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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 107 – I am not your opponent

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 107 – I am not your opponent
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Ye Zifeng saw that Qi Zimo was about to cry and finally replied to him, “It’s because you didn’t see me as an equal opponent in the beginning.”

“I didn’t treat you as an opponent?” Qi Zimo was startled. He felt his heart shook. He believed that compared to Hua Shao and the others, he treated Ye Zifeng with more respect.

However, Ye Zifeng actually said that he didn’t see him as an opponent.

“If you really did see me as an equal, then I wouldn’t have used the Spirit Absorbing Pill.”

Qi Zimo is a smart guy. After listening to what Ye Zifeng said, he realized something and nodded.

“So that’s how it is……. I lost huh….. Right now, I’m really not worthy to be your opponent yet.” Since the beginning, Qi Zimo looked at Ye Zifeng as if Ye Zifeng was his prey. He didn’t treat him equally at all.

His Spirit Explosion Pill can counter Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorption Pill but that didn’t mean that Ye Zifeng didn’t have more tricks up his sleeve.

The sword servant worriedly looked at Qi Zimo, “Master…. Are you alright?” This was the first time that Qi Zimo had admitted defeat in their life!

Qi Zimo bitterly laughed and didn’t answer his servant. All he did was walk towards his cauldron. He had admitted defeat…..

“Master…… Wait for me……”

Qi Zimo admitted defeat! That arrogant Qi Zimo! He still has time to refine one more pill and yet he surrendered anyways.

No one in the audience thought at Qi Zimo would lose. They had never talked about what happens if he lose. They all believed that he wouldn’t lose a single round in the next ten years!

However, no one expected that a first time participant, Ye Zifeng, would come in like a clap of thunder. Not only did he disqualified two people from competing next year, he also took the championship from Qi Zimo. He had become known as the best alchemist in Leizhou City.

During this tournament, not only did he bring himself glory, he also brought glory to the entire Leizhou City.

They can already imagine how the entire city would react when Liu Bingqian and Ye Zifeng brings this news back to Leizhou City. Maybe their names will even go down in the record books!

“Then… How about you? Hua Shao….Do you still want to go?” Ye Zifeng turned and stared at Hua Shao.

Even Qi Zimo had admitted defeat already. There was no point for Hua Shao to continue anymore either. When Ye Zifeng’s gaze landed on him, Hua Shao felt fear in his heart.

“I…. I concede……I admit, that I am not your opponent.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and pointed towards Liu Bingqian, “It’s not only me who beat you. If you have the face to concede to a newcomer like me, why don’t you admit defeat to Liu Bingqian instead.

Hua Shao thought about it. If he was going to admit defeat, it’s better to concede to Liu Bingqian instead of this newcomer.

His expression turned green, “Alright. Liu Bingqian. I admit defeat. This time, you’re better than me.”

“But let me tell you this. Next year, don’t think about beating me!”

After saying that, he followed Qi Zimo and walked away from his cauldron. At the same time, he bowed towards Muyun Old Devil, signaling that he was going to concede. Even after admitting defeat, he still had his manners with him.

Just like this, the winner was decided even without the judges judging anything. Two out of three competitors have conceded.

That means that Liu Bingqian was the winner of the tournament!

After Liu Bingqian heard Hua Shao admit his defeat, she became so excited that tears rolled down her cheeks.

All this time, all the other people treated her like a loser and would slander her whenever they could. However, she was able to walk out in glory today.

“Big brother rough guy. How can I ever repay you? I really don’t know how to thank you!” Liu Bingqian grabbed both of Ye Zifeng’s hand with an excited look on her face.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It wasn’t all me. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have been able to beat Qi Zimo.”

Ye Zifeng thought about using the duo refining technique in the spur of the moment. It was needed to create the Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation. Without Liu Bingqian, he would not have been able to create such a formation.

It was two against one so Qi Zimo was bound to lose.

“Big Brother Rough Guy. I know. If it was just me by myself, I won’t even get past the first round.”

