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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 114 – Cultivating by Force

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 114 – Cultivating by Force
Translated by: Andy
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The testing stele was designed to withstand a large amount of qi.

It was made so that Martial Disciple realm and Qi Refining stage disciples could not destroy it even if they wanted to.

Thus, when the black smoke appeared from the stele, everyone thought that it was weird.

“Ye Zifeng… You, What did you just do? Why did the testing stele turn like this?” Jin Peng yelled out at him.

Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up and stared at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “You guys saw exactly what I did. I just followed your steps and inserted my qi into the stele. Didn’t everyone see this?”

Jin Peng furiously shook his head, “Impossible. I have never seen something like this happen before. How can the stele be broken like this!”

“If you’ve never seen something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.”

Jin Peng wanted to continue asking Ye Zifeng’s questions but was pulled aside by one of the other disciples.

“Senior brother Jin, there’s something that I don’t know if I should say or not.”

Jin Peng furrowed his brows, “If you have something to say, then say it. Don’t beat around the bush.” He was feeling very angry right now and wasn’t in the mood to play any games.

That disciple muttered, “Senior brother Jin, this testing steele can only test the potential within the qi refining stage and the martial disciple realm. Is it possible that…… Ye Zifeng’s potential have already surpassed the limit of the stele?”

“Surpassed the limit of the stele?” WHen Jin Peng heard this, he glared at that disciple and stood there silently.

Jin Peng hesitated a bit but continued to talk, “You mean, this twenty year old fifth stage of qi refining person has a potential that cannot be gauged?”

That disciple had worried look on his face but still nodded.

If it’s not like this, then how someone at the fifth stage of qi refining destroy the testing stele with his qi?

“Let me calm myself down…..” Jin Peng felt that his temples were stinging a bit.

How can Ye Zifeng let him calm down and think about it? He immediately opened his mouth, “Since Bingqian and I already have been tested, you should bring us to cultivate in the gravity multiplier room.”

“Hold on.” Jin Peng’s expression changed.

“What else do you want? Do you want me to pay you for this testing stele?” Ye Zifeng saw that Jin Peng called for him again and felt impatient.

“Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to compensate for anything at all. However, I forgot to tell you that entering the gravity multiplier room has a time based fee.”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned ugly, “I didn’t think that a large sect like the Profound Sect would charge people money to use their facility. Let me ask you this then. Who’s measuring the time? Who’s collecting the fees?”

Jin Peng laughed and pointed at himself, “Naturally, it would be me, a disciple of the sect.”

Liu Bingqian was angry, “Brother Jin, how come you didn’t tell my master any of this?”

Jin Peng awkwardly smiled and tried to comfort her, “Bingqian, don’t worry. I know that you’re Senior Muyun’s disciple and will not charge you. But, Ye Zifeng isn’t. However, I will do things fairly and won’t upset Senior Muyun…. Let’s see. I’ll take a hundred gold coins as entry fee.”

Someone patted Jin Peng’s shoulder all of a sudden, “Senior brother Jin. Stop talking. That Ye Zifeng isn’t even paying attention to you. He left a while ago…..”

“What?” Jin Peng looked up.

It was just as the disciple had said. Ye Zifeng left as if Jin Peng’s words meant nothing. He ran very quickly towards the training room at a speed that exceeded everyone’s expectation.

Very quickly, he had reached the doors to the multiplier rooms. Having Ye Zifeng test himself at the testing stele was nothing. However, making him pay a hundred gold coins was too excessive.

Ye Ziifeng didn’t want to deal with these little things at all and went straight to the rooms.

Jin Peng yelled out again, “Ye Zifeng. Stop. This is the Profound Sect’s territory. How can an outsider like yourself be able to do whatever they want”

“I didn’t want to use this but you left me with no choice. Look at this.”

A smile appeared on Ye ZIfeng’s face as he retrieved a medallion from his sleeves.

“What? The Passage Medallion? He…. How did he have something like this?”

“How can a fifth stage of qi refining brat like Ye Zifeng obtain the Passage Medallion that was meant for the higher ups of Tiandao City?”

“Right. Is this medallion fake?”

