the pearl. The red light shows that there was a big change happening inside the pearl.

After a while, a cold stream of qi returned into Ye Zifeng’s body. It was the qi that he sent into the pearl.

“I did it!”

After the changes in the pearl, Ye Zifeng can feel that his qi was of higher quality than before. He was very happy about this.

“It seems like the Dong clan is really extravagant. Even a random treasure of theirs have such a strong effect.”

This random treasure is a grade 4 spirit rank treasure. It was a level higher than the Ocean Containing Bottle that was offered during the Heavenly Clan Gathering.

After this little surprise, he closed his eyes and calmed down again.

Even though this was a small success, he wants to continue using the Spirit Amassing Pearl and his martial spirit’s power to attack this problem on hand from different angles.

With a higher quality qi in his body, Ye Zifeng can feel his resistance increase.

“With this Spirit Amassing Pearl, my training speed can go up by another level!”

The Spirit Amassing Pearl cleanses his qi and returns it back to him at a higher quality.

This was a simple process. However, there were still many questions. For example, how much qi can the pearl take at once? If there was too much, would the pearl explode or would the qi disappear?

But right now, after receiving a higher quality of qi back, Ye Zifeng felt a lot better.

“Oh yeah. What if I send this cleansed qi into the pearl again. Would it become even better?”

This idea randomly popped into Ye Zifeng’s head and he immediately tried it.

The streams of high quality qi that just returned to Ye Zifeng’s body was sent out into the pearl again. The faint red light from before turned darker and darker.

“Great! It seems like I’m right.”

Ye Zifeng was not greedy. He knows that no matter how awesome this thing is, it is only a spirit tier treasure. It cannot be compared to Heaven tier or even God tier treasures. If he overuses the pearl, then it might explode.

He took another deep breath and stopped. He waited for a bit before retrieving the qi from the pearl.

It was not good for Ye Zifeng if he retrieved the qi back by himself. However, Ye Zifeng had no choice as he was being pressured by the 9x gravity.

He needs to quickly retrieve the qi that he sent out. He needed to feed his martial spirit his qi in order to survive in the room.

“Alright. Let’s see.”

As expected, Ye Zifeng really was correct. If he forcefully retrieve the qi by himself, then the quality of the qi won’t change as much.

Only after a few rounds of cleansing did the martial spirit’s power increase. Only after an hour did the martial spirit’s recovery rate catch up to the rate that the pressure was injuring Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng let out a long breath. He used all his strength to try and get up from the floor.

“Get up!”

He resisted the pain and gather his energy in his arms to help get himself up.

“Almost there!”

He will receive benefits even if he just lie there and not move at all. However, the benefits will be limited. Only when he goes against the gravity can he increase his training speed.

Ye Zifeng felt his mind being distorted and couldn’t help but breath heavily.

Both of his eyes were filled with determination even though his entire body was in pain. If it was anyone else, they would have died due to the pain. However, how can Ye Zifeng give up? With his will power, as long as he has a single breath of life left in him, he won’t give up.

At home, he is unable to get much resources due to the decline of his clan. This chance of training in the gravity room was hard to come by. If he doesn’t train like a madman, then can he even return to the peak?

“Argh. I’m going all out!” Ye Zifeng gritted his teeth and used up all of his remaining qi. A white aura of qi surrounded his body. The pain on his body was relieved.

Taking this chance, he held onto his knees and forced himself up.

Qi continuously flowed out of his pores like a small geyser. The pressure from all directions tried to force him down again.

“Shit. I said I’m going all out!”

Ye Zifeng grunted and released all of his strength.

He can be composed when it is the time to be composed. However, this was not the time to be composed. He had to be hot blooded right now. He needs to be completely concentrated right now.

“Peng. Peng. Peng.” His skin began to rupture. To Ye Zifeng, this was nothing at all. His body started to crack slowly. However, this sound was just like any other sound to him.

In his mind, there was only training.

He had to train as if his life depends on it to get a good outcome. He needed to change. This pain was nothing to him, because if he succeeds, then the pain will only be the cost of success.

Rays of golden light appeared on his body. The red veins on his arms became redder and redder. Qi started to surround Ye Zifeng’s body once again.

Ye Zifeng who had his eyes closed the entire time suddenly opened them.

“Yes! Finally. This time, I didn’t need the help of pills! I trained and broke into the 6th stage of qi refining by myself!”

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  1. linklight2- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule says:

    I don’t remember his martial spirit having healing powers. I thought it could only store medicinal power and release it all at once for an all out attack. Could someone please refer me to the chapter where this was revealed?

    • zomthemonk says:

      Do not remember the specific chapter, but he discovers it after his cauldron got sabotaged and blew up shredding his back in order to pin down the saboteurs.

  2. sinsi says:

    I still don’t see why he is in such a hurry to train that he goes for such risky training regime – he was, literally, saved by a random treasure he had just obtained!


    He has no scheduled fights, and no rivals he has to overcome, no enemies to stop – while his alchemy skills should still provide him with speed of training far above anything available to all of his peers.

    Also, it is strange that an extra 1/16 of gravity is such a dramatic difference between perfectly tolerable and completely fatal rate. It really should be something like “you can stomach 8x gravity for 1 minute at a time, 8.5x for 30 seconds, 9x for 15 seconds” instead of “stomach 8x indefinitely, get killed by 8.5x”.

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