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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 109 – The Uses of the Pill Formation Formula.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 109 – The Uses of the Pill Formation Formula.
Translated by: Andy
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The winners of the alchemy competition could be said to be at the same level as the young geniuses in Tiandao City. They can be arrogant in their own ways.

Qi Zimo was one of the many people that looked for Ye Zifeng after the competition. After Qi Zimo left, many representatives from other clans tried to curry favors with Ye Zifeng, hoping that he would help them refine pills.

Of course, they were all rejected by Ye Zifeng for one reason or another. Many of them were dejected and angry.

With this, the alchemy competition officially ended.

Looking at how the guests were all gradually leaving, Muyun Old Devil let out a long sigh.

After a bit, Muyun Old Devil and Liu Bingqian both looked each other. They have worked hard today and finally laughed.

This time, Bingqian’s victory helped Muyun Old Devil gain a lot of face. Now, people won’t say that she sucks at teaching people anymore.

Muyun Old Devil pulled Bingqian to the side and laughed, “Bingqian, where did you find this Ye Zifeng? Where did this guy come from? It was getting late yesterday so I didn’t have time to ask. Why don’t we have a good chat now?”

Ye Zifeng was busy dealing with the people from other clans and sects. Muyun Old Devil took this chance to pull Bingqian aside and ask her a few questions.

Liu Bingqian giggled, “Master. Didn’t you tell me that I would lose face if I brought someone like Ye Zifeng, who couldn’t even condense a common tier flame, to the competition?”


Muyun Old Devil glared at Bingqian, “You brat. You’re always forgetful when it comes to alchemy but you can remember something like this? Are you trying to make me mad?”

“Who said I’m forgetful when it comes to alchemy? Didn’t I help you gain some face?” Liu Bingqian laughed.

“Give me a break! Other people can see it, but I was the one that taught you everything that you know. Do you think I don’t know what your alchemy level is? Ancient Concoction Technique? Duo-Refining? Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation? If you know a single one of these techniques, you wouldn’t have been last place in all these years.” Muyun Old Devil yelled.

A crafty and sly expression appeared in Liu Bingqian’s eyes, “Master. If you want to know about him, then why don’t you ask him yourself?”

Muyun Old Devil was startled and pinched Liu Bingqian’s arm.

“You brat. How dare you not listen to your master…..”

Liu Bingqian puckered up and pointed towards Ye Zifeng, “Alright master. Look. He’s coming here right now.”

When Muyun Old Devil saw that Ye Zifeng was walking over, she put a serious look on her face.

“Ye Zifeng, how was the discussion? Did they invite you to refine pills for them?”

The biggest benefit of winning the competition was not the prize but the reputation that one will receive. They can use this reputation to make connections with some big shots in strong clans and sects.

If it wasn’t for this, then Hua Shao wouldn’t have done so much to show off his skills.

“A lot of people have invited me to refine pills for them. However, I rejected them.” Ye Zifeng calmly answered.

Muyun Old Devil nodded while smiling, “The main sect in Tiandao City is the Profound Sect. You don’t have to accept the offers from smaller sects. I like your guts.”

“The ones that I just rejected were people from the Profound Sect.”

Muyun Old Devil was startled and her mouth started to twitch.

“You rejected the people from the Profound Sect? Did you somehow manage to get brain damage in this short amount of time? Do you know how many people would kill to enter the Profound Sect? And you still rejected them? What are you thinking? Even the arrogant Qi Zimo would comply and refine pills for them.”

Muyun Old Devil was going crazy. She was not an exception either. Even she would respect the Profound Sect and refine pills for them. Ye Zifeng actually let such a good chance go by.

In Tiandao City, the Profound Sect is the number one power that no one wanted to offend.

“I rejected that person from the Profound Sect and not the Profound Sect itself.” Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up into a smile.

“What do you mean?” Muyun Old Devil questioned.

Ye Zifeng calmly replied, “The Profound Sect is very big. There’s also a lot of different people in there. When I reject them, they will definitely go back to the sect and tell everyone how haughty I am and how I am failed to appreciate this opportunity. This is the so called ‘Good things won’t be said, but bad things will spread.’ This way, I can get more people from the Profound Sect to take the initiative and come to me.”

