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ZTJ – Some notes (2)

Star Seeker Academy will be changed to Star Taker Academy. I was using what binggo&corp used because I didn’t really see a need to change it, but they had originally used Star Taker Academy and it matches something in an early chapter, so I’m not sure why it was changed.

There will also be a major change to the placeholder name of Cassia Mansion, I’m not sure what happened when I originally chose the placeholder, but I thought it referred to trees of the Cassia species (might have been delirious or something), but after reading through some chapters again, without rushing for a translation, I found that it’s actually the pagoda tree.

Pagoda trees are also known as scholar trees and there’s an association between pagoda trees and the old Imperial Examinations in China.
The tree is used to symbolise the highest ranking officials in government and thus, were used as a symbol of luck for the Imperial Examinations.

The school will have a new placeholder of Scholartree Manor, might change to using the pin yin instead, but that misses out on the meaning, and the usage of “scholar tree” is still fairly common.
This is a fairly big change, but errors need to be corrected regardless, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Note that I am currently in the process of editing the old translations done by binggo&corp; binggo kindly gave me access to the site.
It is mainly to match the terms so that new readers won’t get confused, but I will also be performing some general clean-up and general TLC; certain chapters might be heavily edited for clarity.

Once I have finished editing all of the old chapters, I will be updating the glossary, since most of its contents will no longer be relevant.
I will instead expand on the list of names and their meaning/background.

The chapter for today will come out later.


  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the info XD

    Also, why not call it “Pagoda Mansion” instead?

    Though I do kinda hope that too many sudden changes like this won’t happen in the future… cause, even if the naming is wrong, what matters the most is keeping it consistent. (Though I know my opinion doesn’t really matter).

    I mean, most people read a bunch of Xianxia and we normally got to remember too many terms and names in just a single series (let alone the bunch most readers follow), and making things consistent and easier to remember would make things easier for readers.

    And, lets be honest, most of us won’t know (or care) for many of this (now, if everyone already knew something was wrong, it’d be a bit different).

    Just my opinion, but some naming mistakes and stuff changing isn’t that big a deal.

    That said, it seems you are making a bunch of changes and picking up from another group’s translations, so making all these changes is probably a good choice in this situation, since it’d be more consistent with your translation.

    I’m glad we got a translator going out of their way to fix the consistency and making the over all translation more unified.

    *bows* Thank You XD

    • bbkgs says:

      I did consider Pagoda Mansion/Manor, but a pagoda will evoke an entirely different image, so I’ll have to use Pagodatree or Pagoda Tree instead. Scholartree ties in nicer with the background information of the word itself.

      For small mistakes I will just inform the readers and leave it, but for bigger mistakes, it can lead to troubles later on in the translation, especially if the author chose a particular name for a specific reason. Can lead to all sorts of wizardry in an attempt to keep it consistent.

  2. sdadsa says:

    Other than names, everything should be translated not just pin yin. When people only translate some school names, while leave the pin yin for others.

  3. guidedicicles says:

    I don’t know Mandarin, so ignore me if it is wrong, but why not use the synonym Star Seizer Academy? TBH Star Taker just… Sounds really bad to me.

    • bbkgs says:

      Unless a specific need arises where you have to break from something properly, people tend to fall back on established norms.

      Star Taker had previously been used, so I didn’t even bother trying to think of something new, but now that you mention it, Star Seizer does sound better…

      I’ll muse over things for a while on Star Taker/Seizer and Pagoda/Scholar Tree.

  4. A.Q. says:

    Wow; you really are a bona fide literary hero, bbkgs! Going back and editing the old chapters… I’ve considered offering to do the same for quite some time, but never quite worked up the courage.

    I remember this one thing in particular which used to bother me when reading the old translations. The first time it happened, I was like, “whatever; typo”. But then it kept happening again and again and again, to the point where I was clenching my buttcheeks while reading, anticipating the inevitable blow. Worst thing about it was that it wasn’t like “haha, these philistines have gotten this really complicated word wrong; what plebs!”. It was rather “wow, these guys are using a really obscure grammatical term for a very, very common word, apparently just to sound fancy”.
    It was, of course, using the word “infinitive” to mean “infinite”.
    Oh man.
    Got me every time.

    Anyway, really looking forward to reading the whole thing from the beginning again when you’re done editing!
    As always, unending love and support from your devoted readers!!

  5. inkthief says:

    I keep an epub of ZTJ for my own archives, so when you’re done editing the old chapters please do a post here! Also, if you keep a change log please share that too, if there are just few terminology changes it’ll help me edit instead of getting and compiling all the chapters again. (For example Binggo never completed one chapter – chapter 5? iirc) and I had to go get the rest from somewhere else.

    I’ve already read through and TLC’d my epub (star taker academy, midas vs golden distinction were two worst offenders iirc) and don’t wanna do it again >_>”

    Sorry to be such a leecher lol. Thanks for your hard work!

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