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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 118 – Sure. You can have it.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 118 – Sure. You can have it.
Translated by: Andy
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Super tired last night. Had class from 8AM and got back home at like 9:30PM. More to come tonight though.

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In the gravity multiplier room.

Ye Zifeng had locked himself in here for a few days now after having dinner with Bingqian. He continuously trained as if his life was on the line. It was a rare chance for him to train in the Profound Sect right now so he needs to make use of all the time that he has.

During this time, he had experienced thousands of falls and yet he got up again every single time. He was sweating so much that if someone saw him right now, they would think that he was just in a thunderstorm.

The powerful gravity made Ye Zieng’s entire body bend over many times. It had suppressed his body as if he had tons of weight on his back. It made it very hard for him to breathe. Every time he got injured, he would use his martial spirit’s ability to heal himself up by a bit.

After a long time, his body had finally gotten used the pressure from 7x gravity. His muscles have become stronger. The originally weak looking body was not so weak looking anymore after all this training.

However, he still needed to train more.

Ye Zifeng had been occupying the 3x gravity training room for quite a while now. He was lucky that this was a low level room and no one would use it. He can concentrate on training here without anyone bothering him. When it’s meal time, Bingqian would bring some food over to eat together and then he would go right back to training. All he did was eat and train.

Some other people became aware of Ye Zifeng’s crazy training schedule. His method of training was terrifying. A lot of willpower was needed for something like this.

“I have never seen someone train in there for so long. It seems like he’s not sleeping at all. Say, do you think he’s crazy?”

“Old Dong, this is call perseverance. If you have half of his diligence, you would have reached the 7th stage of qi refining long ago.”

“Talk about yourself! Come to think of it, there’s a beauty from the 9x gravity room that goes and bring him food everyday!”

Talking about that girl, those people’s eyes lit up.

“Damn…. It really is like sticking a fresh and beautiful flower on dog shit. What does that beauty see in this weak brat. Is it just because he’s a little cute?”

“Yeah. If she’s gonna pick someone like that, then might as well pick me. At least i’m in the 7th stage of qi refining!” Old Dong chuckled.

Old Dong came from a very prominent family. Even though he’s not a disciple of the Profound Sect, he used his family’s influences to let him train in the gravity rooms.

Hearing these words, Bingqian started to twitch and became angry. She coldly snorted and yelled at them.

“What are you saying? What fresh and beautiful flower on dog shit? Big brother rough guy is an incredible man! You guys can’t even compare to him!”

“Oh? Did you guys hear that? She’s calling him big brother rough guy. How close! What rough guy? In what places is he rough?” Old Dong started to laugh crazily.

Bingqian’s expression didn’t change. She was getting angrier and angrier.

“You guys…..”

Old Dong smiled and looked at Bingqian’s body. He couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

“Everyone listen up. Let’s go into the 3x gravity room and meet that kid!”

“Old Dong, that’s kinda going too far… We don’t know anyone here. We’re just borrowing these rooms for training. If something happens, we won’t be able to do anything.” One of Old Dong’s companions tugged his sleeves.

Old Dong was getting annoyed, “Who said I was going to do anything? That kid’s been in the 3x gravity room for quite a while now. He should let us use it! It’s only fair.”

Liu Bingqian stepped in front of the door and blocked the way, “Bullshit. You guys just want to disrupt his training. If you want to go in, then you’ll have to get through me first!”

Liu Bingqian saw how hardworking Ye Zifeng was for the past few days. If these clowns want to bother Ye Zifeng, then she will stop them.

Old Dong turned around and exchanged glares with a few others.

“Miss, have you ever heard of the saying that two hands cannot beat four? My brothers and I are all around the 7th stage of qi refining. We have the advantage in numbers. Do you really want to block our way?”

Liu Bingqian gathered her qi in her hands and stared at them, showing that she was not going to budge.

“Okay. You forced me.” Old Dong and his brothers started to walk towards Bingqian with hostility.

Actually, Old Dong’s real objective wasn’t to get into the gravity room. He used that as an excuse because he saw that Liu Bingqian cared for the kid and would definitely block their way.

With the situation like this, he can try to take advantage of her and touch her a few times when they’re fighting.

Suddenly, Ye Zifeng’s voice sounded from the room.

“Bingqian, they’re right. I’ve been using this room by myself for way too long. I should let them train too. You can let them in.”

“But….” Hearing this, Liu Bingqian was confused. What was Ye Zifeng thinking about? This wasn’t like him at all.

“Don’t worry. Let them in.”

Liu Bingqian nodded and moved out of the way.

“Then… Okay. Did you hear that? He said that he’s going to let you in.”

Old Dong and the others furrowed their brows. If they don’t fight with Liu Bingqian, then they can’t take advantage of her and touch her. They were feeling a bit angry about this.

