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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 102 – Strong Competition

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 102 – Strong Competition
Translated by: Andy
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I thought I could get more chapters out during the summer but I was wrong :'( I have less time during the summer than during the school year.

2/10 owed. Probably can’t get 14 chapters out, but at least 10.

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The spirit qi was like a surging tide that gushed towards Liu Bingqian!

Before she can even react, the spirit qi disappeared into the spirit absorbing pill!

The originally dull green Spirit Absorbing Pill was now brimming with color!

Liu Bingqian couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch the scene. She felt cold sweat running down her back.

“Holy….Holy shit. What just happened? Someone tell me what just happened?”

Hua Shao was completely stunned. He felt as if he had lost his voice and couldn’t stop shaking.

He stared at the Spirit Nurturing Pill that he refined. The pill looked as if it had a hole in it or something. The spirit qi inside the pill continuously poured out towards Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill.

“No….No. My Spirit Nurturing Pill…..”Hua Shao was frightened as he covered his Spirit Nurturing Pill with his hands, not wanting any more Spirit Qi to escape. However, his hands could not contain the qi. It was no use. He could not stop the qi from flowing out.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s no use.”

As expected, after all the spirit qi escaped from Hua Shao’s Spirit Nurturing Pill, it slowly shriveled up. It wasn’t as elegant looking anymore. It must have dropped a few tiers.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill was becoming more and more alive. It completely emptied out Hua Shao’s Spirit Nurturing Pill.

Qi Zimo’s Supreme True Yuan Dan also started to die down a bit. The red aura surrounding the pill slowly turned blue, then white, until the aura completely disappeared.

It was very obvious that this Supreme True Yuan Dan was not a Huang tier pill anymore.

The scary part is that, the Spirit Absorbing Pill was still absorbing the qi from the Supreme True Yuan Dan.

The sword servant’s face turned pale with fright and couldn’t help but open his mouth, “Master. What do we do now? Who would’ve thought that they would refine such a domineering pill that can absorb the qi straight from the Supreme True Yuan Dan!”

A smile appeared on Qi Zimo’s face. He suddenly clapped his hands and laughed loudly.

“Good. Good. Good. Ye Zifeng, I didn’t make a mistake. You really didn’t disappoint me! So that’s why you had us get closer. You wanted to take full advantage of the Spirit Absorbing Pill’s abilities.

These words sent shock through the audience’s minds. It was not what they had expected.

To be able to receive an applause from Qi Zimo during the alchemy competition… This Ye Zifeng is not simple at all. This was his first time participating and he had easily received an applause from Qi Zimo. Not even Hua Shao had ever received one!

The sword servant looked at Qi Zimo’s expression. His master rarely showed this kind of expression. However, the sword servant didn’t know whether his master was happy or angry right now.

“Master…..What should we do?”

Qi Zimo let out a cold smile and suddenly threw the Supreme True Yuan Dan on the floor. With a stomp, the entire pill exploded. The pill was trashed. He basically refined this pill for nothing!

“Ma…Master, You……” The sword servant was startled. He didn’t think that his master would be so impulsive.

Qi Zimo glared over, “What? Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill is going to absorb all the qi and turn this pill into trash anyways. Might as well stop it early. Or do you want his pill to reach the peak of Huang tier?”

The audience members were shocked at how Qi Zimo stepped on and destroyed his pill.

“No way. Just what the hell did Ye Zifeng make? It’s looks so evil. How can it absorb the qi from Hua Shao and Qi Zimo’s pills?”

“To be able to force Qi Zimo to this step, this Ye Zifeng is not simple at all. I was wrong and thought that he was just a pretty boy.”

“This year’s alchemy competition is way better than the other years where Qi Zimo was dominating the whole time. I will support Ye Zifeng.”

However, most people sighed in their hearts, “It’s a shame…. For a huang tier Supreme True Yuan Dan to be destroyed like this…. It’s a shame! Why not sell it to me?”

Most people in the audience were in the qi refining stage. Even though there were some who were in the Martial Disciple realm, they still have families and friends who were in the qi refining realm. They were all sad to see such a pill destroyed like this. What a pity.

Ye Zifeng smiled and praised Qi Zimo, “Not bad. This Qi Zimo is not bad at all. To be able to make such decisive decisions at such a young age, he really isn’t simple at all.”

Liu Bingqian stared at Ye Zifeng, “What are you talking about? Aren’t you a year younger than he is?”

“I……” Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed. He didn’t know how to explain this.

It was a good thing that Liu Bingqian didn’t continue to press the matter. Instead, she shook her head, “This Qi Zimo. To destroy his own pill after refining it. If it was me, I won’t be able to. Also, that isn’t any normal pill. It is a Supreme True Yuan Dan!”

Ye Zifeng chuckled and looked at her, “It’s because you can’t do that that you’re not as strong as he is.”

To some people, a Supreme True Yuan Dan is a very precious treasure. However, to an accomplished alchemist, it is nothing much. Only experts would be able to treat something like a Supreme True Yuan Dan as an everyday item.

“Stop making fun of me….” Liu Bingqian stuck her tongue out at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled at the scene and then looked back at Hua Shao and Qi Zimo.

“Young master, Young master Hua……Are you good?” Hua Shao’s servant was calling nonstop but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

“The Spirit Nurturing Pill is gone…. All of its spirit qi was sucked away. Ye Zifeng, how am I suppose to refine any more pills?”

Hua Shao was still in shock. His confidence was at an all time low. He doesn’t know how to deal with this Spirit Absorbing Pill at all. If Ye Zifeng makes two more of these pills then he won’t be able to compete at all. This had destroyed Hua Shao’s confidence.

On the other side, after the initial shock, Qi Zimo had returned to his normal expression.

“Sword servant. Stand over there and block Ye Zifeng’s view. This time, I will use all my strength to beat him. Does he think that I don’t have a way to counter this Spirit Absorbing Pill?!” Qi Zimo was very arrogant. He had never lost before.

“Yes….master!” The sword servant quickly complied.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “This kid is not bad at all. To be able to grasp the meaning of free for all in an alchemy competition. Not bad.”

Liu Bingqian was all smiles right now, “Big brother rough guy, why don’t we make two more of these pills? We’ll suck all of their pill’s qi away and win!

Before she met Ye Zifeng, all she did was refine pills for elders and higher ups. She didn’t feel like it was fun at all. However, during this competition, Ye Zifeng had shown her the true way of alchemy.”

“That’s not good. This pill is only good for a surprise attack. It’s a one time trick. If people know what we’re refining, then there will be an easy way to counter this. This was the reason why I had you gather the materials very quickly and blocked everyone’s line of sight.”

Liu Bingqian was shocked, “The Spirit Absorbing Pill is so strong. What kind of counter is there?”

This pill can even absorb a Spirit Nurturing Pill and a Supreme True Yuan Dan. How can there be a counter to it?

Suddenly, Hua Shao looked as if he thought of something and immediately raised his hand.

“Master Muyun, I want to separate the three of us. The further the better!”

The Spirit Absorbing Pill is strong but the range is limited. This was the reason why Ye Zifeng had them move closer to himself in the beginning.

Hua Shao’s reaction was very quick. He thought about it for a few minutes and immediately found a solution.

Muyun Old Devil was silent. The Spirit Absorbing Pill is a bit domineering. If she lets Ye Zifeng continue like this, then there might not be a point in competing anymore.


On the side, bother Ye Zifeng and Qi Zimo opened their mouths, “I agree.”

The two looked at each other and smiled as if they were old friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time…..

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