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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 105 – I won?

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 105 – I won?
Translated by: Andy
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Qi Zimo wasn’t really being arrogant right now. He was just so used to winning that this feeling came naturally.

It’s like how a successful general won’t be startled by some movements in the grass. He was confident in his abilities destroy whatever’s in his way.

Qi Zimo wasn’t oversensitive. His gut feeling was correct in the fact that Ye Zifeng was a dangerous opponent. After all, who in the world besides Ye Zifeng himself, knows that Ye Zifeng was a supreme expert class alchemist that crossed over from another world into this trash’s body?

With Ye Zifeng exerting his pressure and dominance, Qi Zimo couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous.

However, no matter how the opponent was feeling, Ye Zifeng had to do his best. If he didn’t, then he won’t be able to win.

“Bingqian, you have to listen to my instructions because this is the first time you’re refining with someone else. Don’t mess up.” Ye Zifeng was very serious.

He can guarantee that he won’t make any mistakes but he doesn’t know if Liu Bingqian would.

“Alright. I’ll do exactly as you say.” She had followed Ye Zifeng for a few times now so she’s quite used to his methods.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “The first step is to harmonize our qi. Give me your hand.”

Liu Bingqian squealed. Her face turned red, “Do we really have to do this?”

“Of course. Didn’t you just say that you’ll do as I say? Are you lying to me?” Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and extended his hands towards Bingqian.

“I’m not lying to you…..”

“Then do it quickly.” Ye Zifeng saw that the qi energy inside the cauldron is starting to become unstable and hurriedly said.

Liu Bingqian’s beautiful face was flushed with embarrassment as she agreed. She extended her jade hands towards Ye Zifeng’s hands. When the hands touched, Ye Zifeng quickly grabbed onto her hands.

Her held it tightly as the qi from Ye Zifeng’s hand started to enter into Liu Bingqian.

Liu Bingqian was at the peak of qi refining while Ye Zifeng was at the fifth stage of qi refining. If they refine the pills together, their qi won’t match and an accident might happen. Thus, Ye Zifeng was trying to balance out the qi inside of Liu Bingqian right now.

From her hands, Liu Bingqian can feel Ye Zifeng’s qi enter her body. This unceasing stream of warm qi made her feel as if she was floating in the clouds.

The feeling of their qi combining was very unique. It made Liu Bingqian’s heart trembled a bit.

Could this be…. Could this be the legendary duo-cultivation?

However, Liu Bingqian did not have a deep understanding of this matter. Compared to real duo cultivation methods, this hand touching was nothing at all!


Bingqian was immersed in this unique and mysterious feeling until Ye Zifeng’s voice brought her back to reality.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw that Ye Zifeng was staring at the cauldron while calling her name. He didn’t even look at her.

“Bingqian, did you rest properly last night? You’re falling asleep on me!”

These words completely woke her up. With a red face she looked back at him, “No I’m not!”

“Then concentrate. I’ve already harmonized our qi. Our qi won’t be clashing with each other anytime soon. We have to start refining quickly!”

Hearing the words ‘start refining’, Liu Bingqian became nervous. She was responsible for half of this refinement.

Ye Zifeng smiled at her, “Don’t worry too much. Relax and listen to my instructions. All you need to do is take care of the ingredients on your side and do everything normally. I’ll try to help out if I have time.”

“Also, don’t let go of my hand!”

“Alright. I remember.” Liu Bingqian’s face was back to normal and started to become serious.


The two smiled at each other and started at the same time.

Hua Shao was sitting there with sweat all over his head.

“Congratulations to young master for completing the Soul Controlling Pill.” Hua Shao’s servant’s face was filled with joy. Even though this Soul Controlling Pill’s quality was not as high as the Spirit Nurturing Pill, it was much harder to refine.

To be able to regain his composure and refine such a difficult pill in a short amount of time. This wasn’t easy for Hua Shao to do at all.

He had exhausted his qi to refine this pill. Hua Shao was sitting there trying to catch his breath.

“Don’t worry about me. Go take a look at what Qi Zimo and Ye Zifeng are doing.

The servant quickly looked up and looked around.

“There’s purple qi coming out of Qi Zimo’s cauldron. It seems like he’s almost done with his second pill too. As for Ye Zifeng…..

