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SOGE Chapter 9 – Mining

Chapter 9 – Mining

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Previously I have been using ‘ashen world’. It will be changed to ‘pale gray world’ from now on since ‘ashen’ seems too misleading lol

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He rolled up his sleeves and walked toward the middle-aged man.

“You’ve arrived!”

The middle-aged man glanced at Lin Hao and nodded, seemingly not minding the clothes he wore, and continued to swing the pick in his hands.

Whenever he swung his pick, Lin Hao would feel fear and trepidation.

If he knew that the mine is about to collapse, would he continue to swing his pick like that?

“Stop stop!”

Lin Hao waved his hands and promptly stopped him.

“What’s the matter?” The middle-aged man wrinkled his brows.

“Cough cough……”

Lin Hao lightly coughed twice and pointed to the spot where the middle-aged man was mining, “This spot belongs to me now. You go to that side.”

While speaking, he pointed to the border of the mine.

Although that spot had less iron ores, that spot was much safer. However, that was only to Lin Hao’s eyes. To ordinary people, mining at that spot was an arduous and unrewarding task.

Considering other people’s perspective, even Lin Hao himself thought it was too much. The request he raised was simply picking a quarrel.

He had even come up with a reason in order to persuade the other party.

If it came to the worst case scenario, he would pretend to be a dandy and use the name of the Lin Family. That was what he thought.

Who knew that after hearing those words, the middle-aged man didn’t even raise an objection. He just took up his pick, looked at Lin Hao with wrinkled brows, and obediently walked to that spot on the border.

Is this for real?

Seeing this scene, Lin Hao was somewhat dumbstruck.

Did he think I’m a supervisor, or is it that he is too open and guileless?

What a strange person!

He thought about it again and felt something was odd. But since the other party followed his words obediently, then it was a good thing. He wouldn’t investigate the reason either. After all, he still had to think of a way to dispose this mine.

He slowly squinted his eyes as he thought.

Previously, he only took a quick look. This time, he examined it more carefully and found that the situation was more grave than his estimation!

Countless cracks intertwined with each other. Even if he managed to avoid the huge cracks, if he were to hit the tiny cracks, he might trigger a chain reaction and cause the entire mine to collapse at once!

Is this really a natural mine?

He was starting to have doubts. Would the natural world give birth to such a sinister topography?

This was simply a man-made array that was specially made for him. Once he starts mining, the mine would bury him!

Thinking this, he took a deep breath and didn’t dare to be careless.

He began to admire the middle-aged man. Previously, he had swung his pick many times, but the mine had yet to collapse?!

A moment later, he finally found a relatively safer spot.

He cautiously hammered a spot repeatedly with his fist and gradually increased his strength. After a few breaths, a small chunk of ore about the size of a fingernail fell down.

Although it was very small, it made him relax a bit.

At least he confirmed that iron ores were much harder than rocks. Even if it was covered with cracks, it wouldn’t crumble with just a single touch. It took 80-90% of his current strength to break apart those iron ores.

“Things will be easier this way.”

He nodded his head. Since it wouldn’t break easily, he could try tapping other spots. In addition, he wouldn’t need to be too nervous.

“Something’s wrong. That crack earlier should have required eighty to ninety percent of my strength to break it. But earlier, my strength hadn’t reached eighty percent!”

Looking at the fist-sized iron ore, cold sweats started to drip from his forehead.

The crack had reached almost all the way to the top which could have collapsed the whole mine.

He swallowed his saliva. He was sure that he understood his own strength. Not knowing when it started, his strength gradually increased and accidentally cracked an iron ore .

Ever since he drank the red liquid, his strength had been increasing unceasingly. However, that increase would eventually reach a limit. Especially after Shi Dashan left, his strength had practically stopped increasing.

He felt regret for a while, but he didn’t get overly dejected.

After all, no matter how strong an ordinary person was, it was impossible to surpass a thousand pounds in strength. To become stronger, the only way was to cultivate, break through the restraint of blood vessels, and become a hunting squad’s warrior. As for this point, it wasn’t a problem for him.

Although the Lin Family had declined, he still had four stone inscriptions of Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques. Even if he were to disregard the piece of armor, the inscriptions were enough for him to reach Condensed Fighter Blood Stage.

Wait a moment…

Mulling up to this point, he suddenly found a problem. How much was his current strength?

The strength of a thousand pounds was a theoretical limit. In reality, not to mention a thousand pounds, even reaching the strength of five hundred pounds was nearly impossible for an ordinary person. Only those who had started to cultivate, but hadn’t broken through the Condensed Fighter Blood Stage, could gradually get close to the strength of a thousand pounds by tempering one’s body, .

Lin Hao creased his brows. Although he had never tested his strength, it was definitely more than five hundred pounds. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to feel nothing when he carried the cauldron which weighed several hundreds pounds.

So he had started cultivating?

“The most important thing in cultivation is the visualization drawing and core principle comes after it. If I have started cultivating, what is my visualization drawing…”

He calmed down as he contemplated his situation.

Suddenly, his mind shuddered and his sight blurred again. The world in his vision became a pale gray, fragmented world!

At this time, in the pale gray world, he could see strands of pale gray energy. They were moving along the borders of the fragmented cracks and into his body. Though he couldn’t feel the increase in his strength, but he could vaguely feel something was changing…

The pale gray energy stemmed from the pale gray world. Moreover, they were located at the borders of the cracks. That was why he didn’t notice them before.

But…is this world filled with cracks actually a visualization drawing?

Lin Hao was frightened by this thought, but he calmed down soon afterwards.

In the end, which one is it?

Since the beginning of time, all cultivation techniques stemmed from the twelve scriptures. It was also the same for the visualization drawings. Then which one did this fragmented world belonged to?

Origin Scroll, Star Scroll, Godfiend Scroll, Bloodrealm Scroll……

Among the few scrolls of the ancient scriptures he knew about, there were none which matched his current situation.

Generally, visualizing the visualization drawing would consume mental strength. The higher grade a techniques was, the higher the consumption. Even for a powerful cultivator, it was impossible to visualize for more than six hours. But he didn’t need to use his mental strength. Twenty-four hours of visualizing meant his cultivation speed was four times faster than ordinary people!

Lin Hao’s eyes flickered.

That was only in theory. In fact, with the exception of the first two hours, the efficiency for the following hours would drop greatly because of the consumption of mental strength. Lin Hao, who could visualize for twenty-four hours a day, could practically cultivate ten times more than ordinary people!

Initially, he was thinking about how to translate the words on the armor, but he didn’t need to now. However, without the proper technique, his speed would be affected. Even so, it was still way above ordinary people!

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