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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 110 – The heaven knows, the earth knows, you know, I know, nobody else will know.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 110 – The heaven knows, the earth knows, you know, I know, nobody else will know.
Translated by: Andy
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“What happened? Could Senior Muyun know my father?”

A suspecting look appeared in Ye Zifeng’s eyes.

Muyun Old Devil sighed, “Ye Zifeng… Ye Chongtian…. So that’s how it is. My mind was muddled. How could I not have figured this out earlier?”

She lightly laughed and then explained, “Twenty years ago, Uncle Chongtian was already an expert of the Martial Spirit realm. At that time, I was a young girl and have heard about his prestige. Unfortunately, the once proud Ye clan of Leizhou City has sharply declined recently.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows, “Wait… So you’re not that old? Could it be that you’re not even thirty yet?”

Muyun Old Devil was shocked. An angry expression appeared on her face.

“You damn brat. Do you think that I’m very old?”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “There’s something called Anti-aging Pill…..”

Muyun Old Devil sighed, “ I didn’t use that Appearance Halting Pill or whatever. I’m all natural.”

Muyun Old Devil was a very beautiful woman. Even if she did use the Anti-aging Pill, that would mean that she was very beautiful when she was younger.

Hearing how her tone of voice was like Bingqian’s, Ye Zifeng started to believe that she was actually pretty young.

However, to be able to be at the top of the alchemy food chain in Tiandao City at such a young age, she must’ve immersed herself in the Dao of Alchemy and put in a lot of work.

“Alright. Since Senior Muyun is someone close, then it’ll be easier for me too. I’ve already written down the ingredients for the pill I want. Can I get a bit more than one set of ingredient?” Ye Zifeng had a mysterious look in his eyes.

“Who’s close to you? I just happen to know Uncle Chongtian. Don’t play games with me boy. What ingredients? I told you that it has the ingredients to one type of pill at the Qi Refining Stage.” When the ingredients were mentioned, Muyun Old Devil’s expression changed immediately.

During the tournament, she can be a bit more generous and give out a large amount of ingredients. She had to keep her face and do so. Also, she was going to get money back for it anyways. She had to put on a facade in front of all these people. In front of Ye Zifeng, she will treat her ingredients like her own children!

Ye Zifeng weakly laughed, “Bah. Whatever. One set is fine then. I want the ingredients to the profound tier Golden Marrow Pill.”

“Profound Tier Golden Marrow Pill?” Muyun Old Devil couldn’t help but be shocked, “That isn’t much….. But, you can only refine this pill with a profound tier cauldron…. It’ll be useless if you only have the ingredients.”

“This….. Don’t worry about it……”

If Muyun Old Devil continued to probe Ye Zifeng, Ye ZIfeng will view her with disdain and thus she stopped asking him questions.

“Since that’s the case, then let me bring you to the storehouse…..”

“No need to trouble yourself. You can just ask one of your subordinates to bring me.” Ye Zifeng had a calm expression on his face. However, on the inside, he was smiling sinisterly. No one knew what he was planning.

“Oh. You’re right. Where’s Yang Xin?”

When the guard heard this, he quickly ran over, “Master Muyun, what do you need?”

“This is the keeper of the storehouse.” Muyun Old Devil introduced him.

“Now bring this little brother over the the storehouse and give him one set of ingredients to the Profound Tier Golden Marrow Pill. Got it?” She glared at Yang Xin, warning him that he should not let Ye Zifeng get more than one set of ingredients.

“I got it. Don’t worry Master Muyun.”

“This way, young master Ye.” Yesterday, Yang Xin was treating Ye Zifeng coldly, but now, after the competition, he was treating Ye Zifeng with the utmost warmth.

Ye Zifeng lightly laughed and sized Yang Xin up. He then followed him to the storage room.

“Brother Yang, may I ask how long you’ve been in the Muyun Estate?”

Ye Zifeng chatted him up on the way. They talked about things in Tiandao City and then things in the Muyun Estate.

Ye Zifeng even called Yang Xin brother, making Yang Xin feel very satisfied. He was quite a bit older than Ye Zifeng and no one respected him as a mere keeper of the storage house. However, right now, the champion of the alchemy competition was calling him brother. He was feeling very happy.

When they entered the storage house, an extremely happy expression appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face when he saw all these ingredients.

During the competition, all of the ingredients brought out was only a small portion of what was in this room. There were many types of ingredients in here. The amount of ingredients in this storage house was not less than the amount in the medicine cage in the Ashen Spirit Sect. Muyun Old Devil’s fame isn’t based on nothing after all.

“For senior Muyun to have such a storage house, it is a blessing.” Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but compliment this place.

“Little brother Ye, there’s something that I don’t understand. How can one person refine all these ingredients? If you keep it here too long, won’t they rot?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “Brother Yang is correct. If you leave some ingredients out for too long, they will indeed rot. It is very serious. It might even affect other ingredients.

Ye Zifeng pretended to look at some ingredients. He casually picked up a Vermilion Lotus Fruit and inserted some of his own death qi into it.

In a while, the sparkling Vermilion Lotus Fruit started to turn black. Some of its skin started to peel off while some parts of it turned rotten yellow.

“Holy Shit. Brother Yang, look at this. Isn’t this thing rotting?”

Yang Xin’s heart thumped and quickly walked over. When he saw the fruit, a buzzing sound could be heard from his brain.

“No way……. This…This ingredient really does rot….”

The death qi was from a Martial Spirit. Even if Muyun Old Devil was present, she wouldn’t have been able to see that it was Ye Zifeng who did something to do. If she suspected that Ye Zifeng had to do with it, she would be laughed at. Afterall, how can a fifth qi refining stage kid have a martial spirit?