The servant was startled and didn’t finish his sentence. A strange look appeared on his face.

“What are they doing? Tell me quickly.” Hua Shao saw that his servant had stopped talking and yelled out.

“They’re duo-refining….. I think they’re trying to refine two different pills at once. From what I can see, they’re still at the beginning stages.” The servant was afraid of his young master and quickly replied.

“Duo-refining? Are they trying to lose?”

Hua Shao was startled and then laughed, “Even the heavens are helping me. I thought that I would lose to Liu Bingqian but now it seems that they’re so desperate that they have to use this move. They’re basically looking to lose!”

Hua Shao had lost his honor already. In this competition, he doesn’t want to try and beat Qi Zimo anymore. As long as he beats Liu Bingqian, it’ll count as a win!

The purple qi had formed while Qi Zimo stared at his cauldron. In the last moments, he was still trying to increase the quality of this Spirit Explosion Pill.

After a bit, he sent the last strands of qi into the cauldron.


He quickly opened up the cauldron and laughed, “Ye Zifeng, even though you surprised me with that Spirit Absorbing Pill, you’re still not my opponent! The winner shall be me!”

The dense qi that gathered inside the cauldron immediately shot up into the sky and created a large vortex of qi. When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help but feel astonished.

“It really is the Spirit Explosion Pill!” When Elder Zhao saw that Ye Zifeng was right, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. It was true that he helped Ye Zifeng but if it was anyone else that asked him, they would not have guessed what kind of pill Qi Zimo was making.

Elder Zhao sighed, “It seems like the Profound Sect will have to trouble this stinking brat for pills in the future…”

Besides Elder Zhao, all of the other elders stood up in shock. They all started to praise Qi Zimo. Even if a normal person was present, they would be able to tell how powerful Qi Zimo’s pill was from the vortex of qi energy.

“Spirit Explosion Pill. A Spirit Explosion Pill at the peak of Huang Tier.

It was not easy for someone to refine a pill at the peak of Huang Tier with a common tier cauldron. Also, this Spirit Explosion Pill was the Spirit Absorbing Pill’s nemesis!

Qi Zimo was confident that no matter what pill Ye Zifeng refined, it will not be better than his Spirit Explosion Pill at the peak of Huang Tier.

This was a specially created to counter the Spirit Absorbing Pill. However, the pill itself was already a high level pill.

“Huh? Where that that Spirit Absorbing Pill go? Sword servant, did you see anything?” Qi Zimo looked over at his servant.

This was suppose to the time when his Spirit Explosion Pill shined. However, it didn’t go as planned.

The sword servant shook his head, “Liu Bingqian was blocking my view. I couldn’t see what was happening at all. Could they have hid the Spirit Absorbing Pill?”

Qi Zimo was not satisfied with this answer and looked over at Ye Zifeng.

When Ye Zifeng looked at Qi Zimo’s Spirit Explosion Pill, he let out a soft laugh. He looked back at his cauldron and saw that purple qi was forming.

“Big brother rough guy, I’m ready.” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng with an eye of anticipation.

She was so excited that her hand began to sweat. Ye Zifeng could feel it with his hand as well.

“I’m ready too.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

The two’s fingers intertwined as they looked at each other. They counted to three and with their fastest speed, they simultaneously drew their qi out from the cauldron.

In the next moment, the cauldron shook and a green light appeared. The qi bursted through the cauldron and opened up the lid by itself. It blew past everything and pierced through the heavens.

At the same time, the Spirit Explosion Pill started to release its qi as if it had found its target. It started to fly towards Ye Zifeng’s cauldron.

Qi Zimo’s eyes lit up, “I won!”

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  1. entmet says:

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    he lost, what an idiot… the pill is being attracted to the previous energy from the spirit absorbing pill but they’re making 2 different pills from that one so its gonna stay in between also..its 2v1 so the explosion pill might lose

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    NOT a correction:
    “Big brother rough guy, I’m ready.” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng with an eye of anticipation.
    She was so excited that her hand began to sweat. Ye Zifeng could feel it with his hand as well.
    “I’m ready too.” Ye Zifeng smiled.
    The two’s figures intertwined as they looked at each other.

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