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  1. Saintlucifer lordofdestruction says:

    Don’t sweat the truly Loyal readers are still all here. You have given us reliable releases for years, with no problems. Just get yourself back to a 100% and to hell with paper thin loyalty S.o.Bs.. We loyal readers already figured it was something like that, so no worries take your time, recoup, relax, and refresh as much as you need to.

  2. Grom says:

    np πŸ™‚ its good to have news, take your time, it’s not like you were lazy before, you deserve some rest ^^

  3. Waites4n1 says:

    Ok so as it terns out this fucking website doesnt save comment drafts incase your internet decides to be a gut wrenchingly atrocious piece of utter pawn scum so i will repeat what i was about to say but shorter. I jist finished my month long 625 chapter b8nge and i am thrilled. Take your time and get as 100% as you need to be. Your amazing tl and this story is the best thing in all genera in all ln manga anime japanese or chinese i have ever read in my life and im glad i could share the experience. Take care and this will be a great add to my weekly queue. Bye.

  4. FirosAhoge says:

    Thanks shiro! I read a long time ago, didn’t read for a while and then marathoned it again, it was great thanks! Take your time with your RL stuff, I know how that is πŸ™‚

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