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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 104 – Disregarding the positions of primary and secondary alchemist.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 104 – Disregarding the positions of primary and secondary alchemist.
Translated by: Andy
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Every pill has a weakness.

In certain situations, even a low level pill will be able to beat out a higher level pill. The Spirit Absorbing Pill is a good example of this.

If Qi Zimo successfully refines the Spirit Explosion Pill, then no matter what, Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill will lose its effect and became a useless pill.

This is what one would call countering the effects of another pill.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up and looked towards Bingqian, “Bingqian, block Qi Zimo’s view for me. This time, I’ll personally pick the ingredients.”

In a battle between experts, limiting the opponent’s knowledge is very important.

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian was surprised, “Really? You’ll personally do it this time?”

“The reason that I didn’t make any moves before was to help you get some face back. It’s to let others know that you, Liu Bingqian, is not as weak as they expect. However, we’re at a crucial moment right now. If I don’t make a move now, we might even lose.”

Liu Bingqian nodded, “Big brother rough guy, so you’ve thought about me. I thought you were…..”

“What? Did you think that I was being lazy?” Ye Zifeng coughed in embarrassment.

“I didn’t say that. Big brother rough guy, it’s good that you’ll make a move.”

Liu Bingqian smiled and listened to Ye Zifeng’s instructions. She continuously nodded while Ye Zifeng talked.

Ye Zifeng looked at the ingredients and smiled. He shook his head and dove right into the small mountain of ingredients to pick out what he needed.

When he picked up the ingredients, it didn’t look as graceful as Liu Bingqian. He casually looked at some and threw them to the side. When he picked his ingredients, he grabbed a bunch at a time.

While watching this, Muyun Old Devil couldn’t help but be shaken up, “No way. This brat’s gathering method is too rough. Either he’s a complete newbie or he’s an experienced expert. With his age, he must be the former.”

Yang Jing giggled, “Master Old Devil, I forget to tell you something last night.”

“What?” Muyun Old devil carelessly replied.

“Ye Zifeng refined a Pure Yuan Dan for me in one try.”

Muyun Old Devil yelled out a bit. After staring blankly at Ye Zifeng for a bit, she looked over at Yang Jing.

“What did you say? Refined a Pure Yuan Dan in one try? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Muyun Old Devil was in a disarray. She was so shocked that her beard was about to fall off.

Yang Jing bit her lips, “This… Master never asked me anything.”

Ye Zifeng’s method of gathering ingredient was very simple and rough. In just a bit, he gather a large amount of ingredients already.

“Big brother rough guy, why do we need this much ingredient? We can make two pills with this!” Liu Bingqian looked at what Ye Zifeng gathered and asked.

“Bingqian, listen up. This time, we are going to refine two pills…..” Ye Zifeng thought about it and replied. It seems like he has a plan already.

Liu Bingqian nodded, “Are we refining two pills like what we did during the first round?”

She would never forget about the time she refined the pill using the ancient concoction method. This was her single most glorifying moment in her career.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “No. Refining two of the same pill won’t do us any good in the competition.”

“Then you mean…. Could it be….?” Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right. We’re going to refine two different pills! I plan on duo-refining with you. We’ll refine the two remaining pills and directly make them surrender!”

“Oh my god…..” Liu Bingqian was shocked and was filled with disbelief.

It takes extraordinary skill for someone to refine two of the same pills at once. Now they were trying to refine two different kinds of pill. This was harder than hard. The ingredients will mix and affect each other. Also, it will be very hard to control the flames.

This was basically a desperation move!

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Bingqian, it’s not that bad. Since this competition is allowing two people, there are two ways we can go about this……”

Liu Bingqian let out a soft sound, “Two ways……? Isn’t it so one person can be the primary alchemist while the other person is the secondary alchemist that helps out? How else can it be?”

“But…..What if both people are the primary alchemist?” Ye Zifeng revealed a cold smile.

Liu Bingqian was shocked. In all these years, all of the competitors have brought helpers. She has never heard of anyone bringing another primary alchemist. Every group will always only have one person refining the pill at all times.

