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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 12 – Picking a Next Level Mission

Chapter 12 – Picking a Next Level Mission
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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Ye Zifeng calmly nodded. Asides from the fact that everyone knew him as the trash young master of the Ye clan, Xiao Mu had also just made fun of him. So under these circumstances, it’s not unusual that Elder Qin would know who he was.

“How’s your father Ye Chongtian doing these days. Is everything going well……?” Elder Qin looked at Ye Zifeng and then asked.

Ye Zifeng was startled for a bit. So this Elder Qin knew his old man…. Well it’s not that surprising considering that Ye Chongtian was one of the more well known figures in the city and the Ye clan was one of Leizhou City’s three great clans twenty years ago

“My father had some business to take care of is out of town. And for how we’re doing….. I think we’re doing fine.” Ye Zifeng half-heartedly answered.

Elder Qin looked deeply at Ye Zifeng, “For you to heave reached the peak of the third stage in the qi refining realm, it seems like you’ve worked hard. You have to keep working hard to help the Ye clan return to its former glory!”

“Zifeng understands.” Ye Zifeng showed respect to Elder Qin

In his heart however, he thought: Working hard? LOL. With these trashy meridians and this sick body, no matter how hard one worked, there won’t be any results. If he didn’t cross over and made some god like pills, this body would not have broken through at all.

“Good. Good.” Elder Qin nodded his head a few times. He was pleased with Ye Zifeng’s manners.

Then Elder Qin immediately pointed at the mission board, “This is the mission board for disciples in the third stage of qi refining. I recommend that you go and hunt Rock Turtles. Although their defense is quite strong, they have almost zero attack power. If you can’t kill them, staying alive shouldn’t be a problem.

Ye Zifeng shook his head and wanted to say something.

Elder Qin smiled and continued to talk, “Heh. You youngsters are sure impatient. Fine. If you don’t want this then I’ll recommend you this, a treasure hunting mission. This is a better and faster mission. Even though the treasure is in a mountain and it is hard to get to, there are no monsters around the area. It is very safe…..”

Ye Zifeng shook his head again and walked towards another mission board, “Elder Qin, I’m not interested in third stage missions. I want to take on these missions.”

Elder Qin was shocked. Ye Zifeng had walked in front of the fourth stage mission board.

Seeing this, Shi Chen walked over and pulled Ye Zifeng aside.

“Ye Zifeng are you crazy? I’m at the fourth stage of qi refining and don’t even dare to take on these missions. You’re merely at the third stage. Do you want to die? You’re being too rash. This is your first time here after all.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Precisely. Because this is my first time, I need to be caution. That’s why I didn’t go over the the fifth stage mission board.”

“Taking on fifth stage missions? If you really choose it and complete it, I’ll call you master!” Shi Chen was shocked.

Ye Zifeng continued to smile, “Then I guess I have no choice but to pick a fourth stage mission now. Why would I want a dumb disciple like you?”

“You!” Shi Chen’s face turned darker and darker.

The missions that the sects give were always solo missions, there was no way to cheat. Due to the fact that disciples in the qi refining stage did not have any experience in the world, they would always choose mission that’s equal to or below their level their cultivation. However, Ye Zifeng has the experience and willpower that he brought over from his other life. Compare to peers in his age group, he was much more experienced and mature. Thus, he chose a mission that was on a higher level.

Elder Qin laughed and praised Zifeng, “Good! It’s been a long time since someone challenged a mission that is higher than their own level. It seems like the Ye clan has a ray of hope now. Mo Yu come over here……”

Behind Elder Qin, one of the protectors stepped forward, “Mo Yu is here.”

Elder Qin, “What is the reward for a fourth stage mission?”

Mo Yu answered,” If it a fourth stage mission, the reward is around 40 to 60 contribution points. That’s the reward if you’re at the fourth qi refining stage. However, if the challenger is under the fourth qi refining stage, then they would receive additional points.

“Okay. Then I’ll be responsible for Ye Zifeng. If he can complete a mission on the fourth stage board, then his rewards will be doubled!”

“Doubled?” Mo Yu was shocked.

“Reward…. Doubled?!” Shi Chen jealously looked at Ye Zifeng. The sect only gives one mission to each selected student every month. If his rewards doubled then that would mean that he would get two month’s worth of reward with one mission! And what’s more, the reward for a fourth stage mission is already doubled the reward for a third stage mission. If Ye Zifeng and Shi Chen both complete their missions, Ye Zifeng would receive four times more points than Shi Chen.

Ye Zifeng looked at Shi Chen, “What’re you acting so envious for. Why don’t you change your mission and go get a fifth stage mission.”

Shi Chen suddenly came to a realization. This actually made sense. Elder Qin isn’t giving him these points for free… Ye Zifeng is fighting hard to earn these points

“Hmmm… Now what mission should I choose?” Ye Zifeng looked at the mission board in front of him.

He looked back at Elder Qin and asked, “Elder Qin, why don’t you recommend me a mission at the fourth stage?”

