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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 120 – Spirit Amassing Pearl

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 120 – Spirit Amassing Pearl
Translated by: Andy
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Hearing this, Ye Zifeng slowly walked back into the room and squatted down next to Dong Tianrui.

“What kind of treasure is this? Is it worth it?”

Dong Tianrui hesitated for a bit and took his ring off. He inserted his qi into the ring and retrieved a pearl like object from it. He had an unwilling look on his face.

“Damn. Big bro. Here. Take this Spirit Amassing Pearl.”

“Spirit Amassing Pearl? What’s the use of this?” Ye Zifeng asked.

Dong Tianrui sighed, “Put your qi in there and you’ll see.”

Ye Zifeng was curious and took the pearl from Dong Tianrui.

A cold qi entered his hand into his heart. It continuously absorbed the qi in his body. After a while, when all his qi was absorbed from his body, everything returned to his body in one go, allowing his entire body to be filled with qi. It made his body feel warm and very comfortable.

“So that’s how it is. This thing is kind of like the Ocean Containing Bottle.” Ye Zifeng smiled and stored away the Spirit Amassing Pearl.

“Ocean Containing Bottle?” Dong Tianrui was startled and immediately spoke again.

“Big bro, this is a grade 4 spirit tier treasure! I’m taking a loss here!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and then comforted him, “What loss? You lost your treasure but you gained a big bro. I can give you tips to help you with your cultivation. When you get stronger, then wouldn’t the people in your clan respect you?

“Really? Do you have a way to help me train faster?”

Actually, by training in the gravity rooms, Old Dong can cultivate very quickly. However, he doesn’t have the perseverance for it. Every time something hard gets in the way, he would give up immediately. That’s why his cultivation had stopped growing.

“Of course. If not, how do you think I can freely walk in here with my low cultivation?”

“Oh. right.” Old Dong was startled and finally realized it.

If Ye Zifeng has this much potential at the fifth stage of qi refining, then in the future, he will definitely become an influential figure within Tiandao City sooner or later. From what Old Dong can see, Ye Zifen might have gotten some sort of special cultivation manual from Adept Baili to allow his cultivation to raise.

“Big bro, please accept my respect.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t want to have some little bro or anything. If he had to take on, he wouldn’t even consider this guy.

“No need. No need. But it’s too bad that I met you a little too late. I need to train myself too and can’t help you right now. This is because I have to return to my own city in a few days.”

A regretful expression appeared on Dong Tianrui’s face, “That’s too bad. I’ll have to wait until big bro comes next time.” An outsider can only stay within Tiandao City for fifteen days. Even Dong Tianrui knows of this rule.

Ye Zifeng sighed, “But, how about this. Since you gave me this Spirit Amassing Pearl, I can’t let you guys leave empty handed. I’ll teach you guys a breathing technique that will let you guys adapt to the pressure here.”

“Really?” Dong Tianrui’s eyes lit up immediately. His brothers were also getting excited. The hatred that they had for Ye Zifeng slowly dissipated.

“Alright. Listen up. The most important part of the Profound Sect’s breathing technique lies in the……”

As a Martial Lord in his past life, it was easy for him to randomly bullshit some fake technique with some very technical terms.

Dong Tianrui and the others closed their eyes and breathed according to Ye Zifeng’s instructions….

After a while, Ye Zifeng smiled, “So? How do you guys feel? Feeling any better?”

While saying that, he retracted some qi from the Blood Emperor Drawing. The gravity went down to around 7.5x

“Wow. Incredible!”

Dong Tianrui couldn’t help but smile and praised, “The Profound Sect’s breathing technique is indeed marvelous. Big bro, you’re incredible!”

“Stop trying to flatter me and continue. Don’t relax.” Ye Zifeng’s expression tightened up. He purposely put on a stern look to scare them.

“Yes big bro! We’ll continue!” Dong Tianrui continued to smile.

After another set, Dong Tianrui and the others slowly opened their eyes.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng had finished retracting some qi from the Blood Emperor drawing. The gravity in the room went down to 7x.

“How about now? Is it better than before?”

Dong Tianrui was super excited, “Yeah. This is too incredible! How long has it been after we started? The pressure felt like it was decreased by a whole stage!

Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but laugh inside, “No shit. I decreased the gravity from 8x to 7x. What do you think?

“Damn big bro. I want to continue. Please continue giving us pointers. This technique is so incredible. Giving you my Spirit Amassing Pearl was worth it!”

Ye Zifeng laughed and looked deeply at them, “I happy for you guys too. But don’t stop now. Let me tell you this. Don’t be impatient for results, or else your cultivation speed will drop drastically. So, I suggest that you guys go home and practice this for a few days before coming back.”

In most cases, what noble and spoiled children lack isn’t physical strength but mental strength. Ye Zifeng is helping them build their confidence.

Dong Tianrui nodded, “Yes big bro. Thank you big bro!”

“Alright. Try and see if you can stand up now.” Ye Zifeng once again retracted some qi from the drawing.

The gravity in the room was now only at 6.5x

Old Dong gritted his teeth and forced himself up. The others who were already up saw that he was struggling and went over to help.

However, Dong Tianrui waved his hands, “Don’t…..Don’t help me…I can do it myself. Let me do it myself.”

All of his brother’s jaws dropped in surprise.

“Old Dong, when were you able to withstand so much pain?”

“Yeah. In the past, you would be screaming in pain already.”

Dong Tianrui rolled his eyes at him, “That’s the past. This is now. Didn’t you see that after big bro’s teachings, my perseverance grew as well?”


After receiving Ye Zifeng’s pointers, the others felt as if they were reborn as well. Just before, they were being pressured by the gravity to the point of death. It was Ye Zifeng’s teachings that allowed them to stand up and withstand the pressure.

Ye Zifeng smiled. He let them experience hell for a bit first and then slowly decreased the gravity. In addition, he added a few words of praise. Just like that, they had all changed their opinions of Ye Zifeng.

“I’m up! I’ve finally stood up! Big bro, little bro, I, have eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai. I hope you can forgive my past mistakes.” Dong Tianrui was very excited.

He was sent by his clan to train here. After seeing Ye Zifeng train all day and all night while he himself was not improving at all, he was feeling angry.

However, that anger had already turn into respect. He had forgotten about how Ye Zifeng left him to die before.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, the strong were respected. Even though Ye Zifeng had made them suffer, he helped them improve as well. This was exactly what they needed.

Ye Zifeng had a calm look on his face, “Alright. If you go train later, you’ll probably feel that it is a lot easier.”

“Alright big bro.” Dong Tianrui then yelled out at his brothers, “Listen up everyone. After eating, we’re going to train! Is that clear?”

He turned back around to face Ye Zifeng, “Sorry big bro. We’ve hindered your training. If you need my Dong clan to do something, I’ll do my best to help.”

“Alright. You guys can go then.”

All this time, Ye Zifeng had forced all his enemies to make a blood oath or sign a blood contract to end their hatred towards him.

However, this time, Ye Zifeng was sincere with this group of people. Even though it took some time and energy, he helped them out a bit.

After Dong Tianrui and the others left, Ye Zifeng retrieved the Spirit Amassing Pearl and stared at it.

“Alright. I should start training too!”

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