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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 1 – The Rebirth of the Dan God

Hey guys! I started reading this novel and thought it was pretty cool so I translated the first chapter. Tell me what you guys think about it!

最强丹神 (The Strongest Dan God) is a completed novel by 郁真羽(Pure Feathers?) on 17k under the category of Strange Fantasy.

    Author’s Synopsis:

He was the continent’s strongest and most revered alchemist, Ye Zifeng. He was under one person and above millions.

However, due to an unpredictable event, he had died.

After his rebirth, he had become the supertrash of the Ye family, suffering from **.
(TLN: The raws had **. Fill it in yourself :l)

To make matters worse, he had an argument with his fiance that lead to the breakoff of his engagement.

In this second life, he will work to change his own destiny

He vows to return to the peak of the world, trample on those who laughed at him and rewrite his legacy!

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Chapter 1- The Rebirth of the Dan God
Translated by: Andy
Edited? by: Andy

In the extreme northern region of the Martial Spirit Continent.

No one knew how much time had passed since Ye Zifeng had last opened his eyes. His body was scorching hot and constantly in pain……

It was only a moment ago when Ye Zifeng was refining the legendary Nine Reincarnation Pill. When the pill was just about finished, a beam of bright light appeared from the furnace, followed by an explosion. The entire god tier furnace had exploded into millions of pieces. The large explosion had caused Ye Zifeng to faint on the spot……..

“Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng! Stop lying on the floor and pretending to be dead. If you have guts, get up and fight me right now!” The sound echoed in Ye Zifeng’s head. The voice was felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

“Hehehe. You trash from the Ye family. Because your cultivation had stopped at the second stage of Qi Refining realm for several years, even that father of yours had given up on you. You still have the nerve to stay in our Ashen Spirit Sect? Your existence is making the sect lose face!”

“Heh. This trash really is trashy. I’ve been yelling at him and he didn’t even dare to make a single sound.”

These words were filled with disdain. The arrogant and mocking tone struck Ye Zifeng and made him regain his consciousness. He began to get up and see his surroundings more clearly.

A bunch of young faces came into his view. There were guys and there were girls as well.

Every single one of them were looking at him with disdain in their eyes, sneering at him.

Ye Zifeng couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

In the past, these normal people would have never been able to meet Ye Zifeng. Even if they were able to meet him, in order to obtain some medicine pills, they would get on their knees and kowtow to him while begging. However, Ye Zifeng would immediately kick them away. Afterall, he was a peak heaven ranked alchemist. He had always only refine pills for those who were well known throughout the continent. He was basically the best alchemist in the world and even the emperors around the continent had to be respectful towards him.

However, when he regained consciousness, he was in this situation.

He didn’t know where these youngsters came from but they had dared to yell and curse at him!

“Who do you guys think you are? You dare talk to me, Ye Zifeng like this? Have you thought about that consequences that you will face?” Ye Zifeng then slowly stood up and patted the ashes off of his clothes. The pain that he felt from his body made him take a deep breath.

When he finally calmed down, he looked at his own body and became petrified.

What the f*ck?!? When did I become so frail? This body…… This is basically a third rate crippled body……It was more trash than trash! The qi in his meridians were barely flowing. This….. How did his cultivation fall to the lowest Qi Refining realm?!

How could Ye Zifeng, an expert cultivator and alchemist accept this? He was a martial lord stage cultivator and a heaven ranked alchemist! How could this have happened?

Ye Zifeng felt dizzy all of a sudden. He had received too big of a shock and didn’t know how to react. However at the moment, whether he liked it or not, the memories of Ye Zifeng, the owner of the body flowed into his mind.

After a while, he had received all the memory and finally understood what happened. He had crossed realms. He had crossed from the Black Tortoise continent into this Martial Spirit continent!

However, the most important thing, the thing that he refused to accept was that he had crossed over into this sickly trash’s body! He was unlucky to the extreme!

However, those youngsters who were from the same sect as him were even more shocked.

The place was silent. It was deathly silent.

“Guy. Did you hear what this guy just say?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not believing what they had just heard. The pushover trash Ye Zifeng had dared talk back to them.