But Old Dong have already said that they wanted to go in. If he doesn’t then he would be losing face.

“Go. Let’s go in then. We’ll drive the kid out!” Old Dong was going to let out his anger on Ye Zifeng.

A few others cursed as they walked into the room.

“You brat. Give us the room!”

Right when they stepped into the room, an enormous pressure was suddenly dropped onto them. Every inch of their skin, every part of their bone, every vein in their body felt as if they were suppressed.

After a while, Old Dong and the others couldn’t take it anymore and dropped onto their knees. They used their hands as support so their faces won’t fall onto the ground. Ye Zifeng smiled and send his qi out to slowly close the door.

“Holy shit. Isn’t this the 3x gravity room? Why is the gravity so strong here? I’m at the 6th stage of qi refining and I can’t even handle it!”

Old Dong’s face was on the floor with his arms and legs sprawled out, “Look at me, I’m at the 7th stage of qi refining and I can’t handle it either. How is this even at 3x gravity. This is at least 7x gravity!”

At the same time, their faces turned pale and their breathing became heavier.

On the other side, Ye Zifeng who was used to the gravity here smiled and looked at them.

“How come you’re fine? That’s not possible. Your cultivation shouldn’t be higher than mine!” Old Dong’s face was extremely ugly at the moment. He forced his head up and opened his mouth.

Ye Zifeng smiled and replied, “I’m at the fifth stage of qi refining….”

Old Dong was shocked when he heard this, “You’re…. You’re lying….”

It’s fine that the room feels so scary but the person in front of them was even scarier.

“Big brother rough guy, are you alright?” Liu Bingqian called out. She was worried. Even though these people don’t have any grudges against Ye Zifeng, she was still anxious about what was happening.

“No problem. Bingqian, I’m coming out soon. Since they took my training spot, I’ll come out and relax for a bit. We’ll take a walk around and go eat.” Ye Zifeng smiled and replied to her.

“Really? That’s great!” Liu Bingqian was bored of training already but didn’t want to disturb Ye Zifeng. Now that Ye Zifeng was willing to go eat with her, she was feeling very happy. On the inside, she thanked Old Dong and the others. If it weren’t for them, Ye Zifeng would not have left the training room.

“No way. You’re going to leave? At least help us and throw us out of the room or something.” Old Dong had an agonized look on his face.

“Since you guys said that you wanted this room, then you guys can stay here to train. It’s pretty easy to negotiate with me you know.”

Ye Zifeng had a cold smile on his face. It sent shivers down Old Dong’s spine.

How can Old Dong let him go. If Ye Zifeng leaves, then they won’t be able to get any help at all. Who would come save them?

“Boss, Boss. I’ve wronged. It’s my fault. Please forgive us and bring us out!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and walked to the center of the room. He took something out from his robe and placed it on a table.

“This… What is this?” Old Dong started to sweat. He had a bad feeling about this.

“Big brother rough guy. Are you done?”

Ye Zifeng replied immediately, “Coming. Coming!”

After saying that, he smiled towards Old Dong, “This? You’ll find out soon.”

With that, he turned around and left through the door.

Behind him, a small incense was burning on the table. The gravity in the room started to change slowly…..

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  1. RedDragonX says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Hahaha oh how bad have they screwed up I wonder if they’ll be turned into paste

  2. sinsi says:

    > He continuously trained as if his life was on the line. It was a rare chance for him to train in the Profound Sect right now so he needs to make use of all the time that he has.

    Remind me, why is he in such a hurry? What happens if he advances to (whatever level he wants) not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow?

    And why is it a “rare chance”? Can’t he get all the chances he needs concocting a pill or two for the Profound Sect elders?

    • Zetta says:

      Thank you for the chapter Andy. I believe he is rushing because he can only stay in the city for so long so he is trying the get the best he can right now.

      • alu says:

        The reverse: the prize of the alchemy competition was the right to be in the city for one year. And they got permision asa favor to use this gravity rooms to train for 11 days.

        Once the 11 days are over, they can’t use this training again.

        • Dan Mason says:

          The Profound sect isn’t worthy of his pills. Also he doesn’t want to give them pill since they can be used for his own cultivation.

    • Andy says:

      He’s training because he wants to strengthen his body and build his foundation before he levels up some more. He can only stay in Tiandao City for about 11 more days or so. The medallion allows him to freely roam the Profound Sect (except for some special highly restricted places?) but it doesn’t allow him to stay in the city. In the end, after the time he has is up, he has to leave Tiandao City so he won’t have the chance to train in this kind of environment again until he gains permission to stay in the city.

  3. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    he just took out…pancake tools. when they return they’ll see pancakes in the room! hahaha

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