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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 101 – The time is now!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 101 – The time is now!
Translated by: Andy
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1/10 owed.

Came home late and then internet service went down for 2 hours……Couldn’t even TL since i didn’t have the offline edit option for Google Docs :'(

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All of the judges had been waiting for Ye Zifeng to make a fool out of himself for a while now.

It’s one thing to watch an expert refine a good pill and another to watch a noob refine the ingredients into slag. It was not fun to watch at all.

As for why Ye Zifeng stopped moving after his pill formed, no one knows. It gave everyone a mysterious feeling.

The audience couldn’t watch anymore and was very impatient. Liang Nine was the first one to start yelling.

“Ye Zifeng, you ugly good for nothing. Quit trying to be mysterious and open up the cauldron. Let everyone see what you made!”

“Yeah. THe time limit is one hour. If you keep this up, it won’t be good for yourself either. You should pour the slag in the cauldron out and actually make some pills even if they’re trash.” Some of Liang Nine’s brothers yelled out as well.

After hearing this, Ye Zifeng turned around and smiled at them, “But didn’t you guys spend one thousand eight hundred gold to buy my trash pill?”

“You!” Liang Nine wanted to use this chance to make fun of Ye Zifeng but who would’ve thought that he would be the one made fun of.

He was the one who fought and offended an elder of the Profound Sect in order to buy Ye Zifeng’s pill in front of everyone else.

Even if other people call Ye Zifeng’s pills trash, Liang Nine couldn’t. After all, if the person who called the pill that he used one thousand and eight hundred gold coins to buy trash, then isn’t that person very stupid?

Papapa. A light appeared from Hua Shao’s cauldron.


Hua Shao wiped off the sweat from his forehead and revealed a smile. The Spirit Nurturing Pill is a Martial Disciple level pill. It was pretty difficult for Hua Shao to completely refine it.

However, after working so hard, he finally succeeded. At the same time, he received a lot of praise from the judges.

“Ye Zifeng, you used three flames to refine your pill in order to achieve speed but I finished before you anyways. If you have the skills, then why don’t you open up your cauldron and let me see what’s inside?” Hua Shao was making fun of Ye Zifeng. It was as if he was trying to step all over Ye Zifeng.

“Young….. Young master. Look at Qi Zimo….”

Hua Shao’s servant also wanted to slander Ye Zifeng a bit to get on his master’s good side but when he looked at Qi Zimo, his expression changed.

When Hua Shao heard the words ‘Qi Zimo”, his expression changed as well.

Hua Shao had lost to Qi Zimo year after year. He’s always wanted to beat Qi Zimo, but Qi Zimo was too strong. Even Hua Shao couldn’t help but admit defeat.

Hua Shao furrowed his brow and looked over at Qi Zimo’s position. Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still shocked at what Qi Zimo refined.

Supreme True Yuan Dan!

There was a red qi surrounding the pill as if it was burning it. This meant that it was atleast a Huang Tier high grade pill!

“No way…..Qi Zimo can already refine this kind of pill?”

Hua Shao couldn’t help but take a deep breath. From an alchemist’s point of pill, Qi Nurturing Pills were entry-level pills while pills like the Golden Marrow Pill were on a little higher level. Pills with attributes like the Thunder Spirit Pill and pills like the Yuan Increasing Pill were normal level pills.

The Supreme True Yuan Dan however, is a much higher level pill compared to the Yuan Increasing Pill. It was very hard to refine such a pill.

“It seems like in the way of alchemy, I can’t beat Qi Zimo at all….” Hua Shao bitterly laughed and shook his head. He had worked very hard for this year’s competition but Qi Zimo beat him once again.

Qi Zimo didn’t care about Hua Shao at all. He wouldn’t even look at a loser like Hua Shao a second time.

“Congratulations master. To be able to refine a Huang Tier Supreme True Yuan Dan meant that you’ll now be recognized as a highly appreciated alchemist within Tiandao City!” The sword slave stood behind Qi Zimo and congratulated his master.

“No need to be polite with me…..”

Qi Zimo didn’t care about anything else right now. He was carefully observing someone…. Ye Zifeng.