“Did he just ask us who we thought we were?” The leader, Wang Lin regained his composure and bursted out laughing.

Hahahahaha. The entire room was filled with laughter.

“Ye Zifeng! I didn’t know you had a sense of humor. It seems like we shouldn’t be calling you trash anymore. We should be calling you Ye Lunatic! Hahaha.. Ye Lunatic sounds just about right!”

“Wang Lin, stop talking nonsense with him. Let’s beat him up some one. This guy must be itching for another beating!”

“Let’s beat him up and break him!” Wang Lin’s followers chanted and surrounded Yi Zifeng.

Right when these people were able to take action, a strong fragrance appeared….

Yi Zifeng’s eyes lit up. As the best alchemist in the world, he had obviously experienced many worldly matters.

This was a woman’s fragrance. In addition there was a small hint of cosmetic fragrance. He was able to easily smell this and in his mind, he knew this fragrance belonged to a top quality woman.

And sure enough, a beautiful figure came into view. She was wearing a jade robe which showed her slender waist and plump breasts. With just one look, anyone can see that she was an exceptionally beautiful woman. Compared to all of the beautiful woman that Ye Zifeng had seen in his previous life, she was not inferior at all.

As she walked closer and closer, the look in her eyes grew colder and colder. Seeing that Ye Zifeng was full of injuries, her expression change. A murderous aura could be felt as she stared at Wang Lin and his group.

Seeing the beauty walk over, the expressions on Wang Lin’s and his group’s face changed.

“Run. Let’s leave. Ye Zifeng’s sister is coming!” Some of the people who recognized her became frantic and tried to leave.

“What’s so scary about that trash’s sister? Don’t we have Brother Wang here? If anyone, we’ll tie her up and beat her up too.”

Hearing this, Wang Lin turned pale with fright and ruthlessly yelled at that person, “You…. What are you saying. What if she hears it?”

Actually, Ye Xueyi had heard what was said very clearly.

Wang Lin’s little brother Zhou Fang was confused, “Brother Wang, what’s wrong? That trash’s sister should be trash as well right?”

Thinking that she didn’t hear anything, Wang Lin whispered carefully, “Zhou Fang, you bastard better be careful. Ye Xueyi and her brother are completely different. She’s already an expert at the 8th Stage of Qi Refining. She’s only one step away from being a peak Qi Refining stage expert. When she breaks through to the Martial Disciple stage, she has a great chance of awakening her Martial Spirit…..Do you want to make someone with a Martial Spirit your enemy?

Hearing the words “Martial Disciple”, Zhou Fang’s face turned deathly pale. And when she heard “Martial Spirit”, he started to regret what he had said and wanted to dug a hole on the ground and hide in it.

“Alright. Alright. Everyone leave. Go do your own things.” Wang Lin commanded his group of people.

Wang Lin then quickly turned around, smiled apologetically at Ye Xueyi, and tried to say some flattering words, “Ah. So it was Sister Xueyi who was coming. I apologize for not receiving you in a friendlier manner. This one is called Wang Lin……”

Ye Xueyi sneered and said one word. However, because she had spoken so fast and softly, Wang Lin could not hear what she said at all.

“Pardon me, but can Sister Xueyi repeat what was said again?”

Ye Xueyi wanted to open her mouth and speak.

But she saw Ye Zifeng coming over while glancing at Zhou Fang, “She told you to scram. Are you guys deaf?”

Wang Lin’s expression turned ugly. If it was Ye Xueyi saying that, he would immediately obey. Afterall, she was at the 8th stage of Qi Refining and on the Martial Spirit Continent, the weak obeys the strong. This was something normal. However, this time it was Ye Zifeng who had told him to scram. This was the trashiest and weakest cultivator in the entire Ashen Spirit Sect.

“Ye Zifeng, are you trying to die? Do you want me to find someone to kill you so badly?”

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi was much more angrier than her brother and stared fiercely at Wang Lin.

“You’re the one looking to die. If you dare to find someone to beat my brother, I’ll cripple your cultivation!”

The two sides stared coldly at each other, neither side willing to back off.

It the end, it was Wang Lin who finally turned away.