At the same time, one of the disciple’s eyes widened, “I remember now! Ye Zifeng is the person who beat Qi ZImo in the alchemy competition!”

“No way. He’s the champion?”

Some of these people didn’t pay attention to the alchemy competition at all. However, once they knew that Ye Zifeng was the champion, they were all shocked.

Jin Peng suddenly remembered something. He had a martial uncle that attended the competition and purchased a high quality pill. However, the fact that he spent one thousand eight hundred gold make him into a laughing stock.

Jin Peng remembered that the pill that his martial uncle bought was refined by the champion of the competition. That meant that the pill was refined by Ye Zifeng!

An expert in the dao of alchemy who also has connections with Muyun Old Devil. Even though his cultivation is low, he can’t be offended.

“Alright. Can I go in now?” Ye Zifeng smiled towards Jin Peng.

With the Passage Medallion, let’s not mention this mere training facility, he can even go stroll in an Adept’s garden.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Muyun Old Devil wanted Jin Peng to lead the way, Ye Zifeng would’ve gone to the gravity multiplier room by himself.

“Of course. Of course. This is not a problem at all.” Jin Peng’s face was frozen in shock but still managed to force a smile.

“Are you still going to make me pay a fee?”

Jin Peng’s heart shook and hurriedly replied, “No. Of course not!”

Ye Zifeng’s expression was very cold, “Alright. Bingqian, let’s go in.”

“Okay!” Liu Bingqian laughed as she watch the scene unfold in front of her.

The gravity multiplier room was designed and constructed using many different formations. Each level will have different kinds of formation imbued into the room. Since the multiplier goes from 2x to 20x, each respective room will be able to help cultivate disciples from the second stage of qi refining all the way to the 9th level of Martial Disciple realm.

“Big brother rough guy. Which room are you going into? Do you want me to come with you?” Liu Bingqian was looking forward to training with Ye Zifeng

“I’m going to the 20x multiplier room. Do you want to come?” Ye Zifeng smiled at her.

Liu Bingqian pouted, “You’re doing this on purpose right? So you don’t want to train with me?”

Ye Zifeng laughed and shook his head, “No, I just think that it’s better to train separately. Also, I don’t like people watching me train either.”

Liu Bingqian sighed, “Alright. Since I’m on the ninth stage of qi refining, I’ll go to the 9x multiplier room and try it out.”

She wanted to go to the 5x room with Ye Zifeng and cultivate together but since Ye Zifeng didn’t want it, all she could do was train by herself at the appropriate level.

After Liu Bingqian left, Ye Zifeng stood by himself in front of all the rooms.

He looked around as if he was looking for something. After a while, he smiled.

“Found it. The core of the formation is right here!”

He looked up at the room, “3x multipler room huh? Alright. It’ll be easier for me anyways.

He smiled, looked around and then walked into the room. When he entered, the gravity made Ye Zifeng to move a bit slower. After a while, he regained his normal speed. With his fifth stage of qi refining cultivation, this was nothing to him.

“How is it? Did you see which rooms they entered?” Jin Peng hurriedly asked.

“Brother Jin, Miss Bingqian went to the 9x multiplier room and Ye Zifeneg went into…..”

Jin peng hurried him up and asked, “Where did he go? Tell me now!”

“The 3x multiplier room.” The person quickly answered.

“What? The 3x multiplier room?”

Jin Peng was doubting this, “No way. He was so overbearing before. Why did he suddenly go into the 3x multiplier room? Isn’t he just wasting his time there?”

“Senior brother Jin, that guy was so arrogant before. I know that you’re in a bad mood too. I say, we should just enter it too and teach him a lesson.”

Jin Peng frowned, “No. He has connections with Muyun Old Devil and is also the champion of the alchemy competition. If we directly deal with him, it’ll be bad for us.

“We can’t directly deal with him?” Jin Peng’s brothers caught the keywords in his reply.

“Wait. So how are we going to deal with him?”

Jin Peng grinned evilly, “Hehe. You guys don’t know this, but you can actually mess with the gravity multiplier rooms. I’ve been here for many years and found out a while ago.”

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      i think the gravity isn’t important to him. i think he want’s to use the core for making a pill or getting more qi than normal

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