Ye Zifeng gave the fruit to Yang Xin to let him inspect it. While Yang Xin was looking at it, he ran around and repeated the process again.

“Brother Yang, come look. This Illusionary Dream Grass is rotting too. If you keep it here in the storage house, the other ingredients will start rotting too. Look at it.” After saying that, he threw the Illusionary Dream Grass over to Yang Xin.

Yang Xin was so shocked that he stood there blankly like a wooden doll.

“This…..What should I do? If Master Muyun finds out that I’ve been slacking off, I’m afraid that she’ll kick me out immediately.”

Yang Xin was startled. Suddenly, it seems as if he realized something and pulled Ye Zifeng over.

“Little brother Ye, it was a good thing that you found these today. You saw it first hand how much Master Muyun cares for her ingredients. If she comes around one day and sees something like this, she will definitely explode in anger.

He swallowed and continued, “So…. Can you help me out and not tell Master Muyun about this?” Yang Xin was feeling very anxious.

Ye Zifeng sighed and pulled Yang Xin’s arm away.

“Brother Yang, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. This is a very big deal. If I don’t tell her about this, she won’t have a good opinion about me…..”

Ye Zifeng was calling Yang Xin brother and yet he wasn’t willing to help him out. This made Yang Xin feel more and more anxious.

“How about this…. Little brother Ye, didn’t you want to get some ingredients for a profound tier Golden Marrow Pill? It seems like master Muyun only wants to give you one set. I’ll let you take three sets. Is that better?”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up but still had a complicated expression on his face, “I…….”

One set or three sets, there was no different. It’ll only make Muyun Old Devil’s heart ache a little more. It’ll be better in a day or two. However, having the ingredients rot was a big deal. Who knows how many ingredients will be affected. Even if she killed Yang Xin, it won’t calm her down.

“Four sets! Little brother, you’re a sincere guy right? I won’t let you be at a disadvantage.” Yang Xin saw that Ye Zifeng was hesitating and added one more set of ingredients. He even called Ye Zifeng a sincere guy. If Ye Zifeng is a sincere guy, then everyone else in the world can be counted as sincere.

Ye Zifeng was still hesitating.

“Little brother Ye. There are six sets of ingredients here. You can take five sets. Leave one for me so Master Muyun won’t suspect anything when she comes around…..” Yang Xin looked as if she was going to cry.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Brother Yang, then we’ll do as you say. I’m a sincere person afterall. If I don’t help you, and you get kicked out Senior Muyun, then your whole family might go hungry. I don’t want to feel responsible for it.”

Yang Xin felt touched by Ye Zifeng’s words and thanked him profusely, “Little brother Ye, I, Yang Xin, will forever remember Little Brother Ye’s kindness today.” Without saying anything else, he packed up five sets of ingredients and gave it to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled and put the ingredients into his interspatial ring.

“Oh yeah. Brother Yang. I’ll bring those rotten ingredients away too. I’m afraid someone else will see it and suspect something. “

“Right. Little brother Ye sure is considerate.” Yang Xin thought about it and immediately gave the “rotten” ingredients to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled satisfyingly and looked at Yang Xin.

“You should know about the consequences if this leaks out. So……”

Yang Xin smiled and immediately replied, “The heaven knows, the earth knows, you know, I know……”

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    • al103 says:

      I do not. It’s one thing to act like that against enemies, it’s another to act against neutrals… and yet another against allies and Muyun is neutral bordering on ally.

      • han says:

        what neutral bordering on ally?
        she is clearly a stingy and bad teacher to boot, now i understand why its so strange that she such a famed alchemist and yet, her disciple liu bingqian is so bad she doesn’t know her way with many ingredients, only know things she already know, and as teacher she doen’t give any hint or warn bingqian about her weakness, its all because muyun old devil is not actually old but around twenty, as young alchemist, her ego of course doesn’t want her disciple to surpass her yet, as liu bingqian have the potential. Now, ye zifeng not only cure her disciple yang jing, let her have face as a good teacher because ye zifeng make liu bingqian win and also teach bingqian at the same time, she also get huge profits from the tournament and zifeng also gave her that formation, then she still being stingy to him, heh, its justice for him to that.

        • cactuar0 says:

          You’d make a great Young Master, turning black into white and claiming this sort of robbery is somehow ‘justice’.

          Zifeng gave her a formation in trade for 1 set of resources, not x5 + other ‘wilted’ ingredients 🙁 As for any failings as a teacher, we don’t even know how good her students are at learning nor how much worse they were before being taught. Besides which this has nothing to do with MC anyway, she has never wronged him yet he feels entitled to be a prick because he’s the center of the universe 😛

      • Astrum91 says:

        Agreed. Be merciless to your enemies and generous to your allies. Being Bingqian’s teacher makes her closer to an ally than someone neutral, yet he’s treating her in such a conniving manner.

        The ingredients were also described as being like her children, but he thinks she’ll just be bothered for a few days and then get over it?

  1. Whynn says:

    One of the longest chapter titles, but still good, thanks for the chapter. Wonder what he’ll use the rotted ingredients for? Probably be able to restore them to their original state when no ones looking i’m guessing. Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff he’ll pull off next.

    • eidrag says:

      Can you even remove death qi and make it fresh again? Instead of true withering it just masking the appearances, making it started to rot but still usable

      • Andy says:

        he probably knows the parts of the ingredients and rotted the useless parts that he can cut off or something.

  2. Izanagi says:

    I agree. To his enemies it’s one thing, but while Muyun might be a little neglectful as a teacher, she doesn’t deserve this. More than the materials, it’s the violation of trust that bothers me.

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