“Hmph. Who cares if you’re at the 8th stage of Qi Refining? Don’t act so arrogant. There are many experts in the Ashen Spirit Sect, I’ll just go and find someone to take care of you. Your Ye family is the same Ye family in the old days. Don’t think that you’ll be able to find someone to support you guys!” He glared at the siblings.

“The Ye family is not the old Ye family and I’m not the old me.” Ye Zifeng calmly said. He had already accepted reality.

In his heart, he had made his decision. Since he’s already in this trash body, he might as well train it! When he returns to the peak, he will definitely trample on those who had made fun of him!

Wang Lin couldn’t make out what Ye Zifeng meant by that sentence and neither did Ye Xueyi. What did her brother have up his sleeve?

Ye Zifeng didn’t care about what they thought about him and coldly stared at Wang Lin, “It looks like you’ve only recently broken through the 3rd Stage of Qi Refining and had just entered the 4th stage……” Since he had reached the realm of a Martial Lord in his past life, he was easily able to see through Wang Lin’s cultivation with just his insights.

From the looks of it, Wang Lin is pretty trash himself. He doesn’t have any patience in cultivating and frequently lead his group of even more trash people around to bully others. This made Ye Zifeng want to teach him a lesson.

Wang Lin was shocked, “And so what?”

“How about this? Let’s make a bet.” Ye Zifeng extended three fingers out.

Wang Lin stared at him blankly and bursted out laughing, “Ye Supertrash, are you trying to show off in front of your sister? You’re not trying to say that you’ll beat me within three years are you?”

“Three years? You’re flattering yourself too much….” A smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face.

“Don’t tell me that you’ll beat me in three months? Come on. Did you get brain damage from that beating before? Don’t forget that you spent three whole years and couldn’t even break through from the 2nd Stage of Qi Refining into the 3rd Stage.”

Ye Zifeng’s expression didn’t change and calmly said, “Not three years, and not three months either. Three days……”

He continued to smile. Seeing that Wang Lin didn’t have any response, “Whoever loses have to kowtow in front of the other one. How about it?”

“You!” Wang Lin was shocked by what had happened. He couldn’t tell what was happening. Did Ye Zifeng turn crazy from being beaten so much?

After thinking for a while, Wang Lin calmly nodded, “Fine. Remember, you’re the one who proposed it.”

“Brother Zifeng, what are you blabbering. Come with me!” Ye Xueyi’s face turned cold and dragged Ye Zifeng away…….

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  1. Justin Li says:

    looks good, always the rise to power is nice to watch, and having people to support them is all the much better.

  2. knightfuryxxx says:

    Reincarnated as trash whose engagement broke off and who will show everyone.
    Where have I heard this before?

  3. Sorenman1 says:

    Need ten chapters before I can make a solid opinion on any story. Any story can start strong but fail to meet the original intention with weak story telling. However there are those that start weak but begin to spin an incredible story. So I alway need a few chapter to fully give an opinion.

  4. Brian Loeung says:

    Awesome new novel to get addicted to your gonna get donation ambushed for this lol. Thanks for the new novel as always awesome job keep it up the better you are the more addicts ya get.

  5. watchin says:

    Wait this only have 17k? That is extremely short. Unless im misunderstanding, with your greatness this can be done within a week! I like it so far, with it being so short how about you solely focus on this novel and give it to us all at one time!!

  6. Dawnyaaa says:

    Honestly it is hard to give an opinion after only one chapter..(maybe 3-5).
    It seems like your everyday CN Novel. As of now it as like other said a lot of common point with BTTH (alchemy, breaking off engagement) adding the usual reincarnate part that isn’t in it.

      • Dawnyaaa says:

        you mean the teacher ? Kind of i guess..but not in the same way.
        Where usually the MC dies..and reincarnate himself in a new body..usually the body of a trash..etc. But with his memories, techniques..you know the cliche.

        • YUNCCHI says:

          Xiao Yan actually from earth… he died and reincarnated into Xiao Family. The author kinda wrote about it in early chapter and forgot about it later

        • Dawnyaaa says:

          Really? Hm, i never read the novel to be honest. I read the webnovel comic..i don’t remember him being from heart in it. Then again it’s a novel i don’t follow and don’t like..so it was probably the bad example. Especially on the net where everyone is so prompt to correct everyone mistake.