“But what if they don’t take the initiative?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Well I still have the Passage Medallion. I also know some people in there.”

“So that’s how it is. It seems like everything’s going according to your plan.”

Ye Zifeng looked like a youngster but when he spoke, he spoke with a mature personality.

Muyun Old Devil continuously praised Ye Zifeng in her heart. She slowly became more and more fond of Ye Zifeng.

“Ye Zifeng. Have you ever thought about working in my Muyun Estate?” Muyun Old Devil couldn’t help but ask.

Liu Bingqian was surprise, “Master, are you trying to take him in as a disciple? That’s great. With this, I can be his senior sister! With the two of us, we will win first place in the alchemy competition everywhere!”

“Go Go Go. What are you blabbering about. Go play with your senior sister Jing.” Muyun Old Devil showed a slight hint of anger.

Liu Bingqian giggled. She knew that her master wanted to talk with Ye Zifeng alone. She respected her master’s wishes and walked out.

Ye Zifeng watched as Liu Bingqian left and then spoke,

“I thank senior Muyun for appreciating me, but…..”

Muyun Old Devil laughed, “You want to reject my suggestion too?”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “I want to stay in the Muyun Estate but, I have some problems….”

Hearing that Ye Zifeng was willing to stay in her estate, a happy expression appeared on Muyun Old Devil’s face. Ye Zifeng had even rejected the Profound Sect but he was willing to stay with her.

This Ye Zifeng knows how to behave.

“What problems do you have? Tell me about it.”

“I, Ye Zifeng is someone from Leizhou City. According to the rules, I can’t stay in Tiandao City for over fifteen days. If I stay in the Muyun Estate….. Then I can only stay for a few days.”

Muyun Old Devil laughed, “So this is what you’re worried about….. Well, Tiandao City’s rules are very strict. Even I can’t help you immediately. However, as long as you work for me, I can guaranteed that you will be able to raise your cultivation easily!”

“Raise my cultivation?”

Ye Zifeng was startled. He looked at Muyun Old Devil with an interested look, wanted to hear what she had to say.

Right now, he wanted to reach the Martial Disciple realm more than refining pills.

Muyun Old Devil smiled, “That’s simple. I am very interested in your Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation. Let me have the formula for it and you can choose whatever ingredients you want from my collection!”

After saying that, Muyun Old Devil felt that she went a bit too far and corrected herself, “Of course, it can’t be that much. I’ll limit you to ingredients for one type of pill in the qi refining stage.”

“…..This is what you call whatever I want?”

Muyun Old Devil embarrassingly chuckled, “This….If you want money, I can give it to you. However, my ingredients are like my children. I can’t help it.”

All alchemists loved their ingredients. Muyun Old Devil was not an exception. Ye Zifeng smiled. The formula was something that he could give away easily. Exchanging it for rare ingredients was very worth it!”

Ye Zifeng pondered for a bit. He had used a Profound Tier Golden Marrow Pill already. In the qi refining stage, he can use two more. It’s too wasteful if he uses his contribution points to exchange for the ingredients.

Thus, it’s better to take them from Muyun Old Devil.

“Alright. Get me a pen and paper. After I write down the formula, bring me straight to the storage room.”

Muyun Old Devil quickly got one of the servants to come over.

“Did you hear that? Bring a pen and paper.

The servant brought the pen and paper to Ye Zifeng while shaking in fear.

“First, use……” Ye Zifeng wrote down.

After a while, the formula was completely written down.

Muyun Old Devil read over the formula a few times and clapped her hands, “Good. So you really do know how to form the Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation. Where did you come from? Who is your master?”

She was very curious about Ye Zifeng. She was wondering why she didn’t know or hear about such an incredible person before.

Ye Zifen smiled, “I was Leizhou City’s number one trash. Ye Chongtian is my father. As for my master…..I don’t have one. Everything is self studied.

“Hold…..Hold on…… Did you… Did you say that Ye Chongtian is your father?” Muyun Old Devil furrowed her brows. Her mouth was wide open. A shocked expression appeared on her face.

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