In her heart, Liu Bingqian knew that she could not have won the entire tournament by herself. It was all due to Ye Zifeng’s help.

Ye Zifeng smiled and stared into Liu Bingqian’s eyes, “Alright. Don’t think too much. We should enjoy the praises from the audience. Oh yeah, what kind of prize are they going to give out?”

“Prize?” Liu Bingqian finally remembered about the prize for winning and a happy expression appeared on her face. However, she started to shake her head.

“Big brother rough guy, no matter what kind of prize we get, you should take it. If it wasn’t for you, how could I have gotten here at all.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Maybe there will be prizes for the both of us!”

“That would be great.”

At the same time, the audience erupted.

“Oh my god. Is this real life? The one’s who have always been in the first and second place actually lost to that forever last place Liu Bingqian?”

“Yeah. Qi Zimo and Hua Shao didn’t even concoct their last pill and yet they admitted defeat. They won without the judges even judging anything. This ….. This is simply outrageous!”

“Who is that Ye Zifeng? From what I can see, Liu Bingqian was able to win all because of that guy. I’ve never heard of him before….. How about you guys?”

Some people were asking others if they have heard of Ye Zifeng but no one knew. This was a dark horse that came out of nowhere.

“I heard that Leizhou family has a Ye clan. However, their young master is a retard. Could this Ye Zifeng be him?”

“If a retard can refine such an incredible pill, then what are we? If a clan has an alchemist, they would treat him like an ancestor within the clan…. It shouldn’t be him….”

People started to gather around Muyun Old Devil and started to congratulate her.

“Senior Muyun must have great teaching abilities to have raised such an incredible disciple. Miss Bingqian is exceptionally intelligent as well. Congratulations on placing first.

“That’s right. Senior Muyun. You should tell us how you are training your disciple. Maybe we can train our disciples the same way.

These flattering words continuously entered Muyun Old Devil’s ears. She smiled as a reply and didn’t say anything at all.

Yang Jing felt a bit unhappy and was pulled her master aside.

“Hmph. These people are too fake. In the past few years, they’ve all yelled at and slandered junior sister. Now that junior sister won first place, they all started to compliment her. These people are too hypocritical!”

Muyun Old Devil smiled and shook her head, “Jing-er, you can’t blame them. It’s not like you don’t know what the prize is for the alchemy competition. They can’t help but kiss up.”

“The prize?”

After being reminded, she finally understood the intention of these people, “Oh? So master’s meaning is that after junior sister and Ye Zifeng receives the Passage Medallion from the Profound Sect, they can freely enter and exit Tiandao City?”

Yang Jing had known what the prize is for a while now. She didn’t tell Liu Bingqian what it was because she didn’t think that Liu Bingqian would have a chance at first place at all.

Muyun Old Devil is one of the highly respected people in Tiandao City. She also has some connections with the people from the Profound Sect, so it wasn’t extremely hard for her to obtain two Passage Medallions from the Profound Sect.

As an exchange, some of the Profound Sect’s elders were allowed to enter her estate and buy some nice pills for themselves.

There were benefits to both sides. Muyun Old Devil will refine pills for the Profound Sect and the Profound Sect will help her do some favors.

Muyun Old Devil smiled and nodded, “The Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion…. Not mention the people from the five cities, even the people in Tiandao City would have a hard time obtaining something like that. I had to refine a few hundred rounds of pills before the higher ups in the Profound Sect would give me one. I guess Bingqian got lucky this time.”

This Passage Medallion is a very rare item. It is even rarer than a Spirit Tier treasure. If you don’t have a medallion or if you’re not a disciple of the Profound Sect, then you will immediately be seen as an enemy if you try to enter the sect.

“Actually, this Passage Medallion is not that useful to the winners. After winning the tournament, many elders from the Profound Sect will ask them to refine pills for them.

Muyun Old Devil smiled and looked over at the group of people in the crowd…..

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