Anyone can see the way that Hua Shao, Qi Zimo and the other treated their helpers. They never thought of them as a partner.

Liu Bingqian and Ye Zifeng on the other hand had mutual respect for each other. They didn’t think about their positions at all.

“Bingqian, they’re all underestimating their own helper’s ability and cannot unleash their maximum potentials. This will be the reason for their failure.”

Liu Bingqian looked over at Ye Zifeng, “You mean…. I can help you?”

Ye Zifeng stuck out three fingers, “Your skills aren’t bad at all. There are three reasons for your past failures. First, you don’t know how to gather ingredients at all. Second, you don’t have enough experience. Third, you don’t have enough confidence. If you can conquer these three weaknesses, then you will become an extraordinary alchemist. Of course, I will help you along the way.”

“Alright! Since big brother rough guy said so, I, Bingqian will try my best!” Liu Bingqian didn’t want to drag Ye Zifeng down at all.

“Then, let’s begin!” Ye Zifeng smiled and dropped the big tray of ingredients into the cauldron. He then separated the ingredients to the sides since they are refining two different pills.

“There are many clear benefits when refining two pills at once. The most difficult part is keeping the ingredients away from each other…..!” When Ye Zifeng was separating the ingredients, he casually reminded Liu Bingqian.

“That’s what I was worried about!” Liu Bingqian nodded and couldn’t help but open her mouth.

“Then, watch me as I take care of this problem….”

Ye Zifeng mysteriously smiled and quickly placed the Spirit Absorbing Pill into the cauldron.

“Big brother rough guy, you….” Liu Bingqian was shocked. She finally regained her senses after a while.

“So that’s how it is.”

She finally understood what Ye Zifeng was planning to do. The Spirit Absorbing Pill that they had refined was not only used to beat Qi Zimo and Hua Shao but it is used to refine the two pills later on. It can help balance out and stop the ingredients from mixing with each other during the concoction process.

It wasn’t hard to realize this after everything was put in place. However, who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng had planned this all out since the beginning. Who other than Ye Zifeng would be so bold to refine two different pills at once?

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked overa at Liu Bingqian.

“I’ll on the left and you’ll be on the right. Remember to use your qi to keep the ingredients in place and not let it leak out to the other side…..”

“I got it!” Liu Bingqian nodded and condensed her common tier flame on her fingers to light up firewood under the cauldron.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t idling around either. He wasn’t kidding when he was talking about having two primary alchemists.

Right now, the insides of the cauldron had been split into two sides. Neither of them can mess up now. They have to do their best to finish their task. They were working together as equals.

Neither Qi Zimo nor Hua Shao could beat Ye Zifeng in the aspect of teamwork. This was because Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian were friends and mutually respected each other.

However, Qi Zimo and Hua Shao’s situation was different. They would feel embarrassed if they had to share the same position with their helpers. This was because they were their servants.

“Two people refining huh? This Ye Zifeng is quite creative.” Qi Zimo sighed and looked at his sword servant.

When Qi Zimo saw this, he didn’t seem to care at all.

“Say, sword servant. Do you think my Spirit Explosion Pill will be able to take down Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill?” Qi Zimo knew that his pill was the nemesis of Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill. However, he felt that something was wrong.

The sword servant confidently replied, “That’s not a problem. The end result will always be the same. Master will obtain first pace. I am very confident in master’s ability!”

“Really? Can I really get first place this time?” Qi Zimo furrowed his brows. He didn’t care about the first place anymore after winning so many times. However, after he met Ye Zifeng, he felt a bit flustered as if he was going to lose his place at the top.

“Master…..” The sword servant was a bit worried about Qi Zimo.

Of course, this only lasted for a moment. Qi Zimo’s confidence returned very quickly.

“It’s nothing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t felt like this in a while. Ye Zifeng is only a prey. I will crush whatever dreams he have of obtaining the first place from me. I’ll teach him what it means to mess with me, Qi Zimo!”

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