          My whole point wasn’t about BTTH, but rather saying that as of now the story is rather cliche and full of things already read in other stories.

          So, it’s hard to take a stance on it at this point.

        • YUNCCHI says:

          Cliches is spice of novel just ,like summoned to other world, getting pick by cocky adventurer while trying to register at guild, killed by truck-San and reincarnated with Op cheat.. they kinda repetitive… well you just have to accept this and move on or just drop the novel I guess..

  7. The person who is delusional says:

    When I saw this line:
    “After his rebirth, he had become the supertrash of the Ye family, suffering from **.”
    I thought ED, as in erectile dysfunction, laughed and immediately proceeded to slap myself.

    • a_v says:

      Yeah, fun to think of possibilities for **. I personally like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Incontinence. Could also be male pattern baldness or an scat fetish. .

  8. Marleychil says:

    Seems interesting, don’t know if I like the arrogance of the MC. Sound like a bit of a prick in the previous life. That personality rubs me the wrong way for the most part.

  9. Joel Bright says:

    I can’t wait to see more of your story. The week becoming powerful is always great to read about. The story of the strong restoring his strength is something I love seeing.

  10. Illuminati says:

    I’m not going to read 1 chapter. Based on the summary it sounds good but I honestly hope you won’t bite more than you can chew.

  11. Satomi Chie Yukiko says:

    I like it just make sure you do’t over work your self if it’s not necessary you can still translate it later after you finish another translation if you still want to but ultamitlly it’s all up to you.

      • Kinglight says:

        no, its not a maybe at this point, its a definitely because of the reincarnation pill blowing up in his face, maybe that’s whats suposed to happen when you try to craft a reincarnation pill.

  12. Charles Chmura says:

    Yuck. And I dislike it greatly. Summary is scary enough, but the content, sadly, did confirm my fears. Another story poking readers eyes with a handful of overused and greatly annoying tropes. It’s yet another “from epic kickass to underdog trash”, “possesing unrivaled talent trash reincarnate”, “this novel womans will be 2d pictures” thing. MC is and will be arrogant cheater(in common sense of cultivation) and he propably will end up as an arrogant perv, judging from his sniffing a “top grade woman”. Disgusting. But, that’s simply my opinion.

  13. Jiick says:

    To be honest – it was quite boring. A domineering person with great skill dies and gets reincarnated into a person with a) a weak body b) a bad reputation or/and c) who is singled out and on his own (except a few allies who are/will be a part of his group – and of course they will benefit from it).

    It isn’t any worse or better compared to all those other novels which are being translated since they seem so similiar to each other (especially after only 1 chapter this is hard to say). Well at least it doesn’t look that special to me. But hey if you enjoy it good for you. And maybe since you read ahead (at least that is what I am assuming here) you already know in which direction this novel is going.

    So thanks for the translation. But it is too early for me to get hooked up on this novel. I only wished that your efforts could be put into projects which are already worked on.

  14. Alchemist God says:

    I like it but you should only do this if you know you will continue doing it regularly and won’t quit have way through

  15. Lednacek says:

    reads like many of the novel that are being translated. I get that basic topics like cultivation, reincarnation, martial arts, alchemy, marriage, divorce, hero, trash, family, … have a limited number of permutations and they are bound to repeat themselves enough to create similar stories but this is getting ridiculous. how about you save the novel for later and focus on the ones that are almost the same and translate those?

  16. fusionevo says:

    Ok this is seriously painful to read… among other things the he’s and she’s seem to be all over the place…
    also it’s probably “if you have guts” not guys

    • Andy says:

      Thanks for pointing it out 😮
      I’m trying to find someone to edit. It feels different trying to edit by yourself T.T

  17. Shiki says:

    Don’t looks like my type.
    If you like it, I won’t say anymnore, but for me…
    This is just like reincarnation-theme net novel in Japan. Which I can say, I hate most of it.
    I want to say “just focus on your portion of translation you have now”, but the choise is yours.
    Still, thanks to share this.

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