He can see that Bingqian’s victory had something to do with this Ye Zifeng. However, he was confused about something. For someone to be so well-versed in the dao of alchemy, why couldn’t he condense a common tier flame?

“Ye Zifeng didn’t open up his cauldron yet? DIdn’t they finish a while ago?”

“Maybe they’re scared that they’ll be laughed at when they open it up and reveal a bunch of slag.” The sword servant replied.

“Is that so?” Qi Zimo’s found it hard to believe that Ye Zifeng would make a mistake like this.

Qi Zimo believed that he’s done enough. Ye Zifeng’s pill can probably outclass Hua Shao’s but it won’t be better than his Huang Tier Supreme True Yuan Dan.

“Alright. Let’s not talk about Ye Zifeng. Sword slave. Put that Supreme True Yuan Dan to the side. We’ll take advantage of the fact that the cauldron is still hot and refine the second pill!”

“Yes master!”

Qi Zimo furrowed his brow and couldn’t help but feel that something isn’t right. However, he calm himself down and started to prepare himself to refine the second pill.

The audience was praising Qi Zimo like crazy. It sounded much better than when they were talking about Ye Zifeng.

“He deserves to be called the young alchemy genius. Always getting first place at the alchemy competition! Look at those movements and his expression. Simple magnificent!”

“Ye Zifeng. Qi Zimo is about to refine his second pill and you’re still standing there. The second round is going to be finished by the time you start moving. Don’t even compete anymore and go straight back to Leizhou City!”

“That’s right. To put Qi Zimo on the same stage as Ye Zifeng…. It’s basically an insult to Qi Zimo’s skills!”

Liu Bingqian was getting angry at these people and started to shake. However, without Ye Zifeng’s command, all she can do is stand there and watch.

Ye Zifeng looked towards Qi Zimo and Hua Shao’s direction and suddenly revealed a grim smile.

“Bingqian. It’s time. The opportunity is here.”

Liu Bingqian was startled, “What opportunity?”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “Since Qi Zimo and Hua Shao are both starting to refine their second pill, it’s time for us to take our pill out.”

“Right now?” Liu Bingqian didn’t understand Ye Zifeng’s thinking but complied anyways.

She was wondering why Ye Zifeng didn’t take the pill out just like everyone else. From his tone just now, it seems like he was doing this on purpose.

Why did they have to wait until the other two to finish refining their pills to take theirs out? Do the two things have some sort of connection?

Liu Bingqian walked towards the cauldron and opened it up.

A green smoke appeared from the cauldron and while a cold white streak of light exploded from it.

“This…. This is……” Muyun Old Devil’s expression immediately changed.

There was no burnt smell. There was no golden light either. All that came out of the cauldron was a cold and chilling aura.

Liu Bingqian look as the cold aura appeared from the cauldron. She was getting very nervous and confused at the same time. They had used three flames to refine the pill. The pill and the cauldron should’ve been very hot. However, the pill in front of her was very cold.

It didn’t feel like a pill at all. It felt like a thousand year old ice cube!

Bingqian returned to her senses after a while and retrieved the pill from the cauldron. When Muyun Old Devil saw this, her face ashen. She was extremely shocked.

“No way….. So that’s it. That’s how it is. Ye Zifeng, so this is why you asked me to move you guys closer to each other!”

Yang Jing’s face showed a shocked expression as well and asked, “Master Muyun, what kind of pill is this? Why are you so shocked?”

Muyun Old Devil was shook, “This is a Spirit Absorbing Pill!”

“Spirit Absorbing Pill? What kind of use does this pill have….?” Yang Jing was startled. She had followed her master for many years and have never heard of this pill at all.

“This….” Before Muyun Old Devil could reply, spirit qi extruded from Qi Zimo and Hua Shao’s pills. The spirit qi from the two pills converged together and released a golden light.

When Hua Shao saw this, his jaws dropped. He was stunned at what was happening.

“Come!” Ye Zifeng smiled.

More and more spirit qi was gathering in the air. Suddenly it seemed as if the spirit qi had found its destination and flew towards Liu Bingqian!

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