Elder Qin laughed, “I’ve already doubled your rewards. That’s the most I can do for you. Why don’t you listen to my advice and choose a third stage mission?” He was willing to double the rewards but was unwilling to recommend a mission. He was lowkey trying to tell Zifeng that he shouldn’t do these missions and that he can’t complete them.

Ye Zifeng knew what this old fox was thinking but didn’t say anything.

“Senior Brother Mo, You said that fourth stage missions were worth 40 to 60 points right?”

Mo Yu nodded, “That’s right!”

“Then where are the missions worth 60 points? Let me have a look.”

Mo Yu was startled and looked at Elder Qin. Although Elder Qin didn’t have a good look on his face, he nodded anyways.

“There’s only one mission that’s worth 60 points and it’s this one.” Mo Yu pointed to the mission posted on the top of the board.

Shi Chen gasped, “Common Tier fourth stage Thunder Rhino!” Last time he was almost killed by a common tier fourth stage blood eagle…. If he went up against a Thunder Rhino, who knows how many times he would have died.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes widened and smiled happily, “So it’s a beast with an attribute. Not bad not bad.”

Hearing Zifeng’s not bads, Shi Chen started to yell, “Not bad your face. Do you not see the description that’s written there? A Thunder Rhino that’s above the third stage have the ability to release lightning at will! You’ll probably be shocked to death before you could get close enough to touch it!”

“Shi Chen is right.” Elder Qin indifferently said, “This Thunder Rhino’s ability is too hard for you to handle. Even someone at the fifth qi refining stage would have a hard time getting close to it. That Xiao clan’s Xiao Mu is at the fifth qi refining stage and he tried it a few times. Every time he tried to get close to it, he was shocked back and eventually gave up.”

Ye Zifeng calmly smiled, “Then I’ve decided. I want this Thunder Rhino Mission!”

Elder Qin’s expression changed, “Are you sure? I’m telling you right now, that you’ll definitely die if you do this mission. That’s going to be your own problem.”

“Elder Qin, I have decided.” Ye Zifeng nodded, his eyes filled with determination.

Elder Qin stared at Zifeng for awhile. He saw that Zifeng was not going to back down and finally sighed and smiled, ‘fine. If you can pass our test then I’ll let you do this. If you can’t then go choose something else. If something happens to you, I won’t be able to explain to Chongtian. Mo Xiang, bring him to the other room and test him out. Don’t take too long though. There’s still other people waiting.”

Elder Qin has two protectors and they had both reached the Martial Disciple realm. Mo Yu guided the disciples while Mo Xiang was responsible for testing the disciples.

“Come with me.” Mo Xiang walked in front of Ye Zifeng and pointed towards the testing room.

By telling Mo Xiang to be quick, it meant that Elder Qin wanted Mo Xiang to hold back. Before long, the two of them returned.

“Elder Qin, Ye Zifeng has the qualifications to accept this mission. Please hand him the mission badge.” Mo Xiang respectfully told Elder Qin.

Seeing that Mo Xiang had understood what he meant, Elder Qin smiled and nodded, “Okay. Ye Zifeng, according to the rules of the Hidden Heart Hall, you have three days to finish the mission. You will go to Cloud’s Peak Valley and kill a Thunder Rhino. If you success, the reward will be doubled to 120 points.”

“Many thanks to Elder Qin.” Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and bowed.

“Alright, if you don’t have any more questions, then you can leave with Shi Chen. Also, call in the next set of students.”

“Yes sir!” Ye Zifeng and Shi Chen both replied.

“He’s out. He’s out! Ye Zifeng came out!”

Ye Zifeng came out of the hall and wanted to return home quickly to prepare. However, when he came out, many people were looking at him. It seems like he had spent quite an amount of time inside the hall.

“Ye Zifeng, did you take the mission that I recommended you? The great mission of helping the hall repair some broken walls. It’s perfect for a trash newbie like you who’s receiving missions for the first time!” Xiao Mu stepped out from the group of people.

“You’re right. That kind of mission should be for trashy newbies.” Ye Zifeng calmly replied.

Seeing how calm Ye Zifeng was, people thought that he had actually taken the mission to repair walls and started to laugh.

“Look at that trashy Ye Zifeng. He actually took the mission to repair broken walls. He doesn’t even have the courage to go and kill beasts.”

“Hey. Don’t belittle him. I heard that one needs sixty contribution points to exchange for a common tier technique. After this month, he only needs eleven more months of wall repairing to get a martial technique. To a piece of trash like him, this is a great deal!”

Shi Chen who was left behind by Zifeng finally caught up with him. He was out of breath and said, “Brother Feng! Why are you walking so fast! Why don’t you consider it again. It’s too dangerous to fight against the Thunder Rhino! You should switch to another mission!”

“Thunder Rhino?!” Everyone who heard this was shocked. Their expressions changed and looked towards Xiao Mu, not knowing what to say. Xiao Mu was extremely shocked and angry. He was so angry that he clenched his fists until his nails pierced his skin.

Ye Zifeng smiled and continued from where he left off, “Yeah, only a trashy newbie would do that kind of mission. But sadly, that’s not me.”

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